Practice Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Practice Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

His suggestions are very practical which he blends it with best practices.
Not only does he make sure that everyone is using best practices, he defines the parameters of those practices with efficiency.
John knows his stuff, but is ever practical with applying theory in practice.
His methodology is practiced, practical, and, most importantly, gets results.
He is highly regarded within the practice for his ability to efficiently manage the practice on all parameters.
He will get it done come what may adhere to the associated best practices.
John is someone you want to be around and connected with because he gets it, he makes it happen and he's practical.
He is always willing to share best practices and goes out of his way to help others be successful.
I really appreciate what he has been taught to us which is very practical and useful without vapidity.
He is passionate about following best practices and also knows when to just get things done.
John is practical: one who gets things done, even when the challenges are daunting.
I got to know him pretty well as we practiced with one another for several months.
I will be ever thankful to him for the impact he has made on me and my practice.
Working with him you realize that what he knows comes from tangible practice.
I went into his practice not quite sure what to expect and came away buzzing.
He provides valuable input while still looking to others for best practices.
Obviously knows what he is talking about and practices what he "preaches".
His advice is sensible, concise and best of all, very useful and practical.
John and his practice have been looking after my teeth since last year.
I always found that he was tenacious, yet very practical in his approach.
He encourages those around him to succeed using their own best practices.
He knows the practical nuances that need to be taken into consideration.
He also had us do things repeatedly to get it ingrained though practice.
He is very practical and knows what is going on in difficult situations.
He is exceptionally practical, and yet able to lift himself out of the practical into the inspirational.
He is definitely someone who "practices what he preaches", and knows how to put knowledge into practice.
I found him to be a thorough trainer with a focus on practice, practice and more practice.
John's managing style is through encouragement, practicality and experience.
John can be best described as someone who is very practical in his approach for any task.
He explains both the theory and practical so you understand the why and have a practical way forward.
He offers practical advice and great tips that he himself puts into practice.
John not only provides solutions, but provides you with practical help in how to get there.
He is always willing to help out his peers as well and show them best practices.
John is very practical and can help to come up with some great solutions.
John practiced management by walking around, and carefully made sure he got to the goals as envisaged.
He endeavors to know all he can about my practice so that he can make recommendations that are appropriate for me.
He does all of this to make sure him own company is following best practices and being as efficient as possible.
He has great belief in if you are going to do something, do it right and this shines through in his practice.
Reaching excellence is what he always has been after and delivering perfection has always been his practice.
John is down-to-earth and always gives me practical advice to get things done with simplicity.
He is highly collaborative and goes above and beyond to help others and share best practices.
He has been successful for many years, and is more than willing to share his best practices.
He is the best of the best, uses best practices and keeps up to date on the latest standards.
He is very practical, but does not give in to any argument if he knows he is in the right.
He has the vision of what could be and practical expertise of how things actually are.
Not only has he challenged me, but he has given me a practical way to go after them.
He doesn't just talk about best practices - he makes them, constantly and effectively.
Very methodological, yet practical is something that differentiates him from others.
You could tell he not only knew his subject, but had actually put it into practice.
He went into depth, was very perceptive and made many very practical suggestions.
I always found him recommendations to be outside the box, practical and effective.
Best practices and insights are just some of the things you may pick up from him.
John is pragmatic, specific and practical in what he does and how he helps.
He understood our needs well and gave us some very useful and practical advices.
His passion for what he does is clear and most of all - he practices it himself.
John's approach is practical while considering the unique needs of the individual.
The best thing about his course was how down to earth, fun and practical it all was.
John is among the very few who has proven him excellence with proven practices.
He described how he has successfully applied many concepts to his own practice.
It could have been dry and dull, but he made it both stimulating and practical.