Precise Performance Review Phrases Examples

Precise Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Two years on, it has worked out precisely as he said, precisely.
He is someone you can count on not only to get things done, but to get them done precisely.
He knows exactly what he wants and his briefs have always been precise.
John knows precisely what he's doing, and he does it very well.
John is not only up for the challenge, he did so with precision.
Whenever he sends him the brief it's always thorough and precise.
He is one who follows through with precision and sensitivity.
He somehow always seems to remember exactly who you are and precisely what is going on in your life.
He will ask questions to make sure there is no misunderstanding, then follows through precisely.
He will not quit until everything is done, and done precisely the way it needs to be.
John is always very thorough and precise with what he wants and expects to get it.
One of his qualities is first of all to be very precise in everything he's done
He is very precise, knows what he is talking about and, agreement=agreement.
He does everything precisely, and follows up on projects when he needs to
Accuracy and precision would be reflected in his would every now and then.
John is always available, very precise and exhaustive in his analysis.
John is very thorough and precise and over delivered on the project.
He can be relied upon to get things done with precision and quality.
In his case, it's about doing all of this with elegance and precision.
He is someone who knows his business and executes it with precision.
If you need something done with military precision, he is the go to.
John is known throughout our company for his robot-like precision.
John is very precise and expected the best from all his partners.
He will certainly get you moving in precisely the right direction.
John knows the precise objectives, it's exactly where he wants to go.
He is very thorough in his analysis and precise with his solution.
John is absolutely wonderful, he is very thorough and precise.
He does precisely what he says he will do and with minimal fuss.
Give him right and precise ideas of what you want, he delivers.
He is always precise with him projects and always was timely.
He always used appropriate and precise wordings in his emails.
He leads with precision, and will always be amongst the elite.
He is always precise and never comes with any hidden agendas.
John always made sure that his our company was precise and thorough.
He is very precise and would deliver his best at our company.
He's thorough, precise, and very knowledgeable in him our company.
John is precise, thorough, and passionate about his our company.
Him our company was precise and thorough, as well as enjoyable.
They are always in our company and always complete and precise.
Everything is done in quantity and with precision at our company.