Pressure Performance Review Phrases Examples

Pressure Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is at his best when he is under pressure.
John knows what it is like to be pressured.
I think one of his strengths is actually listening.
He never gets bogged down under pressure.
There was no pressure, but somehow it was effective.
Where everyone knows what they are doing and where they need to be without feeling pressured.
He keeps his cool even though under pressured.
He got things done even when under tremendous pressure.
He is someone that delivers under pressure.
One gets to know their colleagues under such pressures.
He is low pressure and always keeps me informed.
He took most of the pressure off from me.
Working under pressure is nothing new to him.
He is easygoing, but gets things done, even under pressure.
The pressure is really on in that environment.
He was under pressure from the beginning.
He is very patient and never pressures.
There was no pressure on me of anything.
John wants always the best for you, but you'll never feel under pressure.
Executives, and keep his cool when under pressure.
John is always cool under pressure and in fact has always thrived under pressure.
He was always calm and focused under pressure and the pressure was constant.
He takes the all the pressure and will never put too much pressure on the team.
I've learned to focus on strengths from him focusing on my strengths.
I now know how to speak to my strengths and get out of my way to succeed.
John's strength is in driving for results.
He very well uses his fearless attitude as his strength.
John's greatest strength is him can-do attitude.
Customer orientation was his key strength.
One of John's strengths is that he recognizes the strengths in his employees and taps those strengths for projects.
It always amazes me how calm he is under pressure.
John is very calm and collected under pressure.
Therefore, there was pressure to implement quickly.
Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, he always delivers.
One of the best chaps to have around when the pressure is on.
He is the epitome of grace under pressure.
He is calm and professional under pressure.
Even under pressure he was always calm and well organised.
He always acted very professional even under pressure.
John is very organized and cool under pressure.
John is the epitome of grace under pressure.
He is focused and eloquent under pressure.
He always gives 100% in everything he does and thrives on the pressure.
Principally, very good humor under pressure.
He absorbed most of the pressure within himself.
He is very calm and collected under pressure.
John uses hardly any pressure and yet the effect is amazing.
He is very organized and deals well with pressure.
It was our first one for four years and the pressure was on to get it right and make it something to remember.
Even under pressure him professionalism wasn't wavered.
Not to mention being cool under pressure.
John is always calm and composed, even under pressure.
Knowing when and how to apply pressure to get the best out of myself and the team.
He is dependable and adaptable under pressure.
He made sure I found something I liked without pressure.
I never saw him under pressure even in tough situations.
Never, ever under pressure no matter what.
There is no problem that can survive under his pressure.
No matter how much pressure he must be under, he never seems to be.
John is very professional and calm under pressure.