Prideful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Prideful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John not only goes out of his way to get the job done, but he does it with pride.
When you ask him to do something you know it will be done promptly and with pride.
He prides himself on being the first one in, and the our company to leave.
He makes you want to be there and take pride in everything you do.
John is one of those whom you take pride in having in your team.
He is very thorough and clearly took pride in his our company.
He is ever willing to support and is one of those who pride themselves on being the best at whatever they do.
The pride he has in his our company and the way that he follows through with what he says he will do is first rate.
John did this out of the pride he took in always going above and beyond for the customers and our company.
He never did so out of pride, but instead did so in the interest of doing what was best for the company.
If you're looking for someone who not only gets it, but takes pride in what he does, you've found him.
He takes pride in everything that he does and always goes above and beyond to help his coworkers.
He has always prided himself on going above and beyond to fulfill the needs of each project.
He is one which takes pride in all that he does, and make sure he gives his best.
He is responsive and took pride in what he was doing, beyond that often displayed.
He takes pride in him our company and is not prideful; truly one to have on your team.
He took what he did very seriously and took significant pride in doing it well.
Not only does he take pride in his work, he is truly his own best publicist.
John would always go well beyond what was expected and took pride in doing so.
He is truly one of the few that take commendable pride in all his undertakings.
Seeing and following him achievements afterwards, only increases his pride.
He makes everyone better, taking pride in their professional development.
John is someone who gets things done, and takes pride in doing it well.
He goes out of his way to help you and gains much pride in your success.
He prides himself in looking after both his clients and his candidates.
He is always very thorough in his our company and took pride in what he did.
What sets him apart is that he has pride in everything that he does.
He takes pride in everything he does to make it the best that he can.
John has pride in all he does and has an energy that's infectious.
He takes pride in doing things the right way from the very beginning.
John prides himself in the support and help he provides his clients.
He also took pride in his position, but never took it for granted.
It is with some pride to see that he had fulfilled this potential.
He'll make sure it is, for he takes such pride in all that he does.
With him driving any project, it can and will get done with pride.
John is very much organised and take pride of over achievers
He is someone that prides himself on his integrity and honesty.
John is one of those employees that makes you gush with pride.
John taught him to appreciate and take pride in his our company.