Print Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Print Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His designs for both print and internet make us want to stare.
John did a book cover design, page design, and shepherded his book through printing.
He also designed our imprint and had the tops screen printed.
He designed a company logo for him and helped with guiding him along the way in design.
He challenged his design peers to be more strategic about the design while emphasizing true values of designing for users.
As designers, we appreciate his understanding of the design and print process, especially useful when dealing with tight deadlines.
Although he lacks experience in design due to his non-design background, he was able to make it up with him design thinking which had served him well throughout the course.
Right from conceptualisation, design, printing and selling, he would want to be involved in every aspect.
The John new printing idea that we come up with is an exciting design challenge for them to tackle.
He's an excellent designer that also understands what 'print-ready' means.
He's equally adept at designing websites and print collateral.
His grasp of identity/branding and print design is top notch.
If a design needs improvement, he's more than willing to go back to the drawing board, whether it's him own design or a colleague's.
His conceptual thinking design taste breaks the norms from most designers.
John always brings a fresh perspective to design and design thinking.
From our logo concept and design to printed material design to the website he has proved himself to us.
He is also an all rounder, be it website design or mobile app design he gets it all.
Thoughtful concepts drive him design and he speaks eloquently to him design choices.
He likes to design solutions to hard problems and deliver on those designs.
He would ask for feedback from everyone in the company and used this to improve his designs.
As such his best designs are not just beautiful but also practical.
He brought originality and insight to design and printing discussions.
He presents his designs well in front of audiences and is able to explain the 'what's in his designs.
He came up with several outstanding designs and even explained some design tips that would save us time and money on the printing and mailing.
Would highly recommend our company for design and print solutions.
John's strengths are his infectious love of design, design thinking and uncompromising passion to get the right design in place no matter what.
Also, he really understands how to design in an agile environment.
As well as the printing quality, he has an excellent design sense.
John also has print design capabilities making him a rare find.
They are definitely one of his top go-to companies for anything print.
We don't just answer his questions to see ourselves in print.
Hands down, there is no better company than our company printing.
John and his team handled the interior design and printing of his first book.
We have also used him to design and print business cards and letterhead.
John designed and arranged for his business leaflets to be printed.
Then he designed our business cards that we, having printed right now.
He understands where to make smart, economical decisions that does not take away from the design.
He is the kind of designer who does not say a lot, but when he says something, we better listen.
He gets things done, and they are innovative, beautifully designed, and practical.
The same will go for the publication cover he designed for him last month.
John thinks his designs through and allows them to be fully realized.
He thinks ahead and is yet very realistic is his design approaches.
He makes design entertaining while making it pleasing to the eye.
Yes, his design thinking extends well beyond just the beautiful.
In his experience this is what sets designers and agencies apart.
We couldn't be happier with the plan he designed for our club.
He improved him lots of designs with his ideas and suggestions.
He thinks outside the box, which is reflected in his designs.
Prior to his starting, we were not a design-oriented company.
Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about printing and design, he's not afraid to tell it like it is.
John always provides results on time and is very knowledgeable when it comes to design and printing etc.
His position there entailed; concepting, designing and coding websites and print.
John has designed some eye-catching and effective print materials.
John helped us design our printed materials, logo and tagline.
He also is great about giving you just enough direction, but yet gives you room to create your own designs so you can flourish as a designer.
He does not shy away from tough design challenges and presents him designs and ideas with clarity and confidence.
His extensive experience in steel design matched with his experience in reinforced concrete design.
His eye for design, detail and perfection make his work stand out among other designers.