Problem Solving Performance Review Phrases Examples

Problem Solving Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Seeks to brainstorm on problems to try to find the right solutions.
Evaluates all possible solutions and chooses the one that will deliver the best results.
Knows how well to collaborate with others to find solutions to problems.
Gathers all the necessary facts and information first before making any decision.
Always asks the right questions and raises any relevant issue when necessary.
Keeps things calm even when required to make quick decisions under high pressure.
Does not know how to present a problem in ways that people can understand.
Finds it difficult to articulate issues in a clear and understandable manner.
Does not take the time to listen keenly to what others have to say or contribute.
Always in a hurry to make decisions and does not think things through.
Not willing to collaborate with other people to come up with solutions to problems.
Does not manage client-related issues in a professional manner and customers are left unsatisfied.
John is natural problem solver.
Thank you so much John for your help and guidance in preparing my resume.
He can hunt down a problem and he provides appropriate solutions.
He has a very critical and problem solving mind.
He is always willing to help and to find a solution to a problem.
He's someone who is really looking to solve problems in partnership.
I had no idea how much this would make a difference in my life and work.
Plus, who always gets to the bottom of any problem with a solution.
He solves difficult problems and is very easy to work with.
I would really want to keep working with him throughout my life.
He examines a situation and makes recommendations that are the best solution for the problem.
He is fighter - at work, at life.
John is a bright, sharp minded individual I will definitely turn to for future problem solving.
That was never a problem, John was always on target.
And especially his willingness to always find a constructive solution to each problem.
He is passionate about life and his work.
The life of an animal is as precious as the life of mankind.
His enthusiasm for life is just incredible.
He is quick to follow-up and can solve almost any problem that arises.
And, of course, his passion for all the things he does in life.
He motivates and works as hard as engineers and even offer a solution to your problem.
He is dedicated to behavioral solutions for the betterment of life.
He is someone you go to when you need a solution, or something done.
He works quickly and has always found solutions to any technical problem we encountered.
His mind works faster in generating quick ideas and solutions.
He won't squash ideas and he'll work his hardest to turn it into a reality.
He had no problem with working hard when necessary.
I had the pleasure of working side by side with him.
He is one of those people that you enjoy working with and can always go to for any questions or problems.
His passion for life and the well being of others is superlative.
He possesses amazing skills to get a solution to a problem.
I think the only problem is that there's only one of him.
He was always able to come up with a solution to a problem which makes him a very reliable asset.
He always knows the right solutions for any situation.
He works outside his comfort zone.
He is a forward thinking and 'problem solving' focused colleague.
His problem solving skill proved indispensable.
He had no problem introducing me to his connections.
Nothing is ever a problem for him.
His strong values are apparent in his work.
He has been solution focused while always having a forward vision and overall strategy in mind.
I look for the root cause of the problem.
I had no idea the effects it would have on all aspects of my life.
He excels at seeing the connections between problems and solutions and creating a path to implementation and his input and ideas always heighten any problem solving.
His unbiased approach to problem solving has been of benefit.
He is focused on solving problems before they occur.
He steps in, solves problems and makes things better.
He is able to look at a problem and come up a solution.