Process Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Process Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John provided expert consulting and facilitation in the creation of our overall process.
Him meticulous and consultative approach throughout the process was second to none.
The process, he took was always consultative, collaborative and consumer focused.
He makes it easy for the consultant to get ready/understand him hiring process.
His consulting process is pragmatic and at the same time comprehensive.
Second, he understands the consultative process and measures hits and misses so that we continue to refine processes.
John' writing on consulting, strategy and process is superb and a must-read by all consultants.
For someone not having any formal exposure to the consulting process, he was impressively thorough.
He also effectively championed and rolled out new administrative processes to the consultancy.
He shows an eagerness to uncover new opportunities and consult with them through the process.
John consulted with us to identify process improvement opportunities with our company.
John also provided ongoing consulting throughout the plan drafting process.
John's expertise as a process improvement consultant is unparalleled.
John consulted with our firm to help improve our selling processes.
His consultation throughout the process along with the creativity of his colleagues has always been fantastic.
John is thorough in how he processes, people through the recruiting process in a consultative way.
John makes processes across departments goes smoothly through cooperation and good consultation.
The best part about working with him is his consultation process.
He follows up with him vendors and consultants to make sure everyone is informed during the whole placement process.
Every step of the job seeking process, he was asking how it's going on, advising and consulting.
He is also very proactive and consultative during the interview and offer acceptance process.
He knows how to make consultants feel at ease during the initial interview process.
He always had knowledge of processes and have a process oriented approach
His process knowledge and orientation of processes is exemplary.
He is very efficient and to the point, does not cut corners, he is consultative and you are always aware of where you are at within the process.
He recommends an opportunity that matched those requirements and provided great consultation throughout the process.
Working with him is truly a consultative process and he helped him to both highlight and quantify his achievements.
Which is, you know, backwards (consultants are supposed to tell internal company folks how to be making process).
John came across to advise, consult and improve processes in a time of need and made an immediate impact.
John's incredible enthusiasm and consultative approach just make the whole process smooth and enjoyable.
He participated as a consultant in several tender processes and was always attentive and professional
Throughout the process, he was responsive, consultative, and brought fresh ideas to the table.
John guided us during the entire process drawing on his extensive consulting experience.
Always fair in his dealings and he has excellent grip on process and consulting side.
John led the individual consultation sessions during a recent redundancy process.
Our company impressed with the way John has conducted the whole process from initial consultation through to conclusion.
More than many consultants, he's immersed in the creative process himself, and not just for one year, but for five.
John carried out an organisation review and consultation process for one of his clients.
He makes the client / consultancy process a very enjoyable one.
He provided very thorough guidance to him on the process at each step of the lengthy interview process.
John really set him up for the interview process and made the whole process easy and transparent.
John led the evaluation process and was extremely thorough with his processes and strategies.
He made his interviewing process and onboarding process totally seamless.
John cares a lot about processes, but not for the sake of processes.
He provides us with consultation on what info and direction we should take and has saved us time and money in the process.
John worked closely with us throughout the process to provide consulting rather than just resumes.
He observes, listens, consults, acts and follows through on agreed process changes.
John helped us initiating the process of working with offshore consultants.
T brings knowledge and empathy for him consultation and follow up processes.
He is a consultant with a mentoring approach and simplifies the process.
He came as a consultant of our company and was absolutely invaluable in engaging our process.
Then he guided us in the process to make all of the necessary changes.
Throughout the process, he has been very communicative, updating him on every step of the process.
He loved the creative process and followed his instincts over the process which was refreshing.
John brings a consultative process to the table to create solutions.
He is very nurturing in the development process of consultation.
He was, in fact, the only consultant that really understood the process change we were implementing.
His consultation brought both energy and knowledge to this process.
John will definitely be an advocate for you to make sure the process goes smoothly.
Geetha has given his best experience during the interview process
In terms of process consulting he was excellent at scoping process that was commensurate with the type of work to be done.
John truly consulted him throughout the process; from our first meeting to offer stage and has been the most fantastic listener.
John provided a full brief and was hugely supportive during the consultation process.
He scored as a process consultant in our company thanks to his logical and effective methodologies he brought to the fore during his consulting sessions.
He actually listens to what we want/need in a new consultant, and he finds them too, ticking most, if not all of our boxes in the process.
He helped him throughout his pre/onboarding process, as well as provided consultation afterwards, with regular updates and check-ins.
Easy to get along with and helped him to clearly map out processes and plan for the consultancy assignment we did together.
He remained constant with his approach and updates and made him feel at ease whilst going through the consultation process.
He listens first and then provides a consultative approach as he guides his prospect through the buying process.
John's calm demeanor and consultative approach to the process made him one of the front runners from the start.
He led him through an excellent consultation and review process that provided the great outcome we achieved.
Both times, he reviewed and consulted on the complex processes that were very broken but not easy to fix.
He is also a very valuable individual contributor when he wears his process consulting cap.
This is coupled with his consultative selling style and his detailed thought process.
His consultation process is amenable while keeping the strategic outcomes of the four
He brings thought-provoking and dynamic expertise to the entire consulting process.
He ensures that key decisions are based on a consultative and participatory process.
His help and consultative nature made the entire process a lot easier for us.
John guided him through the process of becoming a our company consultant and made sure that all his questions were answered.
Part of our company's certification process requires vetting of the consultants that are seeking certification.
John consulted him through his interview and job offer negotiation process.
He explained why we're doing these things, and we've trusted him to guide us through that process.
He also followed up the completion process and made sure everything goes to plan.
He guided him well throughout the entire process and was very reliable.
He knows the right questions to ask and is detailed in his processes.
John is fundamental in the onboarding process for our company.
His approach to the process consulting and collaboration within the organization benefited us.
John made the process of interviewing and onboarding a smooth and painless process.
He is very thorough and personable with him consultants all while ensuring he properly the followed the required processes.
He also presented to staff and participated in an extensive consultation process.
He knows what he wants without being overbearing on the creative process.
John knows how to get to the point and can be creative in the process.
John is serious about how he uses his humour and creative processes.
He is forward looking, and creative in his thought processes.
That's why he's always involved in the whole creative process.
Him processes and service made the process much easier and user friendly.
What's more, the process felt refreshingly light as he infused humor, when appropriate, into our consultations along the way.
His consulting background and experience in process improvement were needed to move us in the right direction.
He is consulted on many related issues with the entire group since he initiated this entire process.
His rich experience and ability to relate to diverse processes make him an excellent consultant.
John worked as a consultant for his company while we were in the process of going public.
He consulted us at every stage of the process and made sure all information was relevant and relatable.
You will benefit from both of them in your initial consultation with him, and he will make sure you enjoy the process as well.
Nickquolette has been very helpful throughout the process of re-writing his resume.
John then went through the search process and presented him with the shortlist.
He made the process of being in an accident as hassle free as it could be, and communicated with him through the whole process.
John is very good at what he does, and his approach to the creative process is smooth and makes the process almost effortless.