Process Improvement Performance Review Phrases Examples

Process Improvement Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is strong in processes and process improvements.
He's always looking to improve the process.
John always looks for process improvements and uses technology to implement these improvements.
We have improved our systems, improved our team, improved our clients and improved our profitability.
Thank you John for all the process improvements.
He provides input regarding process improvement.
John is also often on the lookout for process improvements.
Thinking of improving the processes for customers.
Quickly adopt changes, but always help improve processes.
He is always aiming for improving the process.
John is very proactive and always looks to make improvements in the process.
He is always thinking and improving the process.
John is always thinking and improving the process.
He sees were and how processes can improve.
He is always interested in improving the process.
He is always looking for ways to improve the process.
John is the master of process improvement.
Always eager to help and improve processes.
John is your guy when looking for process improvement.
He was always striving to make improvements in the process.
He will get things done and try to improve the process along the way.
He is always looking to make process improvement in the business.
He is always looking for the process improvements or other benefits for the company.
He knows everything there is to know about the process.
Always willing to lead and help others with insight to improve the processes.
He went out of his way to help me with this process.
He created a process and followed the process.
John goes out of his way to improve processes and people.
Agile to improve and detail the processes.
John is always looking for ways to improve upon business functions and improve processes.
He usually shares his insights on how to improve the process and on, where are the areas of improvement.
He is always looking for ways to improve, including technologies used and process improvements.
He is always trying to improve himself and inspire all those around him to improve themselves as well.
When he sees something that can be improved he improves it.
John often came up with novel improvements to tasks and processes.
John is always looking for ways to improve our game and process.
John is also honest about how you can improve.
He is very analytical, process oriented and always looking for improvements.
He always came up with good ideas to improve processes.
I could see the improvement from the first pitch.
He is focused on improving processes and results.
John always looked for ways to improve the process.
He is good on process innovation and improvement.
He strives for constant improvement of processes.
He is always looking at how he can improve himself and the business.
He is always looking for ways to improve the HR process.
John helped improve almost every process in our company.
John is always looking to improve himself and help out others.
But usually he says something that makes me think and want to improve myself to his level.
He is always looking for ways to improve.
He makes you look at everything you have done in the past and improves it.
It will only improve what you already are doing.
He is very proactive and always on the lookout for improving the process.
He is committed to a never-ending self-improvement process.
He thinks beyond what he's told and always looks to improve the process.
He always tends to improve and automate processes.
He took the initiative to improve upon processes and make sure we had the results.
He improves processes to web applications.
During the process, he highlighted areas that could be improved.
He was always looking for opportunities to improve business processes.
Not only was he always looking for improving our processes, but also looking at improvements to the user experience.
He couples that with a passion for improvement- both process improvement and self improvement
He enthusiastically looks for and follows through on process improvement.
His biggest accomplishment is incorporating various process improvements to his department, which improved accuracy and streamlined processes to improve the month end close process.
John established process metrics where there were none and used them to bring immediate improvement to established processes.
Once the process was in place he continued to challenge us to improve and streamline the process.
He contributes to our process initiative and provides valuable input for the process improvement.
He has come up with significant process improvement ideas which have enabled process excellence.
He has pushed us to streamline processes and improve the employee onboarding process.
Our relationship is very smooth because of his commitment to process and process improvement.
He made it clear that the only way to improve was to think about who was in the process before us and after us.
During his tenure, he was known for the process improvements that he had made in our organization.
John will do anything that's asked of him and also think outside the box to improve the process.
John will be challenging you to always review the way things are done and to improve processes.
When he found created improved processes he was anxious to share so others could improve.
He looks for opportunities to improve the process and is willing to help those around him.
John keeps looking for best practice and is always improving his own process.
He made sure that we had the ability to keep up the process improvement when he left.
Our success wouldn't be possible without the process improvements he has instituted.
Hence, he constantly looks at improving the processes to make it better and better.
To say that he is an expert in process improvement would be an understatement.
There were several process improvements made under his leadership and guidance.
If you turn to him for process improvements, you have gone to the right place.
He also proactively came up with process improvements and useful suggestions.
He helped us improve our process and we were better for having him on board.
Before you can even think of how to improve a process he has already done it.
But you will need to hear his ideas and help him with process improvements.
He has taken a keen interest in every process, he took up for improvements.
But he helps you dive into your our processes to see how to improve them.
He is excellent when it comes to process excellence and improvement.
It's not enough just to expound on his process improvement acumen.
He can help most companies, by improving their invoicing process.
Furthermore, he created many improvements during the process too.
When it comes to process improvements, he is always open-minded.
One particular process, he helped improve is still being used.
John improves the outcome and process of anything he touches.
His ideas on process improvements are very useful and unique.
John is someone who always looks to see how he could do things better, improve processes, and continuously improve himself and the team.
John saw room for improvements in most processes, and he had enough grit to start establishing workflows that would help to move improve these processes.
He also has a mind for the process - he identified opportunities for improvement with our as-is processes with good recommendations for improvement.
Him feedback to the process owners is invaluable and he goes out of his way to improve the process and provide recommendations for improvement.
His background in continuous process improvement is evident in his desire to incrementally improve and sustain processes.
He guided us with the updates that would be beneficial to our process and recommended process improvements too.
John is also very open to new methods and processes and a proponent of continuous process improvement.
He contributes to continual process improvement through innovative and future-looking thought process.
John has a nag of the process he does not believe in debate, he believes in improving processes
During the process, he was professional and made the process seamless.
John always improves processes, and is up for change if there are any needs.
He would like to know more and more and trying for improvement
He understood the process as it was implemented and would identify where process improvements should be applied.
He came, he saw and he improved the release process significantly.
During his employment with us, he helped to improve our processes.
John made many process improvements that made his job easier.
John is instrumental in improving many of our company's processes.
In addition, he has identified areas of improvement to processes that were in place or the need to define new processes.
John has a wealth of knowledge in process improvement and process methodology.
He knows how to motivate people around and how to improve all the process.
John still has that passion for doing the right things at our company, always looking to improve, and having fun in the process.
John knows what continuous improvement cycle means, if he saw that he could improve workflow or process he improved it.
He constantly tried to improve our processes to make sure everything happened as it should, when it should.
Besides this, he is always brimming with out of the box ideas which are always for process improvement.
He always strives to have everyone understand why things happened, so that the process can be improved.
He then went above and beyond by consistently recommending improvements and efficiencies in the process.
He knows the value of being efficient and looks for ways to improve the processes in his organization.
John is always available when we need him, he constantly helped us to check and improve processes.
John always steps up whenever possible and made many great recommendations for process improvement.
He also looks at every obstacle as an opportunity to improve, not something to stall the process.
John consistently pushes himself and those around him toward improving both process' and results.
John will walk you through this process and help you make valuable improvements along the way.
John drove and guided us throughout the process, improving what we would have done on our own.
But moreover, he found several ways to improve the process and make things run even smoother.
Every company should hear what he has to say about improving your processes and efficiencies.
Furthermore, he had plenty of recommendations as to how to improve the existing processes.
If you have the chance, take advantage of his expertise and let him improve your processes.
It seems improved process performance follows him wherever he goes and whatever he does.
Had endless discussions with him around improving processes and presenting/communicating.
He is very good at multi-tasking and is always looking at how processes can be improved.
That didn't stop him from looking for ways to improve processes to become more efficient.
He is not afraid to ask why things are done a certain way in hopes of improving processes
And he adds value by recommending enhancements above and beyond just improved processes.
His desire to improve processes and others around him is one of his greatest strengths.
It wasn't long before he was in fact contributing to the improvement of our processes.
Anything he does to improve processes and outcomes is well-considered and intentional.
He did not just look to understand what the processes were but sought to improve them.
He is dedicated to process improvement and is always eager to take on new challenges.
He jumped right in making the appropriate changes to improve processes and procedures.
He is very enthusiastic and is constantly trying to improve and innovate his process.
This trait allows him to further streamline and improve processes for better results.
He believes in not only following the processes, but improving and creating new ones.
John frequently made recommendations that we had not thought of to improve the process