Process Improvement Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Process Improvement Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very entrepreneurial and is always looking for ways to improve processes.
He was always eager to improve processes and to help streamline our pipeline.
He is always open for collaboration and new ideas to improve our process.
He will take the initiative to suggest and work make process improvements where improvements make sense.
He is very innovative and is constantly bringing to the table new processes that will improve current process and be more efficient.
John is a professional and experienced process improvement consultant, who not only knows what needs to be done, he gets it done too.
John is an enthusiastic consultant with strong subject matter expertise in process review and process transformation.
He is always looking for efficiencies and improvements in processes in all areas of the company.
Bring him on board and improve your processes and employee morale.
His approach to consulting is one that allows you to learn while you're improving.
He would set up and improve upon processes to make both our jobs better.
John often created process improvements and was detailed in his documentation and process creation.
He clearly understands the various process improvement protocols to determine which one can best be used in the given situation.
John had an unwavering dedication to metrics and process improvement while at my company.
John also evaluated the processed involved to determine if improvements could be made.
John was responsible to identify potential areas for process improvement.
He constantly pressured to improve processes and ways of doing things.
John is results-focused, open to new ideas and improving processes.
His consultation throughout the process along with the creativity of his colleagues has always been fantastic.
Every step of the job seeking process, he was asking how it's going on, advising and consulting.
John provided excellent advice and consultation throughout the employment process.
John has the ability to adjust on the fly to improve processes.
If you need to improve delivery processes or discovery processes in your organization he is the right person to contact and consult with.
He participated as a consultant in several tender processes and was always attentive and professional.
The department has improved since the time that he consulted with us.
His strength in process innovation and improvement will always deliver value.
He is always driving forward progress and improving the process and tools.
He's full of ideas and has as an eye for improving existing processes.
I know my future performance will be improved because of his consultative help.
When he sees a need for improvement in sales processes, he works hard to improve said processes.
He used feedback to make improvements to processes and communication.
He works best in opportunities to improve processes and workflow.
He was very serious about his studies and was quick to consult with colleagues to improve on matters.
John is a talented consultant who provided creative solutions for process improvements.
John improves processes by focusing on the solution instead of harping on the problem.
He quickly understood our processes and even found several key improvements for us.
He tackled new initiatives and process improvements with dedication and focus.
His approach to process improvement & the key deliverables is very simple.
He helped us tremendously by improving key processes and workflows.
He came as a consultant of our company and was absolutely invaluable in engaging our process.
He is quick to establish a relationship with the clients and provide process and improvement suggests that help improve the overall process.
John makes processes across departments goes smoothly through cooperation and good consultation.
He is consultative, resourceful and honest and is very thorough in him assessment process.
John has a strong understanding of process and its application, and how to persuade people to improve their process.
John is a valuable asset for any organisations looking to improve their process.
If there was ever an opportunity to improve the process, he was always attentive, courteous, and positive to any feedback.
If there's a problem to fix, or a process to improve, he just gets on and does it.
He has a strong process consulting background and will be a great resource for companies seriously pursuing process improvement initiatives.
He is a process driven professional and dedicated his efforts to improve the standards and processes.
Which is, you know, backwards (consultants are supposed to tell internal company folks how to be making process).
He works very well under pressure and improves every process given to him for review.
His understanding of process limitations and continuously improve the process anomalies are a great asset.
John is a highly respected process and solutions consultant within the company.
John brings a consultative process to the table to create solutions.
John continuously worked toward creating efficiencies by driving many process improvements and streamlined processes.
He did this by being receptive, flexible and open to suggestions to improve things which can be quite rare in consultants.
Within weeks of the consultation things had improved out of sight - him advice and suggestions were invaluable.
John has the project first and is always looking to improve the process, or at least in my case delegating that improvement.
He seeks out opportunities for improvement and delivers well planned strategies for process improvements.
John takes feedback extremely well and uses it to improve the staffing process.