Process Improvement Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Process Improvement Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He suggested and implemented several process improvements during this project, which improved process efficiency.
John was a process driven, strategic thinker that was excellent at process improvement and organizational management.
He was constantly looking for ways to improve processes across the board.
He is always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes and has put forward numerous recommendations to management.
His style of management allowed us to all take ownership of what we do and push to improve the processes that were in place.
John managed the process incredibly well and in the end he brought major improvements to our entire firm.
He efficiently managed the group and improved processes that directly impacted throughput.
I proudly endorse him for any role in change management and process improvement.
John had a keen sense for process improvement and managing change.
I appreciated his willingness to not just help me get the process started, but also to encourage me along in the process.
He has allowed me to manage, maintain, and improve my profile with continuous improvement.
As manager, he made lots of improvements in the processes as well as methodologies that we followed within the team.
John managed the process very well for both the employer and me, from end to end.
He came, he saw and he improved the release process significantly.
John managed this to great effect and he was always looking to improve.
John is a hardworking manager who is always looking for improvement.
John was also focused on overall process improvement by providing suggestions for the improvement of artist workflows and management.
He manages projects well and he's an expert at process improvement.
He not only managed the process well, but also suggested lots of improvements which genuinely increased the efficiency.
John is exceptional at managing stakeholder expectations while driving for process and system improvements.
John is a strong believer in process management, with an emphasis on continuous improvement.
He also has a very keen eye for talent and managing the process improvements.
John is a very effective manager with innovation and change management processes that improved the accuracy of the forecasts.
John made the process very easy, with great contracts and processes, managing timelines along the way.
He has successfully managed complex processes for our company.
John was an excellent manager that worked hard to improve & streamline processes.
He's a great manager, since he manages the process rather than the content.
John is a very energetic and creative manager always looking at what can be done to improve the processes and results.
I was always impressed with his ability to manage and improve systems and processes.
He was always looking to improve processes and would consistently come up with more efficient solutions.
He really is an enthusiastic about continuous improvement management.
John has excellent competence in structuring and improving work processes and people management processes.
His dedication to process improvement and mentoring others was and is unequaled.
He is great at prioritizing and managing expectations, and is constantly coming up with new ways to improve our process.
He has consistently proven himself as an excellent manager and process improvement leader.
John managed details well and thought creatively about how to improve processes.
John manages the whole process and truly makes it seamless for his clients.
He has the best theoretical and practical knowledge of management and process improvement.
He knows very well how to manage the overall recruitment process.
He developed managers and improved processes so mistakes were not repeated and improvement was made continuous.
John knows that there is no one way to manage a team and that it is a process that should be improved over time.
Within our management team, he helped us out with process improvements and other challenging tasks.
John was amazing at team management, automation and process improvements.
John's contribution to improvement in our release process has been significant.
John is an excellent manager who knows his profession inside out, yet always seeks to improve.
John was a manager who makes everyone feel that he see you and want you to improve yourself.
John is an expert in managing above and below him and he helped me improve in that aspect.
He made situations manageable, whilst maintaining and improving momentum.
John gets things done, whether its improving processes or managing a project, he always delivers.
He has also put in better process and improved the project management of deliverables.
I know firsthand of his passion for process improvement and project management.
It was obvious from the beginning that he could help improve our processes and practices.
John is always looking for innovative ways to solve problems and improve processes.
He sees opportunities to improve a process such as by automating it and makes it easy enough for anyone to manage.
John has been at the sharp end of that process since it all started.
Only then does he begin the "recommending of opportunity" process.
He is willing to be flexible and go outside the standard process.
He managed changes and improvements in the analytics and forecasting.
He was able to manage my expectations and guide me through the hiring process.
In other words, he was great at managing through a very complex process.