Product Design Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Design Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's opinions and constructive analyses of product designs are valued by the design engineers he worked with.
He is great at bridging the gap with engineering and getting them to see how his designs will truly move the dial on product usability.
As an engineer, he was very responsive to my requests for laying out his designs.
His results were incredible and inspired our designers and engineers.
As an engineer, he has contributed not only to his function, but also to the product.
As a product designer, he always aligns him design decisions with the goals of the user.
John understands a wide variety of conceptual and licensed product engineering design.
John is excellent not just in design, but also understanding the products and users.
John designs for the user first, and him products reflect that aesthetic.
But we also heavily relied on his expertise when it came to product and design decisions.
John approaches design as every single decision that's made about a product.
He understands engineering design specifications, and explain product features in an easily readable form.
John has proven himself as an extremely competent design engineer.
John's engineering perspective is invaluable in design reviews.
John is not only strong technically, but is an engineer with great product and design sensibilities.
He is the best gift for any product manager, designer, and engineer.
John turned our design team into a lean, mean, product design machine.
He was tirelessly productive, positive, friendly, and helpful to others in engineering.
John has the natural ability for articulating product requirements for engineers.
He is a smart, experienced, conscientious, and productive engineer.
He commands my respect and the respect of his peers across engineering, design, art, and production.
John has a great knowledge of product design and all the aspects you need to concern if you are responsible for a product.
He is also very strong when translating that knowledge to his own product designs.
I would recommend him to any business looking to create a well designed and engineered end product.
He's a product-focused engineering, someone willing to challenge the product and design functions to achieve better outcomes for the customer.
Because he helps engineer and adjust the product, he really does know it inside and out.
John demonstrated that he is a great listener and diplomat by bridging the worlds of product, engineering and design.
More than this, the products he designs always strike a chord with the user.
John was hired to add practical product design know-how to an engineering team overweighted with young, inexperienced engineers.
I was impressed by his professionalism and the end products he designed for us.
John makes it happen - product design, contract negotiation, solutions engineering, you name it.
John is a fantastically talented product designer and inventor.
He had been a highly productive engineer and a key contributor to many releases of the product.
John has an innate ability to bring product, design, and engineering together to explore every side of a potential opportunity.
John is a quick study, self starting work horse when it comes to product engineering and design.
John has provided beautiful and fast designs and products to use that we ordered oh so last minute.
Not only is he a vast resource of design knowledge, he knows production and engineering.
He exemplifies true collaboration with him product and engineering peers.
John partners well with his colleagues in product, engineering and design while he also effectively leads the product experience to its greatest potential.
And he has a breadth of knowledge that spans art, engineering, production and design.
He made my job so much easier when it came to thinking about and designing a product.
He was instrumental in the creation and design of several key product capabilities.
John has an amazing ability to see things others gloss over - everything from issues with strategy to all the product design details in the product - and knows how to make things happen.
An extremely advanced routing engine, which he helped design.
He's excellent in design and prototyping, but his most valuable in helping engineers and product managers think through the early stages of what they want to get from a product and how design can help them.
His knowledge of the user helped guide designers and product to make good decisions for the product.
He's very approachable and is well-liked by engineers and product managers as well as his colleagues in the design.
John worked with the production and engineering teams to identify changes in both production methods and design which could result in cost take outs.
He has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between product, marketing, design and engineering.
John was our only engineer, and he single handedly built each product that we launched together.
It was clear when we were hired to re-engineer (more than just) a product.
John has a great combination of product vision and engineering know-how.
Notably, he helped us design the signature audio language used throughout the product.
His designs were creative and his production was detailed and refined.
His product was strategic yet at the same time meticulous and superbly designed.
He is a conscientious production designer, always approaching design issues through the lens of the story and visual impact.
He understands the customer need and is willing to work with engineering to make sure this gets addressed in the product design.
He leads the product from design and all ways through implementation.
John is one of those producers with the rare combination of production and design sense.
He produced a great design for one of our products and we look forward to using him again.