Product Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Working with John helped open my eyes to the complexity of design, be it product design, graphic design or web design.
John is very passionate about his designs and products.
His designs, sits at the intersection between product design, animation, game art and design.
His ingenuity is in the DNA of his designs - that is, he doesn't simply design a great product, he designs an ingenious and great product.
He's an original thinker who does the research necessary to design the right product, not just design a given product right.
John is an exceptional product designer and he demonstrated his design talent in many award-winning products.
He has a depth of understanding design concepts, product design, product road map.
His innovations in product design always made the product stay well ahead of the competition.
John is one of the few that excels at both product design and product technology.
He was the lead designer on all new product releases and product enhancements.
John understands the intersection of design, product, production and consumption.
This product was ahead of it's time in design and functionality and very different from any other product in our company.
He is well versed in product design, development and production.
Not only does he know the products that are available, he knows how those products work.
The end product made us more efficient and productive.
John knows and understands how to transfer empathy to his designs and to the product design process.
John's course on innovation and product design is a must for entrepreneurs and designers of all kinds.
It is often said that great design is the product of great designers and great clients.
Not being a designer myself, I appreciated his product design approach.
He is an expert in the fields of creativity, UI/UX design and product design.
John then designed the framework and made the recommendations as how to use this product.
John is, by far, my first choice when in need of production and design services.
I've seen his designs firsthand and know he provides excellent products.
Killer product instinct and knows how to take designs to the next level.
He leads the product from design and all ways through implementation.
He improvises his own designs and surprises us with the end product.
He was instrumental in designing the products on the new platform.
Our most recent product was designed and built in three months.
If design is important to your product, then this is your guy.
John is an exceptionally creative and production designer.
He used their valuable feedback to design the end product.
He is methodical in how he approaches the product design.
Enthusiastic and engaged in all levels of product design.
He clearly knows this area of product design very well.
John is visionary with respect to product and design.
John designed and created some really cool products.
He knows how to edit, design, and deliver products.
The products he has designed are sharp and effective.
I'd want him in product concept and design meetings.
He is the one-stop solution for our product design.
I consider them tops in book design and production.
Totally committed to innovations in product design.
John knows his stuff when it comes to eLearning design and production.
John is one of the best product designers I have met.
Worked with product & design team to get the product out at its highest quality.
He would help out in any way he could and was very productive.
He always makes things better, and more productive.
We plan on having design some more products for us in the future.
John has the excellent system product knowledge and is very thorough in product design specifications.
He listen's and understands what impact design and production may have upon the finished product.
He understands product design deeply and can see products from ideation through implementation.
He always made sound decisions around product design, product capability, and in hiring.
Employees looked to him for hard decisions on product design and product direction.
John facilitated the design of a product from concept to mass production.
I worked with John in support of bringing up his products from design to production.
He's super-passionate about great product design, and he has the tremendous design experience & a design strength to help us get there.
We worked together from design through production and developed an excellent product.
John was known as the expert on not only our products but also the competitors products.
He doesn't merely represent or pitch products so much as he becomes the product.
I have followed him and purchased his products and those products he recommends.