Product Development Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has consistently demonstrated attention to detail driven by his passionate approach to product management and product development.
Not only has he got the experience and the drive to manage product development, but he is the kind of individual who knows how to truly manage people.
John is one of those "can do" developers that product managers truly appreciate working with.
I have seen him develop new products and ideas; all while managing resources effectively.
John has an inherent ability to manage the product development process.
He was part of the core product development team who refined some of our best products.
Thanks to his dedication we managed to develop a leading product.
John would be an invaluable member of any organization that places strategic importance on product management and new product development.
John partners with the developers to create the best product for our consumers.
I gave him the responsibility of a product development, management and he did an excellent job.
He has a very strong understanding of the product (end-to-end), and always suggest development and product management team to add the missing features in the interest of product completeness.
I watch him excel at sales, product management, project management and product development.
I would highly recommend him for a future position in product management, new product development or marketing.
John successfully guided our product management team through challenging development.
He's a gifted product manager that is well respected by the development team.
He is experienced in developing products and account management.
He's also really good at working with the product team and knows how to develop and deliver products.
He has developed our product roadmap and greatly helped with understanding product direction and timeline.
Despite this being his first full time role after university, he managed the product development with aplomb.
John is experienced and very well organised manager with deep qualifications and capabilities to manage product development and area of innovations.
In this way the best product(s) for the customer could be developed.
John is an incredible developer, what separates him from others is his commitment and passion for the product.
His attention to the needs of consumers gives him an amazing insight into new products that can be developed.
He did the best to understand the requirement and localise product development into each country.
John is determined and driven with great vision when it comes to product development.
John has been an instrumental developer for one of the company's core products.
He had great product development ideas and really listened to my recommendations.
His specific strength is around developing new products rapidly and robustly.
John develops outstanding product definitions and requirement artifacts.
His leadership with the development group led to several new products.
I understand the product that he developed has been a great success.
It is a joy to collaborate and develop product together with him.
He not only managed to follow the development from concept to product, but also to collaborate at every step with great ideas.
He developed many effective products from concept through to launch, manage and then smoothly closed some down.
John is a rare breed in that he is not only an amazing product manager, but he's also a really good developer.
In both of these roles, he contributed to my growth and development as a product manager and problem solver.
He has not only a deep understanding of product management techniques and methods, but he also develops them.
He can sell, manage, crunch numbers, create and develop new products and has an all round good acumen.
He is also very abreast of the latest thinking in product development methodologies and regularly brings those ideas to improve the way we think about product development.
I can say he made a big change on the way we develop products, as an entrepreneur or product manager, he'll always make the difference for whoever works with him.
He developed our product management organization and process from scratch.
John was able to increase productivity by the developers and managers immediately with changes he recommended to the infrastructure.
He is also good at managing and planning, product development as well.
John at first played a key role in helping with product development and feature specifications of the product.
He is able to develop a strategic product vision and plans, but also get into the details on product management.
John is an excellent product manager who is passionate about making products that people love.
He can control and manage product development progressive very well and make the development on time to deliver.
He can easily double as development manager, programme manager, head of product.
John is excellent at understanding the big-picture and leading/coaching/guiding his team of product managers through the development and introduction of new products throughout the company.
He would be a valuable member of any product development and management team.
Further, he understands each detailed step in the product development process and provides valuable input throughout development phases and into production.
Particularly, he distinguished in the marketing mix management and new product development.
He was instrumental in managing the flow of assets between the asset development and shot development stages of production.
Such was his influence that it is hard to imagine how the product would have been developed without him.
John is the kind of guy you want to make product development decisions.
He has a strong understanding of the overall product development cycle.
John developed a new product area from inception to completion.
As a product manager, his inclusive and pragmatic approach contributed very much to my productivity as a software developer.
He is also unique in that he can walk the fine line between sales/account management and product development.
John is an excellent leader and innovator both in product development and in his management style.