Product Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He managed all the production of these products as well as shipping/distribution to their many different locations.

Great at managing products, always skimming to what the product should really fix.

John is an excellent product manager who is always passionate about his product.

John also acted as the product manager for many other products during this time.

He evaluated products fairly and was very astute in the products he managed.

John took over the product manager role, of several floundering products.

John's management both in production and post production are impeccable.

John is an excellent product planner and product manager.

John is one of the most productive and thorough product managers I've met.

John is an excellent manager in the areas of product marketing and product management, and program and project management.

John was first heading the product management, thus giving the assignment for me as product program manager.

He is exceptionally well versed in both inbound product management and outbound product management.

John is an exceptional product manager, with vision and foresight to guide product management.

I recommend him for any product manager or product manager, team leader role.

John is for sure one of the best product managers I've ever worked with.

If you are looking for someone in product management, look no further.

It does not surprise me that he is now doing product management.

He knows how to manage an organization and make it productive.

Beginning with our management on down to our production floor.

He knows his product well and knows how to manage his people.

John is clearly one of these product managers that gets it.

John is very passionate about the products he manages.

I certainly would recommend him as the product manager.

He manages the changes going into production smoothly.

Working under John's management was very productive.

Most recently, he has been the product manager for our company.

John is one of the best product managers and product marketers you can come across.

John was top notch, both in product management and product marketing.

He has also been quite effective in mentoring and managing other product management professionals.

John hired and managed several product managers as part of his responsibilities.

John managed the whole process like an insightful and experienced product manager.

Apart from being an amazing product manager, he is also great at managing people.

John excels at the end-to-end program management aspect of product management.

He was production manager for one and location manager on another film shoot.

John enjoys and excels at both product management and program management.

He is tenacious in managing through complex product management issues.

He adeptly managed relationships with product and senior management.

John is remarkable as both a manager and product management leader.

John is a truly gifted product manager and executive manager.

A great people manager and an excellent product manager.

John managed several product management activities when working for me at our company.

I directly managed John during his internship as a product manager.

John was my manager as I transitioned to product management and when I became a manager for the first time.

John is a product manager's product manager and I would recommend him highly for any product leadership position.

John is able contribute on all levels, from strategic management, product management, partner and relationship management, all the way through to line manager.

He can do it all, from managing partner relationships, to product management and then on to marketing.

I was the product manager and John worked with me as the project manager.

John is an experienced product manager who is willing to do whatever is needed to make his products successful.

I choose the words carefully as he goes way beyond product management, to actually own the product.

John is a product manager that really cares about the product and the team.

John was heading the product management of the product category concerned.

John is a versatile product manager with quick uptake of all products.

He is passionate about his products and a very dedicated product manager.

He was the producer and whole I was the local product manager of his products.

We got John for product management in our code analysis product.

John was an outstanding product manager for the our company's product line.

John is a formidable digital product manager, operations manager and people manager.

John is a very approachable product manager, who is always keen to hear how the products he manages are used in the field.

John is one of those rare product managers who naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for other product managers.

John was a senior technical product manager on my team, and managed several products for our group.