Product Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a consummate product marketing guy, with a strong product vision as well as the ability to clearly and persuasively articulate the benefits of his products.
John is a phenomenal product management and marketing executive.
John brings a wealth of product marketing experience to the team, especially when targeting new market sectors or launching new products.
John has a fantastic creative technique and understanding of marketing production for establishing and growing new markets.
John is an excellent strategist and marketer and has been at the forefront of innovation in product management.
John is a very creative and highly competent product marketing manager.
John is a brilliant product manager, and has the vision of the products or functions he wants to create.
John is also very knowledgeable about product ingredients and how to source and market a great product.
Being in a start-up he's had great exposure in product management, product marketing and web analytics.
He is a great partner of product marketing and understands and complements its role in the product lifecycle.
He knows his product and market well and has proven to be the best provider in the area.
He understands marketing from soup to nuts and is able to come up with new, inventive ways to market products and solutions.
He understands marketing deeply and has proven abilities on how to represent a company and their products to the appropriate market or markets they are targeting.
John is a proven marketer with extensive experience in new product introductions, category creation and growing market share/revenue in mature markets.
He had good instincts on the market demand and competent skills in product management and marketing.
John is a pleasure to work with and has clear and demonstrated strengths in the areas of product management and product marketing.
He was great at doing market research on competitive product and coming up with new ideas for the product.
John is an exceptional product management professional, with an ability to understand the market and translate that into actionable product requirements.
John is a hands-on manager who brings a thorough understanding of the needs of product management to the marketing team.
He can see the vision of how to launch and market products that are actually useful for end-users.
His attention to detail made our products differentiated in the market.
John is also highly skilled at initiating product ideas and taking new products to market.
John has long product management and marketing experience, and discovered insights we would not have found otherwise.
I relied on him to help setup and manage other product marketing activities as well.
John has had to work with significant changes in product direction/strategy, management and end market focus.
He has managed the company's partner relationships and product marketing initiatives.
John immerses himself in the product and makes sure his knowledge of the product, market and competitive landscape is second to none.
He is very professional and very knowledgeable on the products and market.
John is an outstanding all-around marketer and product professional.
John was the ultimate professional in the way he managed marketing activities for new and existing products.
He was very insightful on critiquing our product strategy and our product expansion options, in our direct marketing and exploring options to go into tangential markets.
He has superb insight into markets and the mix of marketing activities that position a product or a product line for success.
As a product manager, he always strives for the best and pursues - with full vigor - the correct implementation of features and marketing of his product.
He brings together strong technology and market understanding with end to end product marketing and go-to-market know-how that consistently delivers differentiated and winning results.
I was grateful for all the energy he put into the marketing of our products, him delightful, positive attitude, and his creative approaches to marketing our products.
He has a keen awareness of what products and features will resonate with consumers, and understands what it takes to bring those products to market.
He consistently moves to strengthen his products while attempting to become the market leader in whatever products he oversees.
He was able to very quickly put together a compelling go to market and product launch strategy for the new product.
He knows how to steer product managers to looking at the correct insights for their product and provides analysis at lightning speed.
What surprised me most, perhaps, were his abilities in product marketing because that was not his core area.
He is always two steps ahead of what is the next most innovative way to launch and market a product.
John was responsible for determining the market of the product and driving its specifications.
He is very good at envisioning the market need and translating it to the product definition.
I would recommend him to any company looking for innovative ways to market their products.
The products he chose to sell were the best and he was able to market them innovatively.
John is very in tune with the product and how to market it to his client's audience.
He is passionate about his products, an excellent marketeer and highly motivational.
He has helped me several times to (re) position products in the market for success.
He also helped us push innovation both in terms of new markets and new products.
I believe he will be a strong addition to any product marketing organization.
John's passion to deliver the best product to meet any market is unsurpassed.
He is innovative and always finds unique and new ways to market products.
He bought my products from me and was marketed to some common clients.
He's always on the top of new technologies and products on the market.
He is also very good in making decisions on product & marketing ideas.
John is a very talented marketer who knows the products inside out.
I highly recommend him for any product marketing or pricing position.
He knows here product line, the market place and him competition.
With his guidance my initial concept became a marketable product.
He understands the products, markets and each client's needs.