Product Owner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Owner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a product owner, he understands the intersection of product, partnerships and contracts.
I wish him all the best for this versatile product owner for his future endeavors.
I have faith that he will continue to be an outstanding product owner.
As a product owner, he always kept the users first in his mind which resulted in highly desirable products.
I was always impressed with his interactions with the product owners in meetings.
John is definitely the type of person you would want as your product owner or head of product.
John was a product owner who always made sure he thoroughly understood the features he was shepherding.
John step in as the product owner, filling in for an open vacancy.
John is a great product owner that is focused on getting results.
His efforts made the agile lifecycle very effective for me as a product owner and for the success of the products at large.
John is a great product owner whose excitement about the product and the customer is tangible.
As a product owner, he has always been diligent and prompt in his scrum responsibilities.
John was a fantastic product owner with an excellent grasp of the space.
As a lead product owner, he had a great product vision & excelled in creating sound product roadmaps.
His work came in on-time and he always responded to the needs of the product owners.
He makes me realize the important role a product owner plays by showing me the end-to-end attention he gives to his products.
John is an extremely thoughtful and detail oriented product owner.
John is very talented and he makes the weekend very productive.
As a product owner, he brought a global perspective to his product and deployed it very successfully in multiple countries.
John is a diligent and focused product owner that truly immerses himself in an organization.
John was the product owner of this and was a very active driving force.
John is an experienced and passionate product owner who's always engaged and willing to make the best possible product with gently optimizing resources.
He is capable of smoothing all corners in negotiation with stakeholders and product owners.
John was enthusiastic, innovative and very professional product owner.
John is a highly motivated, engaging and articulate product owner.
As a product owner, he always ensures that the deliverables are completed in the timeline allotted.
John is a focused and dedicated product owner who takes the role seriously.
With his help we made new products, made our existing products even better, and stayed lockstep with the needs of the business.
John has the vision, experience, and dedication necessary for a truly great product owner.
He is not only a product guy, he is truly the owner of his projects.
He breathes commerce and has in a depth understanding of the product and the role of product owner.
He enabled us to have our voices heard with our product owner.
Also he helps us to think differently about what we do as owners.
John remains the best product owner we've ever interacted with.
He told him he was joining and taking over as the dashboarding/reporting product owner, which was his mistake.
Our company few with John's expertise is so giving with their time to product owners.
He also has an extreme passion for improving the product and driving product changes through the organization.
During that time, he became the product owner of a large, complicated project that was on its third product owner in just a few months.
He not only did this with the product owner but also with user researchers.
As an agile product owner, he easily communicated his product vision and priority.
John is someone you would definitely want on your product team.
He is also a product owner who made sure the team was his first priority.
His product is also extremely reasonably priced, especially for the small business owner.
He also resolved issues by collaborating with other product owners in the department.
He worked with the product owners to help define the roadmap.
He is reasonable, well-reasoned and very rational; every one of his products have rolled out to great effect and he's always very flexible as a product owner.
John always looked after him production team and made sure the wheels of production were always running smoothly.
We have taken multiple suggestions on product enhancements from him and his team to add to our products.
He helped our team get more productive, and he tracks the increase in productivity very carefully.
His impact is still tangibly evident in products and product teams today.
He wrote requirements for several difficult products where it was not easy to get the business owners to say what they really wanted to do with the product.
He knows his products very well and therefore is able to explain the features in detail during product presentations.
He knows how to elicit requirements from customers and/or product owners.
He helped him clarify and improve his relationship with the product owner.
He made the team believe in the product and that's why it has been so successful.
Moreover, he never hesitates to do what's right for the product and the team.
Working with him on the same team is always very productive and successful.
John saw to it that everyone got along and remained productive on our team.
Our team could not have been as productive without him at the core.
Without him our team would have been less fun and less productive.
Where ever he goes, he'll bring value and production to that team.
He went out of his way to help the offshore team be productive.
He took many initiatives inside the team to keep it productive.
John protects his team and makes it possible to be productive.
All the while, he keeps his team productive and collaborative.
He looks out for the owner's best interest as well as his subcontractors.
It's not surprising to him that he's now the owner of his own company.
He is very conscientious and acted like he was one of the owners.
As a product owner, he knows his customer, the product and has the relationship with his team to know what they can do.
His charge was to help business owners and employees are more productive.
This is what makes him such a great product and business owner.
He takes on ownership and when he certifies a product, we are confident to take to production deployment.
What he doesn't know about print production probably isn't worth knowing.
John is passionate about print and all aspects of production.
He knows his product and is always one step ahead of the game.
And he knows his stuff when it comes to print production too.
If you want to see what it can really look like in your organization and you are looking for a mentor for those product owners that need a little help, look no further, you found him here.
John worked as a our company, with some product owner responsibilities.
John sets himself apart by truly taking ownership of products and applications.
He took us from conception to many years of production deployment.
John as product owner has a clear focus and know with great clarity what needs to be done.
Above all, he always has the mindset and motivation of an owner.
For example, he was a product owner in the agile process and substantially contributed to the definition and requirements of the product.
As a product owner, he provided the vision for the app and kept everybody working toward the same goal, which was making the best product we could.
He always inspires his team to know the product very well, which really helps us to deliver the solid product quickly.
He led our team to come over many blockages and successfully move new product into mass production.
He adapts his production style to the product, team, and individual to maximize return.
John consistently takes teams from product ideation to successful product launch.
Not just in our company, but in the drafts and final product that come out as the result.
John made our volunteer time together not only productive, but highly enjoyable.
John has also helped prioritize user stories, features and bugs during the absence of the product owner.
John became a proficient product owner in a short amount of time.
John could be a product owner for a start-up or a big company.
John drove product strategy across a broad product platform resulting in successful product launches and company acquisitions
John is one of the best technologists on our company products.
He knows every detail about his product - and will steer you in the right direction (not necessarily toward his product) every time.
John would make any environment more fun, more creative and more productive.
Whether or not he is the official product owner, he owns that relationship and acts accordingly.
We received several positive feedback from the product owners for his work.
He knows how to shape ideas into products and he knows how to get his team excited about implementing those products.
He gets productivity out of his team because he is willing to do everything he asks of others and much more.
John is highly dedicated in what he does and he always makes sure that his team gets the best product.
His teams have always been rated as the best or near the best in efficiency and productivity.
He'll help you take your team and productivity to the next level, so make the most of it.
John took the time to know him and his team and understand us, our needs and our products.
John product or team should consider themselves very lucky to have him in their corner.
His team had the highest productivity of all, and yet they were also the happiest.
He continues to want to improve, whether it be himself, the product, or the team.
He makes all around him better and increases the productivity of the entire team.
He always aims to do the best thing for the product, the team, and the company.
He and his team have always provided him with accurate and effective products.
He enables his team to be more productive and to take on more responsibility.
He always really helped make the team and our product the best it could be.
Design and product teams always look forward for his suggestions and ideas.
He blended well with the team and got into the product almost immediately.
He is clear and concise with what he is looking for from the product team.
Overall, he and his team were very successful with their product launches.
His dedication to his team and the product is what make him the greatest.
Above all else, he would put his team and product before his own desires.
If he is in your team, your productivity will increase to the next level.
He always makes sure his team is never burnt out and remains productive.
John's contributions to the team are always insightful and productive.
He just keeps churning and churning to keep up with the product team.
John did what it took for us to be successful as a team and product.
Speak to anyone in his global product team and they will say the same.
He makes sure the productivity level of our team was at our maximum.
He makes teams, products, and companies better by him participation.
He always puts the needs of the product and the team before himself.
Organizes his teams to maximize their cohesiveness and productivity.
He understands the needs of his team, stakeholders and the product.
In doing so, he elevates your team, your product, and your company.
He continues to maximize his team as well as his own productivity.
John's impact on the product team has been really impressive.
He focuses on efficiency and productivity of himself and his team.
It is so apparent that he believes in his product and in his team.
His achievements with the production team have not gone unnoticed.
His collaboration with his team was very rewarding and productive.
He dedicates himself to the product and his team whole-heartedly.
Such is the grace with which he accelerates team productivity.
John knows his product well and treats his team with respect.
John is unflaggingly enthusiastic about his product and team.
John joined the team to help us get the product out the door.
Under his leadership, the team was both happy and productive.
His productivity and contribution to our team was phenomenal.
His commitment to the product and the team is second to none.
John is the foundation of our production team of our company.