Product Support Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has an in depth understanding not only of the product that he is supporting, but also the processes, and functionality of that product.
He is very responsive, supportive and above all he understands his products very well.
His support helps to make my company more productive and useful for my clients.
His product knowledge was remarkable and he was always willing to contribute to the future directions of the products we supported.
He knew his product and was very supportive in explaining it and in getting some bespoke training in place when we bought the product.
John was there or he made sure the correct people were supporting us so we could push the envelope of their products.
He promotes a productive environment that is positive and supportive.
John only regret is not getting to work with him more, as we both supported competing products.
He was always supportive, making sure we had upgrades and the proper equipment to support our production staff.
He was always accessible, supportive and his guidance always served to elevate the product.
Regardless of which product line he was supporting, he did an excellent job.
He is diligent, detail oriented and knows the products he supports thoroughly.
John has consistently provided sound advice and suitable propositions in support of our products.
John focused on our multimedia products which frankly were under-supported in the organization.
He supported many good initiatives and created productive environments for each member.
He supported our selling efforts, production efforts and learning objectives.
I have always appreciated his knowledge of the products he supports and his follow-through on commitments.
Him work directly supported the efforts of product launches that made them successful.
He supports multiple strategic products and has worldwide responsibility.
John is an outstanding product guy who is very creative when it comes to launching new products.
I would thoroughly recommend talking to him if you need information or support on products.
He is "productive, dependable and supportive of other team members".
John supported our group and delivered a product that has been in use for several years now.
He is very enthusiastic in relation to both established products and up-and-coming products.
His support along with exceptional knowledge of products continues to be unsurpassed.
He makes a team a lot more productive because he is so supportive.
When he gives presentations, he is very persuasive and makes you believe in his products.
John has always demonstrated strong support and respect for the creative product.
At the same time he also supported numerous production issues and many small changes.
John was always available for support and to shift focus in a productive and positive manner.
He was smart, bold, confident and passionate about his work and about the products he supports.
I had the pleasure to support his products and work closely with him in defining the chips.
He is a very supportive and respectful individual and very thorough in his work product.
John creates a supportive, productive, and collaborative work environment.
He was also so obliging supporting us to clarify some product internal points even after that.
John is an exceptional product support individual who time and again demonstrated his value to our organization.
He takes the time to understand his clients needs as well as understand the product he is supporting.
His knowledge of the product and of the supporting technologies is bulletproof.
He works well with little guidance and helped us take a new product from concept to production.
Him end work product is always data supported and well conceived.
He was planning well ahead our releases, upgrades and production support rosters.
He is also very creative and under him his product has seen some of the best results.
John is very creative, even when he is conforming to the needs of the production.
He is also very creative and came up with several great new products.
John's creative insight makes for an all around better production.
He is knowledgeable, productive, supportive and very helpful person.
John reported to me and we also worked as peers together in product support.
He is an expert in the products he supports and is an advocate for his team members.
Following that, we were able to expand the support of his team and product lines.
John's friendly and supportive demeanor made our one-on-one session a great and productive experience.
His ability to learn, know and embrace a product and compel others to support it is outstanding.
John was not only enthusiastic about his product, but he was also enthusiastic and supportive of the people who worked for and with him.
John does a wonderful job communicating and supporting him product.
John was always ready and willing to help, and delivered a high standard of post-production support.
John is highly productive and extremely efficient, yet always available to support and mentor employees and colleagues.
His support was invaluable in the smooch launch and continued successful production of these models.
He also has an extreme passion for improving the product and driving product changes through the organization.
John takes the time to know the technical intricacies of any product that he supports.
John was very thorough in evaluating product feature/functionality and marketplace trends.
He is a seasoned product guru and his support was integral in helping me take on my new role.