Product Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Product Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He learned the product quickly and became a wonderful trainer.
His students appreciate him as a trainer and other trainers look to him for guidance and advice.
It was a pleasure working with him as our trainer of the trainers.
John is an exceptional trainer, he always has sound knowledge about the product.
John quickly became an expert on our product after coming on board as a trainer.
John is a great product trainer and he is extremely good at his job.
As such, he was one of the primary trainers in the department.
John is his first trainer in his first ever job at our company.
Somebody is planning for any trainer, just make sure he is thereeeeee.
He is an excellent trainer and with meeting facilitation ~ he knows how to keep the group on task and focused on productivity.
John is an excellent trainer and he knows how to embed the product knowledge in employees mind.
His knowledge on the subject and products is fantastic and that made him a very good trainer.
He understands the needs of his trainers and goes out of his way to help him clients.
Once or twice we tried other media trainers, but decided to go back to our company because their product is so much better than their peers.
His knowledge of our company was above and beyond what normal trainers know about the product they are teaching.
Qualities that make him an exceptional trainer, mentor and friend.
He's the type of trainer that you believe could actually do your job and that is rare.
John has been his trainer in both occasions, and he did an excellent job.
John is one of the kind trainers; he let you feel what you are learning.
John is an enthusiastic trainer who goes miles to help with learning.
You need good trainers (doesn't mean product experts), something to train on and.
He cares not only about creating a great product for his clients, but also about his trainers.