Production Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Production Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He empowers those beneath him and inspires productivity with thoughtful accountability.
Our productivity and accountability would increase dramatically with him "at the helm".
He assumed complete ownership and accountabilities of the product launch.
He is reliable, accountable, approachable and always deliver an impeccable end product.
He was very successful in fostering productive relationships with these accounts.
John has always been strongly committed placing our products into him key accounts.
He increases production & output, corrects product layout, and holds individuals accountable for their performance.
John's intuitive thinking and creative ways has shown an increase his accounts productivity and production.
John was an extremely productive member of our accounting team.
John's managerial approach gave me the opportunity to explore new product endeavors and take accountability for the success of products in our portfolio.
He has helped me become accountable for my actions and as a result far more productive and motivated.
He was very dedicated to his accounts, and was also always very enthusiastic about the products that he worked with.
At any moment, he was responsible for up to nine accounts, and his work product was always without error.
He is smart, productive, accountable and highly communicative.
John and his team took into account my feedback and the finished products were to me before my deadline.
He is very enthusiastic, focused, accountable & most recommended product to any team.
He took over our account early in our adoption of the product and has been on hand to help us with every hurdle that we have encountered.
He walked the line between maintaining accountability and driving productivity.
John is an enthusiastic go-getter who acts the hero to his accounts and helps everyone else be responsive and productive.
His grasp on conversation from well meaning citizens to productive and accountable entities was refreshing.
He seamlessly blends kindness and accountability, creating an environment that is highly productive.
I found him very knowledgeable not only on his accounts, but also on our processes and our product.
He continually finds new opportunities for our products at our existing key accounts.
John provides creativity, accountability, and great work product.
His account is highly productive & makes him a stand out professionally.
John's product knowledge and accountability were well received within the company.
I really appreciate his passion for technological products and he helped me in opening new accounts.
John joined the company with an account and a product line in trouble.
He was exceptionally knowledgeable about the backgrounds and histories of the accounts, particularly when it came to their luxury product.
He is knowledgeable about his product, knows how to make recommendations with confidence and takes accountability for his actions.
He is able to transfer that enthusiasm to those he works with to increase productivity and accountability.
He knows his product well and is willing to go the extra mile in servicing your account.
His creative ideas help him accounts position their products in the most effective manner.
He took my company into many accounts that we could not otherwise get access to and was quick to understand the product and how to sell it.
He knows his product, and provides excellent recommendations to prospective buyers and existing accounts.
He also enabled the team to be highly productive and maintained the profitability of the account.
John you still have us laughing and talking about how we are going to keep in touch with our accountability buddies by having a "tellycoffee" to keep us on the right track of being more productive.
John spent a very productive few hours with our accountant who found his knowledge and easy manner fantastic.
John makes the effort to stay at the forefront of accountancy related queries and associated products.
John is able to target net new accounts that will be best suited to the portfolio of products.
On one occasion he helped resolve a severe product issue for one of my major accounts.
John's work product is timely, accurate and to-the-point, taking all audiences into account.
John was reliable, productive, accountable, and a pleasure to work with all around.
He also has experience in accounting software and helped create the foundation of our products with accounting features.
He introduced several methodologies which helped to increase the utilization and productivity factor for the account.
He sees its importance and takes that into account when working with other product stakeholders.
As a digital product owner/manager, he is open-minded, accountable and thorough with respect to all the product decisions that he makes.
He believes in his products and has the ability to sell them for the right reasons, knowing that he will always be accountable to his clients.
John is highly organized and was able to ramp-up on challenging accounts very quickly to become productive immediately.
John is one of the rare reps who can take on any account set, coupled with any product and still find a way to succeed.
He impressively led his accounts with the highest production and made the needs of his clients a priority.
He's bright like all planners should be but he's also inquisitive, clear and, above all, for me as an account man, productive.
He is extremely well respected through his deep product knowledge and accountability to deliver without fail.
He both held me accountable for my work and gave me the space needed to maximize productivity.
John is very efficient and know the product environment very well.
His balanced aggression leads to better productivity results in challenging accounts.
He is able to hold people accountable for their commitments in a fair and productive environment.
He juggled multiple accounts, products and delivery timelines with great poise.
He's willing to step up and not only hold himself accountable, but also those around him as well in a productive manner.
He holds himself and those around him to account in a way that is fair, productive, and collaborative.
Yehiel is one of those account reps who immerses himself in the product line.
His production was higher than any other account exec on our team.
Not only that, but he was able to develop this account into one of the most productive, profitable accounts within the organization.
He increased his productivity and helped outline why account profiles and account plans were important.
He is accountable, says what he says he's going to do, and most importantly, he's passionate about his work product.
He holds people accountable and provides positive, productive mentorship.
He knew the system and the product, so he could maximize production.
His approach to solutions was methodical and took into account all of our product constraints.
He knew the products and systems well and was completely accountable.
Additionally, he was a very productive contributor in implementing our very challenging domain in our company production accounting.
Additionally, he always considered himself accountable for his product and was never afraid to get into the challenges and help resolve any obstacles.
Our sessions were productive, thought-provoking and he held him accountable for his decisions.
Due to his efforts, we have enjoyed steady growth with our products in his account base.
He maintains total mastery of all account growth and productivity metrics.
John helped him consolidate our account and helped us increase the value of the our company products.
We're a complicated account with a number of our company products.
John's in depth knowledge of his accounts allows him to penetrate his accounts with not only products but services too.
Top notch account rep that kept his customers first and the products strong.
His accounts love him and his relationships both inside and outside our company are very genuine and productive.
Having him as an accountability partner has driven his productivity and led directly to several major opportunities.
He starts by diving into his area of accountability and understanding his product inside and out.
John increased sales every year by selling new accounts and placing new products with existing accounts.
John takes into account the needs of the brand, product and the customer.
He made his mark immediately, learning very quickly - about the products and the politics of the account.
John consistently identifies, qualifies and delivers products/ solutions to his accounts.
He drives the product teams to success and holds them accountable.
Johninder brought a good deal of energy and accountability in product support for products.
His accounting background gives him expertise and understanding into the implications of the decisions that product makes.
Helpful, detail-oriented and passionate he would be great in any account or production role.
He mastered the details of accounting of bonsai products quite easily
His ability to juggle multiple accounts and make a significant difference in the productivity of account teams is unparalleled.
He never hesitates to give/accept constructive feedback to make the accounts more productive.
John provides more than just creative ideas, as he takes into account the big picture and the end product.
John has always maintained a positive and productive relationship with the contacts within his accounts.
John believes in holding people accountable, and being accountable for delivery of a solid work product.
His productivity was awe-inspiring - he literally accounted for half the volume among his eight peers - and they were, all of them, also excellent.
John took it upon himself to understand the product better than any other account executive and well beyond what he needed to know in his role.
He worked on all of our highest visibility accounts and knew the product inside and out.
His product knowledge and professionalism were always appreciated at the accounts.
John always had great knowledge of our products and the accounts he serviced.
We were challenged with breathing new life into an old account and he made sure we were on track and productive through the whole process.
John attended our product showcases and worked one on one with accounts.
He sees the big picture that accounts for the customer experience from an introduction to a product through the ongoing and expanded use of that product.
John encouraged product innovation and was always supportive of ideas to make our products better.
His team of people is well trained, productive and accountable.
During his tenure, we saw an increase in sell-through of our products within him territory and the advocacy within our accounts increased daily.
He makes juggling multiple accounts and productions seem effortless and has the ability to make everyone's life around him much easier.
John continually sought to increase his scope of responsibilities and was accountable for one of the company's core products.
His ability to stay on top of existing accounts to ensure that they are well briefed in all of the products were tremendous.
His leadership style a no-nonsense approach that keeps accountability and productivity at the top of his priorities.
John played an active role in suggesting product enhancements in some large accounts.
John owned many of the key pieces of the account and was constantly improving the product we created for our company.
He never shies from accountability, and disarmingly holds others accountable, producing greater productivity and efficiency, as well.
He knows his product inside out and went above and beyond to help us get the system up and running.
John makes a point to have a complete understanding of his product, as well as how the product or service will work best for him accounts.
His creative, organizational, and production acumen was vital to the success we enjoyed across several accounts.
John relates well with all employees, while holding them accountable for their specific job description and production.
John exemplifies excellence across the most important product marketing accountabilities.
His customers appreciate how thorough he is with the details of their accounts, making sure the product quality is as it should be, that they never run out of product, and that they are not overstocked
He knows his product well and is always available for support or questions.
John found several new accounts for the hotel, developed the relationships with his clients and followed up with him accounts regarding their production.
John capitalized on the opportunity to improve productivity and accountability, which was critical for success of the team.
He knows how to position which product in which account perfectly and guide the team to win the deal.
He also closed these accounts with a relatively new anti spam security product.
John always came to the table with new ideas regarding how we could improve the business to be more efficient, productive, and accountable.
His strengths are many, however the two that stand out are accounting control and product knowledge.
He's the type of account person who truly helps the creative product.
John really provides a smooth working environment all while holding each individual accountable for their production.
John's account executives always appreciated the time he spent with them to increase their production.
His extensive product knowledge allowed him to target and win major accounts.
He came onto a complex accounting industry account, one with innumerable products, product types, and delivery mechanisms.
He excelled in increasing the product and brand awareness to consumers and also obtained many new accounts.
He cares a lot for him accounts, their clients, and the product he is presenting.