Production Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Production Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He knew exactly how to deal with the products and how to help others understand not only how to use it but why things run as designed.

He's able to look at a product, see what's beyond the horizon, and then know how to design towards that vision.

For each product he's designed, he's thoroughly understood the entire flow and why it'll succeed.

John always included input from those of us on the street to design products that would sell.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for any design or product challenges you need help with.

John had everything so mapped out for design and production, that not a minute was wasted.

John came on board after we had started designing the product and quickly came up to speed.

John is an out-of-the-box thinker who is extremely enthusiastic about product design.

From the initial design concept through the finished product he was right on the money.

He designed the isolation diagram and arrived at the right product classification.

Even still, he has a keen eye for what makes pragmatic and well-designed products.

John is a passionate designer whose enthusiasm for his products is infectious.

He enabled me to establish our design patterns and methods across our products.

He designed our company website and we are very pleased with the final product.

John pulls his weight, and then some in the creation of cool product design.

He's an upbeat, passionate designer that was motivated to create exciting designs that would make our product stand out.

He is also no shirker when it comes down to the not inconsiderable task of delivering his designs as an end-product.

Several of his designs have since been adopted by the vendor and incorporated into their next product version.

John is not only great at design and product, but brings out the genius in employees.

We have successfully implemented several of his design ideas in the product.

I appreciated his efforts to break out the design into components that were modular and could evolve with product design changes.

His clean and efficient use of design and his ability tailor the design of the particular product make him a valuable asset.

John is a very creative designer who is truly passionate about the end product.

He has an amazing design sense and is in large part responsible for the design excellence of that company's products.

He knows when to "push back" on crazy product ideas, but can also get on with it and design what's been requested.

This enables him to see the bigger picture around both design methodologies and the products he is looking at.

He was always willing to help problem solve website issues, and help with the launch of new product designs.

On top of that, he never hesitated to challenge us when our product has not matured enough or badly designed.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an individual that excels in both production and design.

John will offer advice and show you how each design feature may look like in the finished product.

He provided valuable feedback and challenged my designs in ways that made both our products better.

His taste for design is incredible, which is complimented by the great product he has to offer.

He displays a keen sense of what is right for the product and how to design for testability.

Also, he's not afraid if he feels that his design, intuitive really suits for a product.

John has a knack for product design and his insights and feedback were always valuable.

He is able to take feedback on board and turn new product designs around very quickly.

John is a fantastic product designer and he has my highest recommendation for that role.

John has not only fantastic design sensibilities, but also a great mind for production.

He has successfully designed and launched numerous product features and enhancements.

John has great ideas, from the initial concept and design to the finished product.

It was a joy collaborating with him on the design of some of his men-e product.

John is an excellent product designer and excels at solving ambiguous problems.

His design method and his use of productivity tools still impact me even today.

He, in turn, uses design to refine product features on the fly and methodically.

Additionally, he provided recommendations on design and website functionality that have been incorporated into the product.

He not only understands the product features, but the customer problem the product is designed to solve in the appropriate context.

John has an uncanny sense for both product and design, which means he is able to contribute at every level and in every aspect of the product lifecycle.

Whenever we have had interaction designs, his contributions have undoubtedly resulted in a better product on our side.

It was a blast getting to know him and having him contribute to the overall product design direction.

When he is not writing, he is designing fantastically witty and clever products at our company.

Recommend him to anyone looking for a new or innovative approach to a concept or product design.

Later, he pivoted to product design, where he was critical to some of our biggest innovations.

John lived up to and quickly surpassed my expectations as a production designer.

His recommendations inspired new designs and enhancements in our product lines.

John is a superb designer with good insights through all stages of production.

He writes both design documentation and game spec's and was the bridge between production and design.

His sharp design eye contributed greatly to our new product launch, and extended beyond visual design to key recommendations for product and usability.

His writing and design makes our finished printed product always look superior.

He understood the brief, designed the product on brand and listened to the feedback.

John's commitment to excellence resonates through him product design and unwillingness to compromise on his vision.