Production Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Production Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has all the management tools you would expect from a great product manager.
He was excellent at organising and managing many different areas in the production.
Would recommend him for any product management or general management role.
His understanding of the products and tools that he managed was unmatched.
John was one of the few product managers that combined outside-in focus with his exemplary product management skills in everything he did.
John is an outstanding product manager, and is very detail oriented.
John is an energetic, detail-oriented product manager who always managed to get things done when others seemed to get bogged down.
John was very dedicated and highly knowledgeable in the product management area.
John was hired as a product manager, but he contributed in many areas.
As a product manager, he was interested in every aspect of our solution.
Designer, he has had to manage his own heavy workload, as well as manage several outside vendors in a hectic production environment.
John is truly passionate about the quality of the products he manages.
John is "gifted" in the areas of production management and scheduling.
John managed everything from the product roadmap to detailed feature definition.
John is very articulate, detailed oriented and experienced product manager.
John is an excellent product manager, with diligent attention to detail.
He is also a highly disciplined and detailed product manager.
John was very well organized and thorough in his product management approach and was also very approachable when we had questions and thoughts.
He has further excelled himself by owning the product management of multiple sub-platforms in this area.
John helped to create the product management discipline and organization within these companies.
The product portfolio he managed to have significant growth at his time.
John has created and managed several of the products we use day to day in our company.
John is a fantastic educator on all things product management.
In short, he is an extremely good product management and product strategy executive.
Not only did he coordinate the shoot but also managed the editing, production and completion of the final product.
As my direct manager, he knows how to drive productivity out of each one of his individual contributors.
His management style is both nurturing and productive, always receptive to new ideas and tools.
He is very familiar with most product lifecycle management tools from concept to retirement.
Always willing to help and with a vast knowledge of the products he managed at the time.
John is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about time management and productivity.
He has a strong grip over his specialized areas such as product management.
He is an expert in product knowledge and manages his time effectively.
He is someone who can really manage his workload and deliver quality product.
With these qualities, he contributes immensely to product management.
I would not be able to be a quality manager and then a production manager without following his example.
He knows his trade well, and is flexible in applying the fundamentals of product management to the needs of different organizations.
John took the time to understand and grow with the product and the brand he managed.
John never ceases to amaze me with his attention to detail and mastery of the many products he manages.
John is a detail oriented manager who knows exactly what it takes to get an idea to production quickly.
Organized, driven, productive and keeps his eye on the big picture while managing the details.
John is a detail oriented manager and is very keen to know about all products in depth.
John is an excellent manager who sees both big picture and the details of the product.
John had been an apt product manager with detail orientation and connect to reality.
John was a very innovative product manager who brought a lot of good ideas to make our product offerings better.
He is very diligent in all aspects of his responsibilities and significant contributor to the product management organization.
He never micro-managed, but instead provided clear direction on the prioritization of our product roadmap.
He has taught me so much about product management and leadership in a very short amount of time.
He picked up on an entire tract / area of product management quickly and efficiently.
During this time, he went above and beyond as a product manager and as a leader.
John is a very thoughtful, balanced, high-achieving product manager.
His analytical approach to product management is very detailed and meticulous.
Latam, (regarding products) and he is achieving his product goals.
John managed his dual role as product manager and proposition manager very well, neither responsibility hindering the other.
John also took over the product launch responsibilities from him and successfully managed the launch of hundreds of products during the year.
John is there as product manager and gave us a good impression of all the possibilities of the product he maintained.
Again, as with all good product managers he has a very keen understanding of the audiences he product serves.
In addition, he provided those needs to the product management team for consideration of new products or applications.
John always did an outstanding job with management as well as production.
Not only is he clears on what the product or service ought to be, he also knows how to best market the product and manage that product through the chosen channels.
John continually displayed outstanding abilities in managing and leading the products that he was responsible for as product manager.
His energy and enthusiasm for product management was endless and also included a monthly product manager newsletter.
John has a great ability to manage upwards and achieve targets for the products that he manages.
He is also in charge of managing both products, and he ensured that our team has been always productive and shipped products in a timely manner.
His people managing abilities have seen in successfully transform and manage product management function within in pixel
John really knows his stuff on product management and the products we were building and that made his job easier.
He mentored multiple product managers in the organization, and his understanding of user experience driven product management is impressive.
His product knowledge and relationship with suppliers results in successful product introductions and management of his product lifecycle
John came in to lead our company's product efforts after the departure of our former product manager.
He effectively managed several product launches from beginning to product launch and implementation.
But perhaps even more importantly, he knows how to manage them so that they become and stay highly productive.
His insight into the products that he managed was invaluable to him and others in the organization.
John managed products that were volatile in nature even under the best of circumstances.
In that role, he often was expected to do much more than traditional product management.
Overall, the product management organisation has clearly advanced under his leadership.
John's background is that of a product manager, but he can do and does do so much more.
You can be sure that any product that he manages and "owns" will turn out successful.
John well knows product management from both an inbound and outbound perspective.
This really helps him understand the needs of the end user and the product managers.
Both of this is what makes the difference for him and him a great product manager.
He also manages certain production issues for domains that are very challenging.
He would be an asset to any company looking for an experienced product manager.
John does what it takes to ensure the success of the products he is managing.
He also is very interested in helping others become great product managers.
In this manner, he not only is managing production, but contributing to it.
John embodies the best of contemporary collaboration in product management.
From the product management perspective, he is nothing short of impressive.
Him ability to iterate and manage the product to the end is an inspiration.
John has shown that he has repeatedly done product management successfully.
His enthusiasm and determination in managing his product are commendable.
John impressed him with his ability to manage such disparate products.
John's biggest strength is that he makes product management look easy.
This, in his opinion, is what makes the strongest product managers tech.
John knows product management extremely well, and he is great at it.
As our production manager, he kept us all on track and moving forward.
John's guidance and mentorship have made him a better product manager.
He surpasses every expectation one would have of a product manager.
Not only that, he took to product management like a duck to water.
John possesses all the attributes of an excellent product manager.
He knows the family of products he manages better than anyone else.
His management cultivates efficiency, productivity and innovation.
John always manages to deliver well run and smooth productions.
The groups he managed to be well organized and highly productive.
For about a year, he was also one of our main product managers.
In other words, he's exactly what a product manager should be.
For him, as a product manager, this is both unusual and awesome.
A product being managed by him certainly has a huge advantage.
When employed together, he was in the role as a production manager.
People regularly ask him where to find great product managers.
He truly is one of the cornerstones in our company's product management.
As one of the very few production managers he see's the "wider image" of business - that it's not only about production.
Although he was managing a portfolio of products, he always used to stay on top of all product roadmaps and more importantly, our roadmap as a product suite.
John did an excellent job managing a complex product line which included legacy products to new product introductions.
His knowledge of the management products and the requirements needed to launch the new products was invaluable.
His product management, product assessment and understanding of the market has been always first class.
He managed to ensure his team was always able to be productive without micro-managing.
John would be a valuable addition to any management or production management team.
John's product management abilities are clearly valued by senior management.
He also brought with him extensive product management experience and helped greatly improve our product management process.
Most importantly of all, he was well liked by the customers for the products he managed.
Our vendor relationship was very productive because of his management.
From product management to analytics, he's your all-around guy.
His approach to product management benefitted not only his own product, but also other products in the company's range, through the introduction of transferable processes.
In his role in our product management group, he managed the complete lifecycle of a very complex release of our products and did it very effectively.
As product manager, he was a true pillar for product procurement & vendor (supplier) management for the organization.
Half of the product management team he created had no official prod might experience and all are now competent product managers.
He approaches both product management and managing employees with great integrity.
John's team implemented the products and features that his product managers specified.
He managed his team well, and our dealings were always very productive.
Music team, where he was the product manager of the our company.
He also managed releases of our product applications to customers who bundled them in their products.
He did a great job setting up product management and making it truly the avatar of each product.
As a product manager, he similarly came up with solutions for overhauling a neglected product.
He went on deservedly to product manage the lifecycle of the solution into a formal product under our company.
His contribution to our company substation automation products is highly appreciated by product management.
He knows how to manage time very effectively during meetings and very productive.
John managed to do our work together productively in every possible aspect.
As a manager, he has always been there for his reports and the product.
His passion for the products and people he manages is second to none.
He is a visionary when it comes managing his product and department.
He managed the production of our wedding with confidence and ease.
That said, he also manages production, so work is always on time.
John's approach to product and people management is inspiring.
John's work at our company should be an example for any product manager.
And as any good product manager should, he has a knack for breaking down complex product challenges into more easily manageable parts.
His management of the project did not get in the way of productivity.
He went out of his way to help connect new product managers with key individuals in the field who could help trial new products.
John managed both these productions extremely well and turned around and delivered excellent productions in a very tight timeframe.
His understanding of product lifecycle management and product ownership would make him valuable in similar management positions.
He consistently provided detailed product requirements and management, which delivered excellent products every time.
As a product manager, he knew what an end user of our product would want and expect, from novices to power users.