Program Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Program Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has periodically assisted both me and my wife separately with programs to assist during physiotherapy as well as general exercise programs.

He has been great to work with and always willing to assist in my programs.

John is always responsive and ready to assist with our partner program.

He is in "the know" with different programs that are available to assist the homeowner.

He assisted me in the launch of a very successful leadership program.

We invited him to assist us with an organized program for our employees.

John took the initiative and redesigned the program to better suit the needs of the employees he was assisting.

He continually offered to assist in any capacity to help with program deliverables.

John's role in assisting to implement the program was invaluable.

His knowledge and feedback assisted me to exceed with the program.

He is very flexible to assist new interns and accommodate them into the programs.

I've recently completed a comprehensive breakthrough program with him, which has assisted me in so many ways.

He took on extra responsibility to assist the entire program and has made significant contributions.

John was constantly looking for ways to contribute, and it assisted making the program even better.

John assisted me effortlessly, always explaining the why's, do's and dont's of programming.

He has assisted us in creating, grooming and growing our program with patience and wisdom.

John assisted me in starting the program and disconnected, but offered advice when needed.

He was often the face to students and assisted in answering questions about the programs.

He was a graduate student and graduate assistant in our program.

John is more than willing to discuss the program and assist in the implementation to ensure its success.

He is really knowledgeable about his programs and has always been available to assist with any problems or concerns, should they arise.

I assisted him in the process of choosing and getting into one of our certificate programs.

John continually requested my global sourcing assistance for all of his programs.

He consistently recommended actionable programs to assist us in achieving our goals.

John was always available to assist in our ever changing program and event needs - and was very accommodating.

John was extremely dedicated and often assisted me on critical programs during holidays and weekends.

He has also assisted greatly with governance and strategy issues for the program itself.

He also briefed newcomers at our orientation program and took assisted with community relations program.

John is always willing to help out and works to find solutions that have assisted my programs in the past.

That is why his assistance is very helpful in many specific areas of computer programming.

Throughout our program he consistently led from the front and was always willing to give assistance.

So much, we invited him to key meetings to assist in the direction of the program.

John not only took it upon himself to assist and guide me through the program, but also helped me land a job through one of his many contacts.

He went beyond the scope of a hardware supplier to assist the franchisee in shortcomings in the programming.

John has assisted me in learning to make my programs even better through the use of enhanced technology.

John assisted us get our frontline leadership program off the ground and was able to tailor it to our specific needs.

I brought him on board to assist with reviving an inefficient program that was yielding sub-par results.