Program Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Program Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has not only developed this program, he lives it consistently through him behaviors.

About the time we figure out what's coming next, he has the program already developed.

John always ensured that the programs he developed to meet the needs of the employees.

His expertise in programming and development is clearly shown during each meeting.

John has an entrepreneurial mind and is innovative with developing new programs.

He is very driven and extremely hands on with the programs he has developed.

That's because he used to program / develop himself (in his early years).

I think the programs he developed were clever, innovative and effective.

He was recognized on many occasions for innovative program development.

He was also very willing to help others develop their knowledge of programming.

Feedback on the programs and materials he developed was always very positive.

He was able to shape the development program at the club which helped us to increase our fun raising programs.

He has a talent for strategic thinking, program development, program assessment, and partnership development.

His ability and focus in developing such programs is just one of his strengths.

He was one of the reasons that drew me to this program in the first place and without his leadership and guidance, the program would not have succeeded as it did during our two year program.

John is very dedicated to his own growth and development, and integrates his own learning into the new programs that he is developing.

In these programs he has given of himself to him minutes/coaches in a way that has allowed them to really grow and develop.

He is clearly passionate about the students and is very focused on their development - both inside and outside the program.

He was an attentive listener who thoughtfully analyzed our needs and developed exactly the right programs.

I met up with him by chance when we participated in one of the leadership development programs.

John can develop comprehensive programs and then deliver on them with outstanding results.

He is committed to developing and delivering the best programs that deliver results.

He was a solid stand for the development of his own and all program participants.

His expertise helped us develop specific programs that made us very successful.

The programs he has developed have impact, coherent, and focused concepts.

I witnessed the daily push-back he encountered in developing this program.

Learners consistently give the highest ratings on programs he develops.

He was also a proactive contributor to developing the program concepts.

He develops well-crafted marketing programs, and is thorough in analyzing the effectiveness of these programs.

He developed the microbusiness training program into a nationally known program.

He's been instrumental in the development of programming and fundraising.

He demonstrated his capabilities each time through the various program development.

John's professionalism in developing these programs has been outstanding.

He is very professional developer who knows many aspects of programming.

He has kept us abreast of developments in the field, and developed actionable programs to keep us close to the edge.

He's someone who is dedicated and strives to continually develop and grow, not only himself, but his programs.

During this time his advice and feedback was invaluable to the development of the program.

John's capacity to both develop programs and drive them toward completion is remarkable.

He is proficient in programming using various languages and development platforms.

He knows how to engage many in developing programs, and shares ownership readily.

He has always developed a program or remedy that was quick to resolve problems and has also developed programs that have allowed us to avoid computer problems.

He developed campaigns and programs to drive card loyalty and increase overall penetration of the card programs.

He not only developed the training programs, but again, was the facilitator.

John is very organized and he consistently provided valuable feedback to improve existing programs and develop new programs.

Additionally, he helped me develop talking points and got me on several radio programs.

I would recommend him to anyone seeking to develop and deploy their radio programming.

John did an exceptional job in developing our alliance program from scratch.

He developed programs to keep people up to date that were met with enthusiasm.

John contributed in important ways to the program development and evaluation.

John provided input to the curriculum, delivery and overall program development for a successful program.

As he develops the program, it will be well designed and will achieve the objectives that have been assigned to that program.

I have worked with him developing programs and have taken away so much from the experience.

I appreciated his perspective on everything we studied throughout our organization development program.

John facilitated one of the most exciting and innovative development programs we have delivered.

He developed a great program for us and kept us all engaged each and every time.

He truly cares about the development and growth of those in his programs.

John contributed greatly to both developing and laying out the necessary requirements to develop and deploy a prepaid debit program.

I recently had the privilege of getting to know him through an individualized leadership development program that my company sponsored.

John has a natural tendency to do something well, especially ideas that can be further developed into a better program.

I renewed him twice and would have no hesitation in hiring him again for similar program development positions.