Program Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Program Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Maybe that is why he was an award-winning student director of our program.
John embodied what we look for in a director and we welcome him back to our program whenever he has the time to volunteer.
John made a significant contribution to the chapter's programs as board member, program director and ordinary member.
Our company, though the program itself is great, it was John's delivery of the program that made it exceptional.
Finally, he is an excellent program director with great passion to help founders succeed.
John is not only a long time friend but, he is an outstanding program director.
John brought energy and passion to the program director position.
Unlike other academic directors, he had made it a point to really get to know him and guide him through the program.
John's program is one of the best programs we have seen in getting people into the right mindset to achieve amazing results.
John not only is the director of the online program, but he teaches as well.
His program solutions were sustainable and are the basis of the program as it stands today.
John is not simply "everything you could ask for" from a non-profit program director - he's much more than that.
A lot of his efforts today are being used as best practices for other programs as well as new and up-coming programs.
His understanding of programing and programing architecture never cease to amaze him.
John always took the time to answer our questions during and after the program.
Before that, he completed his degree in our graduate program.
He has an in-depth knowledge of many programming languages and he likes to program.
Part of his expertise comes from his years as a public radio program director.
He represents the kind of program director that too few nonprofits possess.
Apart from being involved in many innovative policies and programs, he championed the fun@work programs for the company.
He can act as the director and leader as well as the humble pair programming companion.
John is an excellent journalist, thought leader and conference program director.
John helped our program with alignment of the strategy and simplifying our program goals.
He also always made sure to put pressure on us when it came to program delivery.
He knows the program very well and always comes up with a quick solution.
John is integral to the successful delivery of this program.
John is his original mentor who introduced him to programming.
The our company program was often rated the number one valued internal employee program.
Under his role he rolled out some best of the best programs with which the company is still being facilitated.
John and his company provided benchmarking studies regarding an awards program.
John closed his first deal even before he was out of the company induction program.
We followed him program and it resolved the problem to our complete satisfaction.
He excelled in the program and completed all elements to graduate.