Program Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Program Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John excelled in people management and has a deep understanding of program management.
He also very successfully managed a worldwide change management program.
John worked for him as program manager on a very complex government program.
He's been a tremendous program manager for our executive programs.
Topping all of that, he's an amazing program and people manager.
In the latter case, he either directly or indirectly managed him, as a lead/directive program manager.
John is responsible for managing two staffing programs for us and he did very well in his role as recruiter and program manager.
Apart from all these, he volunteered to own release and program management.
He is an articulate advocate for him programs that he manages.
During that time, he had successfully proven his value managing multiple programs and taken on increased responsibility in his role as a program manager.
From a program management perspective, he is best in breed when it comes to managing his time and others to get things done, right.
He managed to set up a new our company and initially managing all email programs.
He manages program efforts and program funds well, even when unforeseen challenges arise with changes in program scope, funding, etc.
We were given huge responsibilities to manage all the our company relationship program management.
He not only set up this program from scratch, managed it successfully, but also grew it till it became a global program.
Working with him was joyful and easy and seeing the program come to life was inspiring as a fellow program manager.
John delivers results, and is very passionate about every program he is managing.
John impressed him with the disciplined approach he had to program management.
In time he also expanded his role in managing some of his other programs.
John would be an asset to anyone looking for a strong program manager.
He manages autonomously him a program to our full satisfaction.
John has extensive experience in managing the global program.
John always knew all the details of every program he managed.
His decisions were intended to do what was best for our company through the programs he managed.
Our company, John has either the program management focus, how to manage programs and he's got a great drive for our company was
His vision for program management and lead management was truly inspiring.
We've seen tremendous results through the program, and have really appreciated his role in our program.
John participates in every aspect of the program and the program is always better as a result.
Over his two years with us, he supported change management and program management.
From a people manager to a program manager, he has always excelled in his path.
John managed one of our asthma programs and brought energy, expertise and "heart" to the program.
He then implemented the program changes after management approval.
He is proficient in program and project management and was always on top of all efforts and activities associated with the programs he managed.
He is programmed, managed and successfully delivered to the business needs on two critical programs.
He accomplishes the most difficult programs through superior program execution and management.
He also made himself available to other programs and departments as well, and managed all tasks with enthusiasm.
He looks out for the interests of the people he manages, as well as program objectives.
He intuitively knows how to manage people and programs to be successful.
He worked with the management in getting resolution for the program.
Outside of all this, he also manages the university relations program for our company.
John also has storage capabilities in program management disciplines including budget management and forecasting and tracks programs accordingly.
John excels in scope management, risk management and program implementations.
John managed the psychometric assessments of all managers in the company for a leadership program we were running.
He manages these programs with good overview whilst adequately managing details where needed.
Under his leadership this program has become a model for such other programs throughout the country.
We had the privilege of managing numerous programs together and his abilities as a program manager / aviation leader are second to none.
John managed our global license programs and had responsibility to grow our renewal rate across several license programs.
He maintains a 'pulse' on activities ongoing within the programs, but does not micro-manage the programs.
In a short period of time, he helped us program manage an ambitious program with aggressive deliverables.
He would always tell him, "inspect what you expect" and he built that into his management program and style.
John managed this affiliation and the program has been an absolute success since its inception.
His decisions were always reasonable, logical and justified, concerning any program he managed.
The John company would be lucky to have him on board as their affiliate program manager.
He is focused, disciplined and persistent in all aspects of program management.
He brings those insights and experience to every program he has managed for him.
Our alliance program was never more successful than the time he managed it.
During that time he was one of the top performing managers for the program.
His background in journalism positively influences his program management.
His assertive style of managing things really puts the program on track.
He can manage programs end to end big picture as well as details.
John also very successfully managed several programs that our company did jointly with our company.
As amazing as he was in our company, he outdid himself as a program manager.
And he has certainly demonstrated leadership in global category management, strategy, program management.
He wrote training programs as well as a performance management program.
He manages all the programs flawlessly along with client appreciations.
John's role there was to manage some of our largest client programs.
He never comes up with "pie-in-the-sky" programs, but with strong programs that deliver results.
He will help to get you connected with the right program for you and your organization.
Without question, those of us that went through his program are better off for it.
This program came at just our company for him and was very inspiring.
John goes above and beyond when it comes to planning the programs.
John for his organization and others also for his future programs.
He is someone to be trusted to take any program to greatness.
Using his extensive knowledge of program management he was able to manage a difficult program within an international organization.
His ability to manage the program, whilst also managing a large and complex department, has been outstanding.
John implemented and managed this program from the ground up and it was very successful.
The John hospitality management program would be lucky to have him.
John listened to our needs and offered creative changes to the program that would make it easier to use that program.
John is well respected by those he works with and program managers have requested him by name to support their programs.
Without his technical expertise, program management and leadership the program would not have been the success it was.
Throughout the course he led many discussions on program management strategy with other program managers from various companies and industries.
That served as a solid infrastructure for us (program managers) to smoothly drive programs.
However, he goes above and beyond to make sure his partners understand the various programs he manages and ensures we get the most out of them.
John's experience places him as one of the best exchange program managers in the country.
He's committed and competent, taking initiative and managing programs to complete
John at all times was an engaging, committed and very effective program manager.
John managed the communication department as well as an intern program.
Him confidence and competence reflect highly on the programs he manages.
His knowledge was on managing programs and our company was very good.
Him drive, commitment to the program and leadership capability were evident throughout the program.
He knew everything about the program and how it should be presented.
John's presentation was one of the best programs we reviewed.
These four skills are what are required for a program manager and he has them and thankful for the time he spent on managing our programs.
He brought strong program management, stakeholder management and problem solving skills to the program.
John's program management and people management abilities have shown through in all his work at our company.
John is a very methodical program manager who ensures he is able to deliver programs on-time and within budget.
The program under his responsibility is one of the most importance for the company and his management is remarkable.
He manages several programs simultaneously, maintaining always the focus in mind.
He has done a great job managing the program since he has taken on that role.
He managed his programs well, keeping them within budget and launching on time.
He is an excellent program manager, that drives his programs to completion on schedule and budget.
Being a program manager, he helped us a lot in going through hell of managing a startup.
His enthusiastic and proactive approach to program management got him up to speed in a hurry on any program he managed; he was an effective program manager, but more importantly an invaluable team leader that peers and managers sought out.
He does an excellent job of managing programs and communicating the status of those programs across the organization.
He joined a a program manager where he always had tight governance of the programs he was managing and delivering great outcomes for his clients.
John revised the contact management program that we used and thanks to his improvements, usage of the program amongst our large group increased exponentially.
As a program manager, he consistently strives to enhance him program through thorough needs analysis and interpersonal connections within the organization.
John has a dedicated commitment to all of the programs he is overseeing and an ability to manage his time to never overlook another program needs.
Him partnership from the program management end has been extremely critical and fruitful in keeping our program on track and achieving our best results.
He took the time to understand the parameters of the program he was managing and then incorporate his own spin on what could be a "humdrum" program.
John took on many complex programs such as localization and other services-based programs and managed them efficiently and effectively.
His thought leadership and effective program management carry his programs to successful Finish Line
John's acceptance of the role of managing the global search program at our company was a tremendous boost to the program.
John handled the planning and forecasting along with directly managing the many subcontractors we had on various programs.
He is always on top of his workload for the multiple programs he manages and him follow through is incredible.
He delivered an initial and then many iterations of improvement on our vulnerability management program.
John is detail-oriented and has always been very helpful with the affiliate program he is managing.
Given the workload he has, he still managed to deliver the numerous requirements of the study program.
During that time, it was clear to him that he is a very experienced and effective program manager.
His greatest strength is best shown when our needs stretch the limits of the program he manages.
His highest recommendation to anyone in search of a program manager that can get things done.
As a program manager, he made sure that everything was orchestrated according to a plan.
He made us feel welcomed to the program and managed to enforce the decision we made.
His way of managing a program is definitely the only way to a successful completion.
John strings are: dedication, discipline, program management and mainly leadership.
John's diligent and detailed approach to management took our program to new heights.
John managed multiple programs at the same time in different parts of the world.
In his role as program manager he had to be incredibly flexible and strategic.
John's capability is shown in every detail and program he creates and manages.
He's also got plenty of experience managing a very successful webinar program.
John also managed the launch of a complete rebranding of our loyalty program.
His experience of creating programs to managing large deals was invaluable.
His fiscal management enabled programs to flourish even during tough times.
An asset to our program, he managed both the details and the big picture.
He gave him the freedom to make program decisions and grow as a manager.
John managed a diversity leadership program with excellent results.
And him program management kept us on track with our short time line.
His capacity to manage complex, independent programs is unsurpassed.
John managed our search, display, and our company ad programs successfully.
John managed some complex programs at our company and delivered incredible results.
John also exhibits commanding authority while managing incidents and other programs while at the our company.
John expertly integrates the theory of program management of the our company into the day-to-day life of program and portfolio managers.
He adeptly managed budget and schedule and provided expert guidance to program management.
Some of our hardest clients were program managed by him and were always extremely satisfied.
John managed this new program and was the primary liaison between the club and our alumni.
His program management abilities are commendable and are well appreciated by customers.
He is created with the employee reward and recognition programs he's managed.
He even invented new programming to manage the unmanageable client requests.
He manages the program well and gains customers' confidence in him.
The programs he crafts have both depth of a message / delivery and he will follow the program through to the end to ensure their satisfaction.