Program Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Program Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has the ability to manage a program with an extraordinary focus on every aspect of the program.
John always goes above and beyond to make sure each veteran gets the most out of the program.
I would like to thank him greatly for what he did and has been doing in our program.
John was by far one of our most well-liked speakers during that program.
John is a thoughtful, customer-focused program manager capable of managing programs of various sizes.
I highly recommend him for both launching new programs as well as growing existing programs.
John's course was one of the most challenging of my program, but also among the most rewarding.
He always made sure that his programs were superior to anything else seen by the competition.
Anyone considering hiring him or going through one of him programs should not think twice.
He was steps ahead of the program, and did his best to help others get on the same page.
You'll definitely want to say yes if you're lucky enough to be invited to his program.
John was always able to keep programs going forward, regardless of the challenges.
If you have not seen him program, make arrangements to see one as soon as possible.
If he is not programming, he probably is trying to come up the next prank onto you.
This has made me feel so much better and he was honest about all of the programs.
Anybody would be lucky to have him on their side looking out for their programs.
John has provided us with some brilliant mentorship during the program.
John is a very experienced program manager, who can keep an entire program focused on the most important goals.
That served as a solid infrastructure for us (program managers) to smoothly drive programs.
John's enablement programs were very good, and he always delivered those programs in a very compelling way.
John delivered this program with credibility and such an easygoing demeanor that the program was a hit.
John managed several programs and projects within this program from inception to delivery.
You can be sure if he has any involvement in any phase of any program that he will do everything to the best of his ability.
The John new entrant who goes through his program should consider themselves to be very fortunate indeed.
He has gone above and beyond to make sure the right programs are in place to help us grow together.
He is encouraging whilst also being firm, which ensures you get the most from the program.
He made sure the program ran smoothly and was always available to help with any requests.
John added value to our program, and we will definitely invite him back next year.
It is exciting to think of the ways in which he might contribute to your program.
Everyone who went through him program will always like to stay connected with him.
John's programs inspire you to take action around the things that really count.
John tackled their issues directly with the right programs and the right hires.
In fact, he's been in almost every one of our sessions in our earlier programs.
I highly recommend to those who wants to know more in depth about his program.
John inspires others to understand programming, he makes you appreciate it.
John is not afraid to take on some of the most complex programs or issues.
This program has made him stronger, more understanding, and more receptive.
I have incorporated many of his lessons into my own classes and programs.
John does what it takes to make very individual succeed in their program.
All this he did superbly, and helped us take the program to new heights.
John would refer candidates that were not able to be used in his program.
Him coursework, in my courses and others in the program, was exemplary.
No matter how the situation is, he manages programs and people tactically.
John is an excellent program management professional and manager of staff.
John is a very professional detail oriented program manager who makes sure to familiarize himself with every aspect of the programs he is responsible for managing.
In a matter of weeks he turned this program into a highly effective program.
John is a wonderful program leader who is able to manage multiple facets of many programs simultaneously.
John understood everything that was going on within his programs, but you never felt as though he needed to micromanage.
He was always willing to pitch in and help when necessary, and provided valuable insight into our internship program.
Surprised to see how he delivered the program on one of the most complicated subjects with such an ease.
I highly recommend that you consider him for your next speaker program - you will be delighted.
He's very helpful to us, especially in programming and other subjects when we needed him to help.
Not only does he know the “what” and “how” of a program, he also knows the “why”.
His positive impact on these programs and others is still evident, even after his departure.
I am positive he will make outstanding contributions to any program in which he is involved.
John has always been a forward thinker and has never looked back when creating new programs.
I am sure he will be an exceptional contributor to any program, no matter how challenging.
Those in his programs become better because he draws abilities to their fullest potential.
Clients are thrilled with him programs and almost always invite him back to deliver more.
John came into a program where unfortunately, his predecessor left much to be desired.
He managed programs quite methodically, always keeping tab on risk management.
John demonstrated him program management capabilities as we built out the program across all continents and time zones
John worked on our channel onboarding program as a program manager.
He is one of those program manager(s) who really understood what program management is all about, as he dared to think outside the box to streamline processes and get things done.
The precision with which he manages large programs and the details that he makes himself aware of within each program is quite commendable.
He went above and beyond the normal expectations of a program manager by ensuring he knew him programs inside and out.
John then ensured the program was sustainable and that future managers could utilise the program for new starters etc.
He managed both programs with an extreme attention to detail while still keep track of all aspects of the programs.
His ability to manage the overall program while also understanding the smallest program details was unparalleled.
Over the last three years he has contributed greatly to our programs, both as a program manager and as a speaker.
He came to us highly recommended and a strong program manager, which he immediately poured into our programs.
John stepped in to take over a very high-visibility program when we suddenly lost the program manager.
He gets things done and makes sure, in this role as program manager, that each of his constituents has what they need to succeed.
As a program manager, he always knows what needs to get done and does what it takes to make it happen.
One can't begin to describe how fun it was participating in the program was under his management.
John especially impressed him with his contributions as the new manager of the internship program.
John is very meticulous and thorough in managing the programs that he is responsible for.
He is great at taking feedback from programming, management, and he is always in progress.
He allowed his employees to own their portion of the program without over-managing.
He manages all him programs well and makes sure all tasks are completed on time.
Him management of the programs had been always clear and immediately actionable.
Also, his program management expertise makes him an asset to any company.
John provides good leadership and character to the programs he manages.
He also understands how to manage programs once they are put in place.
His role is to manage our entrepreneurship programs all over the world.
For a program manager, his wireframes were some of the best we've seen.
His way of managing programs are phenomenal and always been top notch.
John's dedication and tenacity make for excellent program management.
When there is a need for a program manager, his name always comes up.
His holistic approach to managing his programs is yet to be equaled.
John went on to take a leadership role in co-managing this program.
Would recommend him, especially for managing complex, large programs.
His ability to manage the most challenging programs is commendable.
He seems to effortlessly manage very large, complicated programs.
He managed old programs and created new ones with equal dexterity.
He brings perspective and insight into every program he manages.
John would be among his first choices for a program manager role.
It totally elevated him into another level of program management.
He also effectively managed some major redeployment programs.
One program manager remarked that he was the "come back kid".
He really gets things done and is a top notch program manager.
In his profession, program managers can make or break success.
His experience and wisdom in program management is well appreciated by the team and the management.
In addition to being a great manager and mentor, he is also an amazing program manager.
John came across as someone who knows how to program and manage programmers.
John is one of the few program managers who makes the whole team look good.
He did this while also being the program manager for multiple teams.
He managed and helped to build the our company program into one of the top programs in the country.
He brought a deep knowledge of risk management, requirements management, and program management to our company.
He always knew more about the corporate programs than most managers and kept thing in line with current programs.
He has a solid understanding of program management and investment management.
His expertise resides in-depth program management, people management and client management.
Software lifecycle management, program management and engaging with teams are his forte.
He can work in any program and immediately provide value to that program.
He brought organization, processes and programs to an entirely different level and made an impact on every program that he managed.
The external programs under his management are, in his opinion, some of the best available in the marketplace.
He functions like an expert and seems like he's been in the program management for several years.
Once online, he managed the program to further enhance its effectiveness.
John managed his role as program manager excel in a very challenging and complex environment.
With his management of the program, we have seen the programs rise to a new level of achievement, and the feedback from participants has been outstanding.
Against all odds, he has managed to launch this program which has laid the foundation for a future loyalty program.
He is willing to jump in and help out wherever he is needed and is good at being one step ahead of the programs he manages.
It was just a well orchestrated program, and that was just one of the many successful initiatives he managed.
This effort was above and beyond him prescribed role as program manager where he was also very effective.
John will be an asset to any company looking for a program manager that knows how to deliver.
John carried and managed multiple programs and regularly came back for more responsibilities.
He managed to take a program that had been languishing for years and get it off the ground.
Learning, discussing, and applying new principles in program management is in his culture.
He ensures that whichever program he manages, he is able to make it highly successful.
It is largely due to him management abilities that our program has been so successful.
John has his strongest recommendation as a program manager in almost any situation.
He's been incredibly effective at managing the complexities of him email programs.
John is tasked with managing this complex program, which he delivered flawlessly.
That allowed him to manage other aspects of the program that required his attention.
John manages many programs with open arms as the needs of the company dictates.
He has a passion for program management, which is evident in everything he does.
Undoubtedly, this is part of what makes him such a successful program manager.
John embodied the effort and managed every aspect of the program with him.
Many of his practices became standards for other program managers to follow.
As a program manager, he just gets it done, whatever 'it' is thrown his way.
He quickly became effective and reliable in his position as program manager.
He'll be at the top of his "go-to list" for program management in the future.
He knows him program management onions and exhibits grace under pressure.
He managed the program from end-to-end including selecting list vendors.
John takes any program and manage all required tasks from cradle to grave.
John is highly organized and has strong program management discipline.
John's contributions as a program manager were insightful and on track.
John's poise and efficiency as a program manager is truly impressive.
He consistently created and managed programs that exceeded objectives.
As a program manager, he is a natural who has truly found his calling.