Program Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Program Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He learns new programs quickly and often anticipates the needs of his supervisors.
John is able to get the best from you as he is doing the same for his supervisors.
He is his supervisor in the past and he always made himself available.
Drives programs and is an excellent supervisor to those who report directly to him.
Carmie was one of his immediate supervisors who keeps him inspired and motivated
As his supervisor, he never discouraged him from trying something unorthodox.
Additionally, he was his supervisor for his dissertation in the third year.
John seemed to have the regard of both his employees and his supervisors.
He may have been our supervisor, but he never put himself above us.
He also checks with supervisors whenever there is anything unclear.
As his supervisor his expectations were always very clearly defined.
Although he is his supervisor, he truly never made it feel this way.
John is the best supervisor, you could ever possibly dream of.
He will continue to be his supervisor, because behind every great our company always hides a great supervisor.
His involvement in the graduate program and the department was crucial to the program's success.
Now, if you are really up to the challenge, then try to keep up with his exercise program.
He follows up with them and works with them throughout their program.
John is the ideal supervisor; he provided inspiration to him comprehensive vision and ability to innovate new programs.
To say he was just his supervisor does not even begin to describe the privilege it was to be him supervise
He gets along extremely well with his supervisors as well as colleagues/team at his own level.
Moreover, he was his dissertation supervisor, who coordinates him as best as it is possible.
There are three traits in particular that made him stand out as an amazing supervisor.
As a supervisor, he tracks what his employees are doing, but never micromanages.
As evidenced by the many recommendations from his supervisor and colleagues.
In his opinion, that balance is what makes the most successful supervisors.
As a supervisor, he was always available and attentive to his progress.
Sometimes he accepts failures for no fault of his but his supervisor.
John has been to him more than just a colleague and a supervisor.
It was indeed a privilege and an honor to have been his supervisor.
His dependability could be fatally addictive to his supervisors.
As his supervisor, he has also helped him grow professionally
John wasn't just his supervisor, he was indeed his obstacle remover.
He knew the program inside out and was so good at helping him understand and work with the program.
Definitely his pleasure working with him and get to know him better through the program.
John used the program on himself, so all his examples are his own work.
You always get him best effort when he is working on your programs.
John's work went above and beyond the expectations for the program.
He also worked very well with the various guests on the programs.
John is programming games because this is what he wants to do.
But he was also well-liked and well-respected by supervisors and colleagues alike and we were sorry to see him leave.
Him supervisors have always been exceptionally pleased with his effort because he goes beyond what's expected.
John is an excellent supervisor, who is always willing to sit down and explain anything when needed.
As a supervisor, he challenges you to understand very well what you are doing and to do your best.
In particular, he placed him with a supervisor with whom our similarities are unusual and uncanny.
Him supervisors, his subordinates as well as him friends have all been enriched by his presence.
Anyone lucky enough to have him as their supervisor will find themselves empowered to succeed.
He gets things done and is very well respected by colleagues, supervisors and employees alike.
John owns the leadership very well and he is the most amazing supervisor you could ask for.
Shortly after his arrival, he was asked to do many tasks previously done by his supervisor.
He's honest, straightforward and you always know where you stand with him as a supervisor.
His colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors frequently look to him for his expertise.
He's the supervisor we all strive to be, assertive yet friendly and unintimidating.
Having him as his supervisor for two years showed that he believed in his success.
He makes an amazing supervisor and is surrounded by smiles wherever he goes.
It's been an honour to have him as supervisor of his bachelor degree thesis.
Most of his supervisors give him the highest appreciation of what he does.
His first thought was they could not have chosen a more capable supervisor.
Not only he was committed to perfection, but also a great supervisor.
As a supervisor, he dealt fairly and honestly with his subordinates.
He quickly adapted to having him as a new supervisor and excelled.
John is also fun to be around and served as a great supervisor.
He will make a great colleague and supervisor in his next role.
The extra bonus is that he is also a very friendly supervisor.
Many, many years ago, he was his supervisor for a couple years.
John is very brilliant and extremely helpful as a supervisor.
Our company, though he was not his supervisor, John helped him out of the kindness of his heart.
John served as his immediate supervisor for approximately three years.
Our company, John was a wonderful supervisor to him and others.
Our company his supervisor role he is also a magician with Excel.
Not only does he know how doing his job right, but he knows how to use every single program available at the company.
John could do programming in various languages and multiple platforms.
His programs are always inspiring, motivational and engaging.
John's program is a must have for anyone who wants to master how to make others take action.
Many program stakeholders have returned several times because of his influence.
John's experience was invaluable in setting up our affiliate program.