Programmer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Programmer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's program is the best program out there, if you really want to improve your shooting.
It was indeed beneficial for him to have got associated with him in the programme.
He would be there until after even the our company programmer had left.
That's what makes him better than most programmers out there.
He is one of those programme managers who says it like it is, without trying to confuse you with programme speak.
By the end, we were covering very different things - and, for him, that's why the program was so successful.
He has become our go to person both inside and outside of our programme for getting things done.
John is not only an excellent programmer, but also thorough in his documentation.
John organized training sessions for programmers to become better programmers.
He's very personable, as well, which isn't always the case with programmers.
His experiences with programmers up till then had been less than satisfying.
John is one of those special programmers you don't come across every day.
It got better and better with each of the programmes he kept coming from
With his involvement, any cause or programme is on course for success.
He came up with several solutions that had stumped other programmers.
John is clearly the best and most dedicated programmer on the team.
He has it all when it comes to a thorough and qualified programmer.
He is such an inspiration to the programme and to him personally.
He is the best teacher, programmer and best example of humanity.
A self-taught programmer, there is nothing he can't do or learn.
Plus, he's the best type of programmer - he uses what he makes.
We definitely became better programmers after working with him.
John is absolutely fantastic throughout this whole programme.
Angry that he exchanges during the programme is incomparable.
His only problem with the programme is that it came to an end.
John's overall contribution to the programme was exceptional.
He thinks in everything, and let his programmers our company.
John took us through the our company programme which we all found fascinating.