Progressive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Progressive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John goes above and beyond everything possible to help everyone to progress.
John always wants to progress and is looking to see progress in the team.
He makes progress because it is the right thing to do, not because you have to ask him to.
He does what he says he is going to do and then follows up with the progress of things.
Without him, we would not have made anywhere near the progress we made with it.
He kept him up-to-date with all progress if if there wasn't any progress made.
John has taken the course very seriously and has made excellent progress.
So you will know what you will need to our company on and how you progressed.
He always follows up with him and lets him know the progress of his job.
He is very thorough in him our company and we will use him as we progress.
Because of this he probably made the most progress of his cohort.
He goes out of his way to build others up and help them progress.
Without him recent help we would have struggled to make progress.
John placed them in well-known and progressive organizations.
He is honest enough to tell you when something cannot be done, and always keeps you updated with progress.
John is always focused on getting things done and making not only progress, but progress that matters.
He is always willing to help out and get him though the issues that might be delaying his progress.
John then followed up with him several months later to see how the programme was progressing.
He would always let him know the progress of how things were going and take suggestions on board.
He is an excellent negotiator and is someone who always makes sure things are progressing.
He will be certain to create exactly what you want and make you smile as he progresses.
He keeps up with our progress, but is not one to be constantly looking over our shoulder.
Yet he keeps the conversation focused, and is always trying to make forward progress.
He followed up with him on every step of the way and was candid about the progress.
He has always been supportive of his progress and has given him appropriate feedback.
He is always invested in his personal progress as well as seeing our team progress.
He has also followed up with him periodically to make sure we were making progress.
As the construction progressed, he would come by on occasion to check on progress.
In doing so, he provided us with exactly what we needed to progress our business.
He would always keep us up-to-date on his progress and would always do the best.
In moments of tension, he was there to keep everyone together towards progress.
Results and progress, aren't just deliverables, they're what he is all about.
John has since progressed to take on even more responsibility in his career.
He made sure that everyone in his team getting the right environment to progress.
He knows how to lead people to get the best out of them, while they progress.
He gets things done and remembers to follow up on things still in progress.
Looking forward to seeing how his career progresses over the next few years.
He is looking for you to get progress and movement forward in your journey.
John is always looking for new ways to make progress and do things better.
Needless to say we are very happy with our progress thanks to his insights.
His approach is to always add value while not being in the way of progress.
John would add value to any progressive team and contribute progressively.
He can keep the progress going, while the rest around him will think otherwise.
John provides insights that allows the "strategists" to actually progress.
He always knows just the right question to ask to drive forward progress.
Without him the project would not have progressed that far as it is now.
It has been great to get to know him and see him progress in his career.
He is very professional and progressive in the use of new technologies.
John also made himself available to help resolve issues and progress.
John is the progressive professional that everyone wants on their team.
We wish him well and look forward to being in our company as our company progresses.
He is progressive not only in his thinking, but also in his application.
John is one of the earliest to make progress on all of these fronts.
Looking forward to see him scale only vertical upwards in progression.
John keeps moving forward, and makes progress in the right direction.
Working with him definitely accelerated his progress toward his goals.
John inspires him to think progressively and to look beyond the "now".
He knows his responsibilities and he is always aware of his progress.
John monitored the progress and made necessary changes along the way.
John is the one who can get our company done and make progress on projects.