Project Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We have collaborated on many different projects and he has had great success in closing these accounts.
Always willing to pitch in and help, he takes on all projects with keen interest and accountability.
This project was a success and his contribution towards this achievement is really accountable.
John is relentless in pursuing whatever is necessary to win projects and capture new accounts.
John is always accountable for the project completion and strives for excellent results.
He never loses sight of the larger picture, in projects and overall accounts.
John was the project sponsor on this account and has since become a mentor.
John was the type of boss that held you accountable for assigned projects.
I have had to do several group projects with him or have competed in projects against him.
He makes sure that every detail is accounted for and that the projects are successfully finished.
He went above and beyond to help us complete a project that was not within him direct accountability.
He held me accountable and relied on me to complete projects throughout the summer.
He has always been accountable and cooperative when involved in projects, especially concerning other departments.
He was always extremely organized, independent and accountable for all his projects.
He "owns" whatever project he is studying, taking accountability for its success of failure.
John was a partner in many projects and in our efforts to penetrate an account.
John holds himself and his teams accountable for the outcomes of projects.
John was always willing to take on new projects regardless of whether or not the project was part of his "official job".
John exhibits full accountability for his projects and the decisions he makes.
He provided great guidance, accountability, and direction for the project.
I can honestly say that without him on our account, there are several projects that would have been a challenge to complete without his vigilance.
John holds you accountable, makes you think outside the box and makes you complete projects that grow your company.
John always makes sure projects have clear timelines and holds everyone accountable to make sure deadlines are met.
John handled all of his accounts with great enthusiasm and consistently gave him all to each and every project.
He is proactive and responsive, and can always be counted on to help with complex projects and account situations.
He takes initiative on projects and maintains accountability in the workplace for himself and his teammates.
He also made sure every item of every project accounted for and was remarkably efficient with budgets.
He has shown that he can handle just about any project scenario and some pretty tough accounts.
I have seen him initiate multiple projects from scratch and grow them into large accounts.
John's ability to complete complex accounting projects punctually is truly without peer.
His ability to see all facets of a project and account for all variables is astounding.
He always follows through on our projects and has a pro-active approach to my account.
His ability to deliver on projects, requests and ideas is extremely accountable.
He owns his work and knows how to take charge and account of his projects.
Unfortunately, he was released from the project before long due to ramp down in the project.
He treats every project that he is given with absolute personal accountability and will take every necessary action to make that project successful and see it through to completion.
I am very happy to partner with him to help him with various cost accounting projects.
John is one of the best performers in our account and his contributions to the project was tremendously valuable.
John's experience and expertise in accounting drove the project forward.
As the project progressed, he became the go to person for all aspects of the project.
John is accountable and volunteers help out on projects where he sees there is a need – without ego.
He isn't afraid to take ownership of tasks, problems, or projects and be accountable for their success.
I am always amazed to see his dedication, commitment and accountability when he engages in a project.
He was instrumental in keeping everyone on task and accountable for their portion of the project.
He is highly adaptable to any type of account, across any variety of project objectives.
He used to have numerous ideas to help the project and account grow in diverse areas.
He always kept focus on the best possible solution while still taking the usual project constraints into account.
John's work and contribution to the project has proven to be of exceptional value on several accounts.
I have been fortunate enough to work on several challenging projects and accounts with him.
He was also very flexible and responsive to project and account relationship fluctuations.
I could also learn much from him, which was useful for my new projects.
He always followed through with his projects to make sure they met the objectives.
He is transparent in his delivery and accepts accountability for any project that he undertakes.
He took an active interest in our project and encouraged us to think about our future growth along with that of the project.
He is able to juggle multiple projects, tasks, and deadlines and still keep the project team accountable and on track.
John is the standard for accountability, doing whatever is necessary to ensure the success of his project and his team.
He also understands how to plan projects taking account of variations both seen and unseen.
He interfaces smoothly with my accounting team and on special projects.
John's performance and accountability of the projects we worked on being exceptional.
John is innovative and persistent in driving projects and change within his accounts.
John would always do his best to get him the information that we in accounting needed in regards to him projects.
He has led successful large scale projects to completion for our company and he is accountable to his project sponsors.
John gets the job done and stays on top of all his projects and accounts.
He takes them into account beforehand and makes sure that appropriate steps are taken so that the project can run smoothly.
John remained positive and was determined to do whatever it took to make sure his accountabilities on the project were met.
He is well liked because he was always on top of the project and really held the groups accountable for their tasks.
We often threw him into accounts that had struggling projects knowing that he would get them back on track.
He knows which projects are happening and when, across all accounts and what is required to deliver them.
Not only he delivers the projects, but always see that the account sustains with the organisation grows
Moreover, he always stayed on top of issues and took accountability and responsibility for the project.
John came up with his innovative ways to solve the problems until it became the project on the account.
He always has the most positive of attitudes, even when handling difficult accounts or projects.
John's attention to detail is second to none with every aspect of the project taken into account.
In so doing, he ensures accountability and provides him projects with a sense of urgency.
He's extremely responsible, take accountability and complete ownership of his projects.
He follows up, and holds individuals accountable when tasked with project leadership.
He is very accountable, responsible and can be trusted with a mission critical project
In the project, he owned the responsibility and stood accountable for the outcome.
His ability to juggle among multiple accounting projects was beyond expectations.
He knows how to set up a project with clear requirements and accountability.
He handles him projects and accounts with tact, respect and charisma.
John helped us map at a vision with each account and project.
He is ideal for challenging our company projects at difficult accounts.
John is accountable, timely, and thorough in any project or training.
John always took into account the customer experience alongside the project requirements.
He demonstrated commitment with the project goals and accountability.
He would always take into account other people's views and try to incorporate them in group projects.
His drive for accountability and effectiveness was the pivotal point in our projects.
He works around the clock to make sure him accounts and projects are maintained.
He has done wonders in the projects and accounts where we had worked together.
His presence on an account or project virtually guarantees its success.
Kailashyar worked on some very critical projects for his account at our company.
He is resourceful and accountable with all our creative projects.
He provides clearly defined and updated project plans, specific tasks, timetables, defines accountability throughout his projects.
He entered a project in turmoil and saved the account for our company by delivering a well run project.
John is very straight forward, budget oriented, and has kept his accounts current with him on all projects.
They are all as effective as he is, accounting for all their tasks and on time for project deliveries.
John keeps the project team accountable and always meets deadlines.
He is also accountable and always finishes projects with good quality.
He completely prepared himself for the responsibilities and requirements, and made himself accountable to the success of each project.
John stepped up to the plate and took on this task which should have been an account project for someone many levels above him.
He always had great suggestions to offer on projects and willing to take on tasks making himself accountable.
He took over an underperforming account and turned it around overnight growing it beyond all projections.
John is thought of very highly on the account and he was able to deliver some very challenging projects.
He also is bold with ensuring that individuals are accountable and that projects deliver the objectives.
He has led projects very independently and has made a difference to the account wherever he was assigned.
John provided focused project governance for some of our biggest accounts - right when we needed it.
He enjoys taking ownership and accountability of the project along with celebrating success stories.
At the same time, he keeps an accuracy like a hawk about the profitability of his accounts and projects.
It doesn't take a lot of download time to get him up and running on projects and on new accounts.
He is always willing to jump in and take on a new account, tight timeline, new type of project.
John commands your respect because he projects such a strong sense of accountability.
His talents were used and he was involved in many of our strategic accounts and projects.
He adds value to projects and accounts by making never lasting relationships.
John brought discipline, focus and accountability to drive the project.
John always held both his project team members and his project sponsors / stakeholders accountable for their action items to keep his projects on track to complete on time.
He worked closely with him in the accounting department to make sure billings and project accounting were kept on track.
He expected the best of all of us on the project teams while also holding himself accountable to always do his best.
He brings a confidence to any project he is accountable for that has, you know all will go well.
His contribution to the account and the individual project teams was invaluable.
He is also your go-to guy to lead large projects or accounts.
And you should take into account, that the same time he can review the whole project with the helicopter point of view.
Because of his expertise in the accounting area, he could have easily commandeered the projects himself.
In short, if he is wholly accountable for a project, you can be certain it is in good hands.
He showed leadership in handling and driving the accounting aspects of the project.
John is detailed in his work and always accountable to his role on projects.
He worked on many challenging projects, handling some of our key accounts.
We have worked on numerous projects together since he was brought on to the our company account.
We worked together on the our company account on many projects under tight timetables.
He listens very well, and gave good direction for different projects and scenarios while being accountable and holding others accountable as well.
He keeps everyone accountable to ensure the project is running smoothly and on schedule.
Him forward thinking enabled him to deliver a seamless project and ensured every portion of the project was accounted for.
John holds himself accountable to all of his projects and with that you can always count on him to deliver on time and within budget.
He would make sure that the company was always covered while holding manufacturing accountable to their projections.
The growth of his company in this account depended largely on successful delivery of the project.
He's a gem, and that account team member that you wish you had on every project.
He always had time to discuss projects, presentations, approaches and the overall direction of his accounts.
He gave him the ability to innovate and be accountable for his projects, and was always supportive.
He works smart and is accountable in driving projects to completion.
John provided great account and project direction, and was a significant factor in each project being on time, on budget and successful.
He handled some of our largest and most complex/difficult accounts, and did it very effectively, even while juggling several projects at once.
He dives in deep when he needs to and is willing to take ownership and accountability for projects that are critical to our joint success.
For him, no project was too big or small; he was always passionate about every account and followed through on even the slightest detail.
John's ability to take on new projects and accounts that are both difficult and critical to the company's growth has been very impressive.
He has also helped create some special projects for us and we are very pleased with the result and how he handles our account.
He holds others accountable as well as himself, a trait that has allowed him to have many successful projects over the years.
John takes into account all the complexities and variables that come along with the project and raises challenging questions.
John performed very well, especially taking into account the challenging timelines and new requirements in the project.
He has to deal with several complex projects for our account simultaneously, every day, and he never dropped the ball.
John consistently and faithfully delivers on our account, keeping us moving forward and on track with our projects.