Project Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the analysts providing support to the project.
He fulfilled a few different rolls: project manager/developer/business analyst.
John is a requirements analyst on some high profile projects.
John is the our company analyst on most of his projects and he was absolutely vital to their success.
He serves as the our company representative to this project along with his other duties as a project analyst.
We collaborated on several projects together and he helped him tremendously in several of his projects as well.
He knows how to get projects done and is able to prioritize projects extremely well.
Over time, him positive feedback, guidance, and availability made the project better and made us better analysts.
He's a tireless analyst and is always willing to take the project just a little bit further if needed.
John is an excellent analyst and he greatly contributed to the project with his expertise.
Santtosh, while at our company, was one of the best programmer analyst in the project group.
He is the business analyst of choice for many major projects.
John's work as a project analyst was meticulous and extensive.
John worked for him as a our company analyst on an imaging project.
His abilities as a systems analyst were excellent and he was always willing to take on any project.
He makes an excellent analyst as he thinks through all angles of the project and delivery.
John does not fear taking on new projects out of his comfort zone and isn't satisfied if the project isn't done well.
Not only did he take on the big projects, but he took on smaller single site projects as well.
He always made time to help the other analysts troubleshoot issues while balancing multiple projects of his own.
From a project perspective, he always delivers and is much sought after as a speaker and analyst.
John can deliver results on a project with as little pain to the analysts and stakeholders alike.
John is a detailed analyst and met deadlines for projects as required.
He gives everything of himself, especially in projects where things are not going so well.
He is always asking how we could do better, and he understood the project very well.
He is not only able to get projects done, but he gets them done well.
When a project is done by him, you can be sure it will go well.
He contributed immensely to his growth as an analyst and project lead.
Of note were his project completions on closed end loan projects at the organization.
We worked together on several projects, he is a forward thinker with great analyst abilities.
He's exactly what you should be looking for doing any kind of web project.
Since then we have hired him for several more of our web projects.
Unlike many analysts, he throws himself into all aspects of the project, transcending organizational boundaries, to ensure the user gets the best possible user experience and the project is successful.
The analyst on the project team look to him for calm, encouraging guidance and direction.
This was a very complex project and required juggling numerous sub-projects which he did very well.
He worked well with his teammates as well as business analysts throughout the project.
He would be his first choice as a technical analyst for any interactive project.
As a strategic thinker and analyst, he is second-to-none, and has his highest recommendation for any project he would accept.
John is a detail-oriented, energetic analyst who truly gives his best to any project he's assigned to.