Project Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has always made time to assist me and give me feedback on projects.

He worked with me on many projects, and assisted me on several other initiatives.

His assistance on this project helped ensure successful project execution.

He is sought out by many colleagues to assist with requirements to make their projects successful.

John was always willing and eager to assist with digging into the details of the project.

John has assisted & initiated many projects with my team and in every instance, his collaboration has made each project transform for the best they could be.

Even after our project was completed, he continued to contact us, proactively, to make sure we did not need any assistance.

I've had to rely on him many times for assistance with projects and he always delivers what is promised.

John dedicated himself to the project and never hesitated to volunteer his assistance where needed.

His assistance to our project was invaluable, and helped take us in new and different directions.

He was always available to assist and ensure projects are delivered successfully and on time.

He assisted me with several projects and always delivered positive results on time.

John's assistance on this project was very much appreciated by my client and me.

John has assisted with projects at my firm multiple times for several years.

Over the course of this time he has assisted with a vast array of projects.

John recently assisted us with a bespoke project for one of our clients.

With his assistance we delivered several projects on time and on budget.

John assisted me finding several resources for various projects.

I was so impressed that we kept him on our team for weeks after to assist on other projects.

He assists his team and project consultants/coordinators in every way possible.

John has been an assistant producer on a variety of projects.

John has an incredible attention to detail and is always willing to assist with projects and issues.

John's assistance and insight regarding many of my more detailed projects was greatly appreciated.

I had the honor of assisting him on an extremely detailed, urgent project.

He uses these relationships to assist with the delivery of the project.

He did not hesitate to quickly and professionally assist in the project.

I would recommend him for any project you need assistance with, whether it be on the client or candidate side.

If there were any changes, he immediately assisted where possible to complete our projects in a timely manner.

I continue to look to him for advice and assistance with my projects and consider him a trusted adviser.

John typically goes above and beyond to assist in getting projects completed in a timely manner.

John always had time to share his expertise, including assisting with projects outside his remit.

He is always there for his employees, whether for a quick question or to assist with a project.

John assisted me on a number of projects and he exceeded my expectations every time.

Needless to say, he was very impressed with his work style and commitment to assist him with his project.

Everything came together as it should and he was personally on site to assist in every aspect of both projects.

He quickly becomes the go-to person for assisting with major projects.

John is well connected and he freely uses his networks to assist others with their projects.

He is an eager learner and provides great assistance to the project team.

John employed me as a project assistant in his immensely busy project team.

He delivers on time and offers him assistance, even after the project for which he is engaged is complete.

During that time he has shown himself as one who is always willing to assist in any project in our community.

John is diligent and hardworking and a real assist with any project.

John sacrificed even his own personal time to assist me in my project.

He has also provided assistance with the provision of new products for unique projects.

I have worked closely with him on several important projects and his assistance was invaluable.

John is highly professional, extremely helpful and went out of his way to be of assistance with my project.

Combined with his patients he can assist in almost all complex issues and projects in our environment.

He was an essential contributor on projects and assignments, many of which would not have been completed on time or accurately without his assistance.

He has always gone the extra mile to assist me and others in getting issues resolved and making sure the project was on time.

His positive attitude and willingness to assist me have been critical to the completion of these projects.

He has greatly assisted me in delivering these projects on time and within budget despite many challenges.

He was able to handle deviations of the project without needing do ask for direction, or assistance.

John assisted me through several projects covering all sides of employee relations.

He understood what was important to us and assisted us in delivery on many major projects.

He assisted with several successful campus and community wide projects.

His personality is his most traits in assisting the project becoming a success.

He is always supportive and willing to assist with special projects.

I appreciate his open door policy and the fact that he always tries to come back to you, should you request his assistance on a project.

I was impressed by his fast approach to some of our key projects and his willingness to assist where he could.

John has assisted me in a number of employment related projects.