Project Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John went beyond and above of what was expected and stood out from all the other external consultants on the project.

He is someone who always goes above and beyond expectations to do the needful to project and consultants involved in it.

John has consulted on several of our projects and is quick, understandable and empowering in his approach.

He is the one who you can trust to come up with the alternate point of view during consulting projects.

John is an outstanding consultant who has participated in many major and challenging projects.

I would recommend him for any consultancy position or project he might be interested in.

He has provided me with tech consulting with my own projects and his advice was spot-on.

I've found him to be a great consultant, who listens well and enhances every project.

John has been consulting with our company for a number of projects for several months.

John is very responsive and driven to locate qualified consultants for our projects.

I highly recommend him and would be honored to consult with him on future projects.

John was the sole consultant on this project that ran smoothly and was on time.

He treats any project he consults as his own and puts his whole heart into it.

I would recommend him for any project as a designer/team player or consultant.

Him enthusiasm whilst consulting on our musical projects was unbridled.

I have worked with him on a few startups, consulting projects and various other projects and he is nothing short of incredible.

Working for him as a consultant, we successfully delivered a sensitive project strategic project.

John has done outstanding contract consulting with us for several large projects.

During these projects that we were together, he has kept a very good project mood/environment, both for our customers as well as for consultants and.

His consultative approach to projects and his get it done attitude have always helped more them down the right path.

John is an excellent consultant, always timely and completing projects above and beyond our expectations.

I consulted with him on several projects, all of which were greatly enhanced by his insight and guidance.

In addition, he is available when you need consultation and very cost effective for your project.

John is constantly in demand as a project consultant across the company.

I have consulted him on projects big and small, for many different clients.

John overtook some consulting projects and he accomplished many things as well as creating great innovative ideas and especially impressive on the overall given project results.

Every step of the way he consulted with me without confusing me and made suggestions that were spot on without complicating the project.

He would take on projects that we could only entrust to our best consultants and he would excel at every challenge we brought to him.

John has also helped me find other consultants for other projects and he has always exceeded my expectations in all endeavors.

You'd be wise to listen to, consult with or otherwise hire him for whatever project he says he can tackle on your behalf.

I will in the future consult with him and know he will bring success to the whatever project we may be involved with.

John built the syndication Workstream from the ground up and his consultancy was invaluable to the project.

I would be happy to have him back with us on future projects, which is the mark of a successful consultant.

He will consult your ideas, make your project solid and polished and get you excited to begin the next.

John has been a priceless collaborator in several consultancy projects we have undertaken together.

I would strongly recommend him as a consultant to anyone who might consider hiring him for a project.

John is so thoughtful, he shared some tools to help me kickstart some of my own consulting projects.

John is an extremely prompt and efficient consultant, who added tremendous value to our project.

John is a great consultant and can deliver the advisory project with very little supervision.

John was a consultant always striving to achieve excellence in the projects he participated.

John was a versatile consultant, contributing significantly to project deliverables.

John proved to be very effective in both a consultative and project leadership role.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for a wide range of consulting projects.

John had a significant role as a consultant in the success of our project.

He is dependable for projects, as consultant & also as someone if you need information.

He has helped me in positioning infrastructure consulting and rollout projects.

And he was willing to advise and consult on projects that were not under his direction, for the good of the company.

John was an indispensable member of our consulting firm, as we tackled some of the most challenging projects.

I have followed his career intently and have even been brought in as a consultant on some of his projects.

He continues every year to try and find more consulting projects for the students.

He understood the challenges consultants have with difficult projects and clients.

Even on projects where he was a consulting voice, he knew what needed to be done.

He is hyper-organized and a go-to for consulting on big picture projects.

John never loses focus of providing intrinsic value in his projects and consulting.

John has been a trusted advisor and consultant on many different projects.

I liked how he always checked in on me as a consultant to see how things were going with the project and how everything was in general.

You will miss him energy and fire when your consulting project is complete.

He is one of those trusted consultants that you hope is available when an important assignment or project comes along.

Stu has a consultative style and was very keen to collaborate with his peers on projects.

His team was always available for consultation and to bounce ideas that were within and beyond the scope of the project.