Project Controller Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Controller Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is conscientious in project planning and tracks the project goals with firm control.
He had everything under control, organized, and ran that project like he had been doing it his whole life.
He's always in control of the projects and keeps him team motivated.
He is close enough to the detail to really add value when controlling the project.
With an eye for details he always has good control of the project.
He rocks and kept all the demanding stakeholders and project chaos under control.
He is personally concerned with every project in his control.
He always had the respect, command and control of the project team.
He took control of several very high profile projects in my organization.
He asks the tough questions at the beginning, so that the project scope is always known and under control.
I was always impressed by the level of control he had over his projects and his low margin for error.
Furthermore, he was a scrum master and successfully controlled project.
I wish him for his better future of his project control area of work.
His projects have been always under control and delivered on time and to plan.
John has extraordinary control of the overview and the details of a project.
You always know that he is on top of everything during a project, and it will go smoothly and on time if he has any control over it.
John has the ability to walk into difficult projects and get them under control with little direction.
He has the discipline required in constantly monitoring and controlling the project variables.
I remember him taking control of the project at critical times and delivering.
This gave high confidence over the controls of the project in his domain.
He delivers all projects on time and controls his budget efficiently.
He is able to understand, control, and master all aspects of a project, regardless of the project size, shape, or complexity.
In all sessions he projects confidence, and can easily control the room.
John saved the day when he stepped in on a project that seemed as though it was spiraling out of control.
He set deadlines and took control of projects, enabling me to do my job more effectively.
And he has may other talents in structure for projects and great control.
He contributed to the success in getting a complex portfolio of projects under control.
He worked well under tight deadlines and always seemed to be in full control of his projects.
I was impressed by his ability to estimate project costs under conditions of extreme uncertainty, and during the course of the project, kept close control on project costs.
John is an accomplished architect who had full control of his projects.
His commitment to thoroughly apply project & program best practices ensures his projects are always under great control.
John came on board and immediately took control of a project that was in desperate need of direction.
He is very organised, maintains high momentum, and keeps good control of his many projects.
He knows how to keep the fine balance between warmth & being close to people and the control over a project.
He is a self-starter who took control of a very important project and ran with it.
He is organized and willing to take control of the product or project given him.
I was impressed on how quickly he took control of the project and gained the respect of the team.
I had no qualms leaving him in control of a project and his team always delivered.
I have seen him handling team and delivering projects in a well controlled manner.
In a very short period of time, he took control of the projects assigned to him and was able to solve the issues that existed with the projects already in progress.
John took control of the project, injected his own unique ideas, and burnt the midnight oil to get it done.
He has a great knack for jumping into fast moving projects and keeping them under control.
He saw every detail the whole way through and our team felt he was in complete control of our project.
He made good plans for the project and controlled the progress very well.
He got along very well with developers, while always making it clear that he was in control of the project.
Last but not least, by delegating tasks and responsibility, yet keeping the project under control, he keeps the project team motivated, responsible and focused.
He does this in a manner that appears effortless and is always in control of the project and his team.
John maintains tight controls on every project he is assigned until it is completed and shipped within deadlines.
John keeps the details of a project under control while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
He always controls the current state of the project, but also looks ahead for strategic goal achievement.
His solution oriented style helps keep whatever project he is working on under control.
Perhaps most impressive is his amazing ability to multitask in perfect flow and control during the most demanding of projects.
John articulates, directives and commands great control over projects from concept to completion.
He was able to bring structure and control in a difficult project environment.
He was thrown into the deep end, and very quickly we had to work together to take control of a project that had gone awry.
John had a very controlled and methodical approach to his projects that brought order and calm.
Finally, he used six sigma projects to push, lead and control the launch of microprismatics.
He keeps projects under control and provide very confident feeling to his customers.
His focus and dedication ensured that there was a clear picture of control for all aspects of the project.
He was always professional and client's felt at ease under his project control.
He ensured we maintained control over all aspects of our projects while also making sure those controls did not impede our progress.
He is reliable and knows how to get projects done even when he doesn't control all the necessary resources.
He is very focused on his projects and one can see the passion and dedication that he has put into a project when he explains the various aspects of his projects.
John's projects are always well organized, have well defined scope and project deliverables, and great follow through to keep the project on track.
Although he was in control all the time, we never really felt any control at all.
Besides being extremely motivated, he always found allow him to take control over a project.
John never loses his self-control, even in the most stressful projects and contexts.
He takes control and provides oversight to all aspects of the project to ensure on-time on budget projects.
John worked on projects that were related to his own projects.
He always made time for him and took every project or phases of projects we had together very seriously and everyone recognised him for that.
We have used him for hiring during our last project, and because of the great results are using him again for to hire for our next project.
His enthusiasm for projects was particularly welcome in an environment where not everyone was enthusiastic about projects they were given.
He is always on top of every aspect of his projects and always went out of his way to do whatever he could to ensure project success.
He not only focusses on the project initiatives, but also looks into an overall improvement of an individual outside project
Without his encouragement and advice during the project, it wouldn't have been possible to achieve the project successfully.
And that is not only a feeling given in the beginning of the project, but an approach he follows throughout the project.
His involvement in the project and capability of taking everyone along for the success of the project is really commendable.
He often goes above and beyond to make sure his projects succeed, even when dealing with multiple simultaneous projects.
His projects have been always precise and thought out, and he always pushed him to do better which made the project better.
He keeps his eye on the project and is always willing to make useful suggestions and guide the project to completion.
He ensures everyone involved in the project knows what is expected of them and what they can expect from the project.
He not only says which way the project should go, but is also ready to defend his projects and to prove his ideas.
John, joined the project after it got underway, but quickly made it clear that he was all in on the project.
As colleagues, we collaborated on many projects together and he never failed to add value to every project.
His involvement in the many projects we've done together has positively impacted the outcome of the project.
John is always very dedicated to his projects and tasks and he made sure that the project became a success.
He led countless projects and was often injected into the project after things had already gone sideways.
He took on most of the project himself and showed great commitment & passion throughout the whole project.
Throughout the project he has been on top of everything and he really made this project a great success
The fun he brings to those projects is a huge help to him and makes the projects much better in the end.
When taking on a project, he knows exactly why the project is needed and what the results need to be.
We were overloaded with projects and with his help we were able to get our projects launched on time.
Due to this, his projects are very successful and he covers all aspects of the project with accuracy.
He turned many of struggling projects into successful one after he was assigned into those projects.
He does not spare his time in complementing in each person in the project during and after the project
He made sure everyone in the project delivered on time and no timelines on the project was missed
He keeps projects on track despite any obstacle and looks for ways to add value in every project.
He always knows where the project is and which issues could adversely affect the project outcome.
Our projects are interdependent on each other and any issues/slips on his project impacts mine.
The fruits of his proactive involvement in the project are seen by the success of this project.
He embraces him projects and believes in following the project through from beginning to end.
He seems an eager contributor to every project with the best interests of the project in mind.
He will go above and beyond on every project no matter how large or small the project may be.
He never complained one time throughout the project and in fact initiated the whole project.
He proved himself time and again in many difficult projects, and never let the project down.
He should also be commended for his flexibility and ability to jump from project to project.
He gets in deep into the projects and assumes responsibility in all aspects of the project.
John provided expert guidance on the project and helped to get the project off the ground.
His ability to juggle many projects and roles within each of those projects is astounding.
John came into our organization and project right in the middle of a difficult project.
He never shied away from the toughest projects, digging in until the project was finished.
Working together with him on projects was rewarding, easy & always yielded great projects.
His contributions to the project were extremely critical for the success of that project.
John's contribution to the project was pivotal in the project going successfully live.
The challenge is to put him on the right projects, projects that will make a difference.
He can look at a project and help everyone involved understand the "why" of the project.
He drove our very first project and set precedent for all the projects that came after.
In project after project he sees possibilities and opportunities few others conceive.
There were parallel projects in motion, and we were dependent on his project results.
At the end of the project he was brought on full-time and moved onto another project.
He takes the time to talk about each project and the expectations of each project.
John's ability to easily juggle from project to project is particularly admirable.
It was a very challenging project and he manage to deliver the project successfully.
He also provided additional project features not obvious from the project scope.
John contributions on both projects ensured that each project was a success.
However, he made an otherwise difficult project into a manageable fun project.
He is connected with the project deadlines and he is an actual project pusher.
He also ran some major projects and was very successful in the project space.
He uses to finish his projects well in advance of the projected target date.
He never half-ways a project, he sees every project through to the finish.
It was not a huge surprise when his project got the best project award.
John came into the project just as the project hit a few speed bumps.
He consistently delivered projects on-time and within projected scope.
He would project calmness no matter how pressured the project became.
It's been a pleasure watching as he thrives from project to project.
His talks have been from small projects to large-complex projects.
This was a small project, but no project is too small for him.
Our company was one such project which was under John and a tough project to handle.
This project is known to be the single largest project our company has ever done.
He is just as dedicated to him last project on his final day at our company as he was throughout the course of the project.
These projects were delivered on time and within the budgets he controlled.
He set the project goals and never let them mutate out control.
He kept the project tightly controlled, on budget and on time.
John's success on the first project led to us asking for his help on more projects for other clients.
John is an amazing asset for his projects and his client's projects.
John is someone you can always count on for help - he makes sure he has done everything to help others in their projects.
He will be there to make things right for everybody, looking for whatever is in need to make the project succeed.
John is passionate about what he does, but also goes out of his way to help others with their projects.
He gets things done by being just what you need and is always looking out for both the projects and you.
John is the best at what he does and you're missing out if you don't use him for your next project.