Project Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I have done several projects with him and all the projects are done successfully.

John was the project coordinator and had everything under control.

He is the best when it comes to coordination and project delivery.

He spearheaded the project even though it was not his project.

He has treated my project as if this was his own project.

The projects were always well coordinated and fielded.

I look forward to our next project, project together.

He is always willing to go above and beyond and take on new projects.

John was always willing to take on or help on any new project.

I am looking forward to go along with him further projects.

John is someone you wish could have on all your projects.

John is definitely someone you'd want on any project.

John knows exactly what he wants from each project.

He could get things done regardless of the project.

He gets so involved with the projects that his ownership of the project is as good or better than those who are into the project.

John is an excellent project coordinator and would be an asset to any project or organization he is associated with.

He worked effectively both on his own and as the project coordinator for sometimes quite large projects.

I worked with John on several projects where he was the major project coordinator.

The projects we have done together would have not been successful if it wasn't for him coordinated efforts.

Worked with him on several projects and he really brings in so much fun onto the projects.

They were very responsive, thorough, and made me feel like my project was their project.

He makes sure that everyone on the project is up to date and in line with the project.

He is meticulous in his approach to projects and the associated need for the project.

John is very accurate in coordinating these projects to get things done in time.

Our projects always went well, even with the difficulties of global coordination.

He was very detailed and made sure that all project coordination was completed.

John's contribution in the project is what made the project so successful.

John parts of the project were being specified as the project progressed.

Organizes and coordinates projects and keeps them on track to completion.

I enjoyed working with him on the different project he was coordinating.

John has been an invaluable source of help and coordination of projects.

I had the pleasure of working on many of the projects he coordinated.

John is an energetic project coordinator who can make things buzz.

Communication and coordination of his projects are always top notch.

John is an amazing project coordinator and an even better drafter.

His coordination among various projects kept the program on track.

John was coordinating successfully different projects in my area.

John was my course coordinator and tutor of my project work.

John brought immediate value to the project and project team.

He tackles every project like it is the last project on earth.

The services he arranged for my projects were well coordinated.

John was in the same project group as me for a few projects.

John won the success of the projects that he coordinated.

He excelled in every project and event that he coordinated.

He was responsible for a sub-project of the overall project.

John is a very effective and thorough project coordinator.

Managed projects and off shore people very well on projects.

John is our project coordinator and is great at his job.

He is very structured in terms of any project coordination.

John did an outstanding job coordinating these projects.

He was our contact and coordinated the project for us.

Organized, excellent projects and team coordination.

John was the project sponsor on many of my projects.

John was my project lead on several projects at our company.

He was always willing to go above and beyond for us and was willing to help with any project we were up against.

He gets things done by being just what you need and is always looking out for both the projects and you.

John always went above and beyond on every project and would see it through until completion.

I believe that the project could do much, much better if they would have taken his suggestions.

John was always willing to help and was often one of the first to volunteer for projects.

Blessed to be associated with him and can't wait to see what is next with his projects.