Project Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the type of director that knows how to keep projects progressing and get things done in challenging situations.
He is an extremely strong director of projects and steadfast in his approach.
John is a passionate director who throws himself completely into each project.
John is the art director anyone with common sense should want to have on his project.
John joined the project after it had already torn through five other art directors.
He is a very creative director and have been inspiring him throughout the project.
All these combined make him a great director, a must have on ambitious projects.
John is an outstanding, director-level project leader/manager and collaborator.
John was an extremely focused, very detail-oriented director of the project.
John has always been extremely professional and an efficient project director.
John is a thorough project director who gets on with his tasks and resolve issues with his perseverance.
He is the kind of director that you want to have leading challenging projects.
John makes things happen, is incredibly committed, has great ideas and is an accomplished project director.
As my director, he guided me through many projects and acted as a great mentor.
He's a true pro, a true collaborator and the best of project directors.
He would often step up to help as a producer and director on larger projects.
John is very committed and conscientious project director with great attention to detail.
John is a great project director, and colleague to work with.
We have acted together, written together, he has been my director and my fellow dreamer on many creative projects.
I know he would make a great addition to any company looking for an art director for their next project.
There's few directors that can match his passion and commitment to the project, and the end results speak for themselves.
John is an outstanding project director, who is focused on the deliverables yet mindful of the people dynamics.
John is a bright, thoughtful, project director, who has exceptional attention to detail, while maintaining appropriate perspective on the projects and initiatives.
John is a respected project director, with a wealth of experience in delivering complex projects, sometimes in quite difficult environments.
As creative director, there was no project, task, or goal that could get the best of him.
His interaction with our board of directors was incredibly effective and valuable in all stages of our projects.
I've been so thrilled to collaborate with him on several projects and now being 'one of his directors' is a huge boon for me.
John would quickly understand, break down, and champion complex projects- everything you could ask for in a director role.
John was a director that gave me interesting projects that had depth and constant thinking.
As the communication director, he accomplished many projects and our organization is better for it.
He could also provide project review and quality assurance to project directors.
John is the type of director and writer every project needs to be successful and to stay on track.
He is a good director and supporter of colleagues and projects.
John is a very inspiring and helpful director whose leadership is evident in every detail of his project.
He was always taken on new responsibilities to make sure projects were successful, extending himself well beyond his test director responsibilities.
His perspective and polish as a director lift others up and bring confidence and success to projects.
John has proven his capability as a project director but at the same time become a wonderful friend.
John is a highly experienced and capable program and project director.
John is a fantastic art director who adds value to every project he takes on.
He truly was one of his most favorite directors to work with on projects.
John's the type of project director that always went the extra mile to achieve project goals successfully.
He handled the complete project and critical project issues very effectively, although the project has aggressive timeframe.
He is well aware of priorities, project deliveries and what he wants out from the project.
He clearly defines projects and goals, even on the most ambiguous projects.
Based on the critically of the projects he was able to re prioritize the projects and get it done on time.
He kept the project on track by making sure the project stayed within the specified requirements.
He completes projects on time and he keeps you updated on the status of your project.
When given a project, he makes certain to complete the project admirably and on time.
Him discipline to all projects ensured successful completion of the project.
With each project, he provided a project plan and deliverables.
John is willing to take on any project and has accomplished all projects in an expeditious manner and through these projects has seen opportunities for improvement that he has then implemented.
Always concentrated in the objectives of the projects, he can convert projects from simple projects to complex implementation.
John is a director of our company project from the agency side.
He keeps everyone up to date on projects, provides feedback and project status effectively, even when he has to identify areas where the project is having challenges.
Whenever the project is in crisis, we have looked up to him to get his views/recommendations, which has definitely helped the project.
The presentations that he created for our project were critical to the project's overall success.
Has always given all his effort to the project or projects he was working on at that time.
He always accomplishes his project deliverables as well as meets project deadlines.
He delivers project and meets all project deliverable requirements.
He became a go-to guy on his project; he took a challenging project and followed through the final deployment and project launch.
Our company working with John on that one project made him an exponentially better director.
John went above and beyond to meet our needs for the project.
His contribution towards our project was at the top, he has been instrumental for the success of our project.
John always strived to create the best project possible and knocked every project out of the park.
He does whatever he can to keep the project moving and on-track with respect to project goals.
Unfortunately, he was released from the project before long due to ramp down in the project
His experience of regional and global projects make him prepared for any project.
His pragmatic solutions to the project roadblocks made the success of the project.
Tireless and hard working, he used to take company projects as his own projects.
John performs exceptionally on projects and has always been successful on every project he's handled.
Without his amazing attention to detail there is no way we could have delivered projects after project.
John's attitude and manner during the project greatly facilitated the overall progress of the project.
His attention to detail and thoroughness with the project has made the project go so much easier.
He takes on projects with enthusiasm and will see each project through with detail and pride.
John puts his heart into every project and the results are evident at project completion.
He planned projects well, so things were not hectic and projects moved along steadily.
His project plans are filled with realism, which makes his projects succeed.
John's project plans were considered exemplary by the project committee.
Our company new projects, John often volunteered and then lifted projects above and beyond what was expected of him.
He came us at our company as the youngest intern ever, and completed more projects than projected.
His guidance and expertise were essential to his growth as a project director.
John is a great director, he gives accurate and precise project descriptions and allows the team to get the project done.
He does his best to make sure the project is completed in the best possible way and on time.
You can trust him and be sure that all projects will be done for our company.
Moreover, he knows how to translate all this into project results.
Therefore, he is often trusted with the most critical projects.
He made sure that every project was done on time and complete.
He volunteers for projects, and is always looking to improve.
John did an outstanding job on both projects and presented to his board of directors.
Often it would be something like how he did something with a project our company doc and how they could implement that for their project.
All projects in which he was his lead director have been smooth and successful.
John always remains dedicated to each project even though he may be working across various projects at any one time.
John came on board about half way through the project at a time when the project was in dire need of positive direction.
He has always exceeded our expectations on any project in which he is involved and always meets project deadlines.
He guided him throughout the project with his timely suggestions and motivation to carry out the project.
John's contribution to the project was invaluable and enabled us to meet all project deadlines.
John always made projects easy to work on and well as orderly as the projects would allow.
He immerses himself in projects; eats, sleeps, and breathes whatever project he engages.
He exceeded project expectations despite the project requirements changing around him.
He prepares well for a project and works to complete the project.
His approach to every project is based on sound project planning.
His commitment to project goals and overall project success is highly valued and commonly sought for difficult projects.
At present we do some new projects together with him and we are sure that others will follow.
Regardless of department, or project, he's always willing to help out and delivers.
He always made himself available, even when our department was buried in projects.
The department could depend on him to come through for us on any project.
Looking forward meeting him again and on doing more projects with him.
He took direction well and was always on time with our projects.
He knows what's going on with the projects that his department is handling.
John took on one of the more challenging projects in our area.
Give him any project, in any area, and he will make it happen.
He is easy to get along with and to partner with on projects.
John is responsible for the overall delivery of the project and he drove the project through successful completion.
John goes above and beyond to accomplish projects and exceed project goals, objectives and timelines.
Recommend him for strategic projects and any project which requires analysis and automation.
His dedication and commitment to achieving project goals is always apparent in his projects.
John keeps aware of project requirements and the goal of completing a project.
He would even come in on weekends and work on the project when people under him could, not to make sure the project would be done on time.
John would always have time for you on any project you were working on even though he was working on his own projects.
We worked together on several projects, and in each project he helped him improve his code.
John and his organization would be an asset to any company looking to further advance their project and he would make sure that the project stays on the right track.
We continued to cooperate on many projects since then and his thoughts have always been valuable to him and helped him in preparing his own projects.
It is due to the disciplines he demanded of us and his dedication to the project that we completed the project successfully.
The project was completed well in time and his efforts on the project are recognised and appreciated by all in the group.
He is incredibly adept at watching the details of any project - even when he has several projects on his plate.
He summarizes all his requirements in one go and gives as a project which results a successful project.
During difficult projects his intelligence and his confidence were key to the success of our projects.
John is initially the project manager and he provided structure and strong leadership to the project.
His attention to detail during each project was noteworthy and with this the projects ran smoothly.
John ramped up on the project very quickly and started contributing to the project since day one.
He's very organized in their projects, deadlines and have a clever way to planning projects.
He masters at prioritizing projects and tackles every project with great seriousness.
He always delivered projects on-time, and never failed to complete a single project.
His wisdom, and experience will set your project apart from others projects.
Our company many projects John would go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the projects stayed on track and on time.
Our company, though he was brought in half way through the project, John kept everyone on task and brought the project on line.
Best of all, after the presentation he made himself available to both the student committee and the project directors if they had additional questions.
And, even better, he would do everything possible to help facilitate any project through to delivery.
He will take ownership of any projects he is given and the see them through to delivery.
In particular, he follows-up and follows through with commitments, projects, and goals.
John would take ownership of projects and come up with different solutions.
John follows through on projects to make sure the goals have been met.
He always looks for the best solutions for his company and projects.
He always adds more to the project and provides better solutions.
Hire him and be sure your project functions and looks at its best.
He follows through the project from start to the end of the delivery
John knows what matters most is what the project produces, not just how smoothly the project runs.
The project concluded some months ago, but the directors in his organisation are still talking about how impressed they were with it.
He takes on each project with such passion, you would expect that he was the owner, not a director.
John's diplomatic approach makes him a great project director and facilitator of partnerships.