Project Estimator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Estimator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Him estimates are very accurate as he makes sure he has a full understanding of a project before estimating.
His estimates for project completion are always right on and he follows through on all of the details.
Another key strength to him success in the project is him estimations.
This also helps him much make accurate estimates on project iteration.
His passion and ownership of a project cannot be under-estimated.
He gave very accurate estimates for when projects would finish.
We have partnered on projects and have used him for some of our client projects as well and he has delivered.
That information always made it easier to estimate his projects.
John's project estimates are accurate from early on enabling a project to run smoothly from the start.
John and he did several projects together and with each project he brought very creative solutions.
He thinks through the "why" of the project and comes up with new ideas on how to make the project even better.
The project went smoothly thanks to his efforts despite juggling demands on his time from other projects.
He always followed-up, drove to decisions and pushed projects along the project plan.
His contributions to the projects and vignette practice projects are countless.
He gives you estimates of how long he expects a project to take and is always on time.
The project always runs smoothly and completes under the estimate when he is involved.
In particular, he is fantastic at scoping out project estimates that can be relied upon.
He has a great understanding of project estimation and he always made him deadlines.
John's excellent project estimation techniques is an asset to any program/project.
His attention to detail is second to none, and his project estimation is impeccable.
John is very good at project estimation and completes all his tasks on time.
Him meticulous estimates always include the full scope of the project.
His first task for him was to estimate effort for a large project.
In addition, he was also one of the few who conquered the art of project estimation.
During the course of our project implementation he took on new roles as and when the project demanded it.
He also brings lots of energy to the project, which keeps things moving on the project.
First, because he always have sensible implementation ideas, but also because he always gives accurate estimates about his projects.
It was easy to get the project specifications from him and those specifications did not change as the project progressed.
He made sure projects were successful even when faced with many obstacles such as layoffs and project changes.
Not only the above projects, but he has worked on many other internal enhancement projects.
We worked on several projects together and he was always in the loop on project details.
At the same time, he is always there when a project or a project member needs him.
Always at the top of his game, he successfully completed project after project.
His commitment to project goals and timelines has directly translated into project successes.
He provides accurate project estimates, finishes projects quickly and on time, and has excellent attention to detail.
He would oftentimes volunteer to take on projects that would improve the company despite having plenty of projects on his plate.
John moves effortlessly from project to project, but never at the expense of attention to detail.
John doesn't settle for simple projects, he is always thinking of how a project can be better.
John excels at balancing project standards and practices with the project realities.
He provides ample time to complete projects and has the project details prepared.
When he thinks of a project, he lives the project and explores all aspects.
We couldn't have done the project without him and recommend him without reservation.
We would have no reservations in recommending him for your next project.
John is very project oriented and thorough in his applications.
He provided him with a lot of useful insights on how to accurately estimate time in projects.
He always wants to understand the project deeply to estimate the efforts and time needed.
Him thorough estimates and detailed timelines kept his projects moving along quickly.
Every estimate for a project that he gave him was spot on and detailed.
He communicated project status and deliverables through completion of the projects.
His results speak for themselves as right after we completed our rebranding project, we have engaged him for another new project.
John's library of sophisticated scripts that automate many projects makes the project goes more smoothly.
His work directly contributed to achieving the project goals for this project.
John came in at our company to help us through some of the most critical phases of this project.
He's always thinking further ahead of what else he could do to make the project greatly
If you take the time to go through his project you will better understand his words.
He follows through and am confident he would be an asset to any company or project.
He's taken on several critical projects for the company over the past four years.
All of his projects were done either before the deadline set or were right on time.
He knows how to create for the best results in your projects and your company.
Driven and ambitious, he will always demand the best results from any project.
Throughout the project he was approachable and willing to listen at all times.
He always thinks things through thoroughly before starting any project.
John's can do attitude was critical in the success of his project.
He listens to everyone to ensure the best results on the project.
John has a lot of projects going on, but he is well organized.
John is forward thinking so you can keep your project on track.
He gets his projects done on time and always has great results.
He provided very useful and practical insight for our project.
Some of those projects were mission-critical for our company.
John is probably the most accurate estimator on our team, and when he says a project will be done, it is.
John also has a way to look at a project that has been recycled and change it up, just enough to add the spark back into the project.
We have worked together in few projects and he is remarkable in making sure that the project is done in time without any issues.
He provides before and after pictures for projects which demonstrates his eye for detail and commitment to the project.
John and him have worked together on a lot of projects and we have completed all of these projects with success
The project we worked on together was both demanding and rewarding, like most of the projects he takes on.
He kept the project objectives in sight even when it was needed to change the project scope and approach.
He worked well with everyone on the project, including others who were not part of the project itself.
He understands the needs of projects and isn't afraid to be bold in order to keep projects on track.
His involvement in projects did not end at order-placement, but continued until project completion.
John worked on a tough project with him, where he came in part way through the project.
His systematic approach to projects will bring order to distress projects.
He provides accurate estimates, his code required few fixes, and he always let him know the status on our projects.
His diligence also presents useful and accurate estimations in project planning and analysis.
The project he did for us was always on time and within cost.
This and his dedication to the success of client's projects makes him an ideal partner for projects.
John has an outstanding creative ability that he continuously demonstrated project after project.
John can take on a project at any point in the project process and complete it with success.
His dedication towards the cause and the project was instrumental in motivating most of us to join hands with him on this project.
He is patient and he makes sure everything we do with the project is according to plan
He has gone above and beyond in all the projects he has worked on in his organization.
He always tries to make sure the projects are done on time and meeting the expectation.
John always follows-up on his projects, making sure to meet all expectations.
Simply he can help any company in any department on any project or role.
He steadily looks to improve himself, his projects, and his department.
Client meetings and projects are always improved by his involvement.
The projects he delivered to his department are well done at any time.
Finally, he understands more than just how to keep projects in order.
Over that time he has been his go to 'ears' for his recording projects.
Transformation, change initiatives, projects - that's his element.
It was the first time his department had taken on such a project.
His project delivery was always timely as he would not proceed without clarifying project objectives and deadlines.
John's suggestions raised during our project has been very valuable in ensuring timely delivery of the project.
He joined the project at a very critical time as there was no way to shift the project end date.
He delivered most of project deliveries effectively and rescue derailed projects many times.
John delivered several large projects against his project plans, on -time and to budget.
His estimates and budgeting for the project were spot on, and the whole project was completed before the deadline.
He always finished projects on time and under budget, and his estimation was dead on.
He makes sure everybody knows where we are within a given project and where we are heading.
John really knows what is out there and how to get great content for any project.
He will provide you with all the necessary content for any project.
John provided us great content for two entirely different projects.
His dedication to the project, getting things done right and positive attitude helped in making the project a success.
His attitude towards involved project parties was always very appreciative and enhanced therewith the project result.
John also keeps the bird's eye of the project, ensuring that all his decisions are in line with the project's assumption.
He handles the critical situation in the project very smoothly without taking pressure and deliver the project on time.
He successfully led various projects and always helped to resolve any projects' problem with positive attitude.
One of his projects was rewarded as a best practice in fierce competition with other project globally.
John successfully delivered multiple major enterprise projects and many division level projects.
He knows how to estimate projects and meet deadlines, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.
He does this by being thorough in asking pertinent questions around the end goals of the project.
He took the initiative to help other staff even if it wasn't his project.
He always makes sure about the on time delivery of the complex projects.
Thanks to him we were able to complete more than our projected goals.
He's organized, thorough and keeps the goals of any project in mind.
He and him staff ask all of the right questions about each project.
John and his staff were very helpful to us throughout the project.
He kept the project organized and flowing towards the end goal.
He always keeps his cool, even in the times of project delivery.
Gates' projects in on time, even if it took him all night to do.
John always shared the information about his project to his peers and colleagues who were dependent on his project.
His estimate of project duration has always been very accurate and he foresees the potential issues before they emerge.
John is able to complete the project within the time estimated and he guided him every step of the way.
He pulled a rabbit out of his hat and the project finished up exactly when he estimated it would.
We valued his keen ability to accurately estimate the time and scope of any given project.
In his estimation, that committee was a vital part of the success of the project.
His ability to plan and estimate had always been a reason of the project's success.
Always willing to help -even with projects and problems that weren't specifically his- and never fails to offer creative approaches to any project.
His creative and astute approach to the conceptual challenges saw him delivering project after project.
John came onto a troubled project, and was one of the people instrumental in getting the project's momentum back.
He worked with him on a number of projects and was instrumental in the success of these projects.
He shows enthusiasm for the projects and is tenacious in his drive to reach the project goals.
John took over the project and within short order the project started firing on all cylinders.
His company has provided him with multiple projects, always done to his satisfaction and when he said they would be done.
John is always thinking his way through obstacles to get the best value and to imbue that value into his projects.
He listened to recommendations provided, and made decisions that were made in the best interest of the project.
He always projected confidence that it can be done, even when the demands seemed very tough and challenging.
He took the time to get to know our company and fully understand what we were looking for in our project.
He used his calm and objectiveness to make sure we took the right decision for the company and the project
But he always had a positive attitude and took time to make sure we had what we need for our projects.
His can-do attitude and ability to get things done right the first time was invaluable to his projects.