Project Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has the ability to see a project from many angles and the creativity to articulate and execute on complex projects.
Our organization uses agile methodologies for executing projects and does so with full success across all projects, because of his initiative.
John has always been crucial in driving and executing against all project goals.
I appreciate his ability on project execution, where he makes efforts beyond his scope and team boundaries to ensure execution.
John was very passionate about the projects we executed and always performed to perfection.
John's projects go from well-conceived concepts to well-executed experiences.
John's attention to detail ensures that his projects are always well executed.
John clearly understood our needs, led the project and executed very well.
His projects were well thought out, executed and very detailed oriented.
In my experiences with him, he focused on executing projects flawlessly.
He is patient and thorough in his explanations and execution of projects.
He takes the time to think through what needs to be done, which always results in the successful execution of the project.
He is always two steps ahead of everyone else which is why he will continuously keep executing top notch projects.
He has the ability to motivate others around him, which helps the overall execution of projects and initiatives.
He was always aware about the problems that could crop up during project execution and kept himself prepared.
He has the ability to conceptualise projects and take them to execute with the end objective of succession.
He always liked being involved in the implementation and execution to see projects through to completion.
I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in enterprise collaboration execution.
He has returned multiple times to help me with other projects and everyone has been executed perfectly.
John provided the insight into the organization that enabled the successful execution of our project.
He never once hesitated to take on a challenge was very organized with every project we executed.
He has an impeccable knack of getting things done the right way every time he executes a project.
John is innovative and entrepreneurial and executes all of his projects with flawless perfection.
As an executive sponsor, he was committed to seeing projects completed thoroughly and on time.
He has assisted me with various projects, always delivering on-time and well-executed results.
He executed superlatively on all his projects and was completely dependable and trustworthy.
He not only executes a project rather tries to innovate the ways in which he can better it.
Working with him has significantly facilitated executive buy-in on very complex projects.
John does whatever it takes to make projects happen on-time and with beautiful execution.
He took the time to thoroughly explain projects, ensuring my effectiveness in execution.
He gets into the projects very quickly, taking ownership and driving to execution fast.
He executed those projects meticulously and both were successfully completed on time.
John is hands on and see's the project through from inception to final execution.
John executed this task with perfection & the project was delivered efficaciously.
He took on difficult offshore projects and tasks and executed them flawlessly.
He was great at keeping everyone on task and executing project deliverables.
I've seen him take on multiple projects at a time and execute in parallel.
He has the knack of executing large projects with his go-getter attitude.
He continually searches for better ways to approach and execute projects.
He is great in choosing the best possible flow of project execution and identifying critical issues that may threaten the projects.
John executed the project in meticulous ways, providing the best possible solution.
I have the pleasure of working with him on several projects and he has executed them with excellence.
I enjoyed working with him and would be willing to have him executed another project for me.
I found him passionate in his work and seen his brilliant while executing the projects.
We have worked with him on a couple of projects and both were well executed.
John proactively identifies and executes projects that help us improve.
He knows how to execute on projects and strategically move things along.
He is never afraid to take the lead and execute what needs to get done on any project.
John has a creative mindset which he applies while executing his projects.
I find his ability to juggle many projects and mentally visualize and drive all aspects of my projects and other projects an execution inspiration.
John is an executive who gets things done, he was constantly encouraging all the team members to deliver and execute the projects according to his vision.
As my peer, he took ownership of all his projects, and saw that they were successfully and efficiently executed.
He didn't just do the status quo - he strived to make the project better in both solution and execution.
Him the ability to execute projects efficiently and get things done for the same are keys to his success.
I was very impressed with his dedication and focus on deliverables during project execution.
He knows how to get the job done, executes flawlessly and delivers to project deadlines.
When projects would shift, him adaptability and execution would be quick and seamless.
John executed on the schedule and delivered the project with very little slippage.
He has consistently exceeded his goals and executes every project with excellence.
John is methodical in his approach, yet agile in the execution of big projects.
Always willing to help out whenever he can, be it fixed issues, laying out a project strategy or helping in project executions across the board.
He made sure all project stakeholders are informed of what's going on in the project.
His commitment to the project was very important for the project success.
Him response times are unmatched and would go out of his way to not only help execute on a project, but also help to define what could potentially make the project better.
From conception to execution, he makes sure that projects go smoothly while constantly thinking of ways to make the project better along the way.
Upon completion of this project, his vision for this project was showcased in its executive wealth and power color combinations.
John can manage/make sense of the most complicated projects and wrangle them into a project plan that he then executes.
Detailed project planning, smooth project execution - that's a piece of cake for him.
Moreover, he is always seeking for new solutions and approaches when executing his projects.
We would often turn to him for strategy, execution and analysis of projects.
John's vision and execution have been instrumental in scores of projects.
He executes projects well, bringing them in on time and on budget.
As a result, he was able to obtain executive buy in and execute on projects that others had trouble getting off the ground.
John always got involved in projects as a liaison between projects or organizations which needed to cooperate on projects.
He can juggle several projects at once and pay attention to the creative execution of a project as well as the deadlines.
In the project where we were associated, some of the tasks were unstructured and he was able to execute them in the best possible manner.
Working with him has been excellent as one can rely on him and then relax because he makes sure that projects are executed successfully.
John immediately took on projects that were beyond his experience and executed them brilliantly and well beyond every expectation.
John's experience allows him to be effective in what he does, always finding the most effective way to execute any projects.
He has taken several projects from initiation to execution and checks in regularly to make sure he is on the right track.
John always goes above and beyond, putting so much thought and effort into every project and executes each one flawlessly.
Every time a project is requested of him, you know it will be executed flawlessly and always before the deadline.
He goes above and beyond his duties to make sure we execute our projects efficiently, successfully and on time.
John is excellent at follow through and execution and every project he has for his company come out great.
He made it easy to execute projects because he would always be so helpful and made sure deadlines were met.
He took the initiative to introduce this project and then stayed with it from ideation through execution.
John would often assign tasks that were new to him, or ask him to execute seemingly overwhelming projects.
John maintains an ownership of the project to ensure that it is executed exactly as it was envisioned.
John is always very well prepared and eager to be proactive during the execution phase of the project.
Regardless of project size, complexity, or scope, he executes and does so with very little oversight.
What makes this all the more impressive is that he executed these large scale projects simultaneously.
If he's on a project, it means that it's going to be well thought out, thorough, and executed rapidly.
John has a way of elevating every project that he is involved with from brainstorming to execution.
Working with him on projects was always a pleasure, and he is an incredibly impressive executive.
He executed all his projects diligently and enthusiastically, and he's very much a collaborator.
He asks the right questions before diving into a project, and is very thorough in his execution.
The guidelines were precisely defined, and he made sure each project was executed successfully.
He never quit attitude always come across as one of his main attributes to execute any project.
His contributions have always been helpful in the successful execution of the delegated projects.
He can act very flexible if needed, especially when there is an urgent project to be executed.
If it weren't for his active participation the project wouldn't have been so smoothly executed.
He is always next to you to ensure he will brilliantly execute any project you will assign him.
Working alongside him is inspiring and always leaves you confident in his project execution.
His ability to think out of the box and his speed at executing any project was just amazing.
John's contributions to the approach and execution of the project were extremely beneficial.
If you are looking to execute a successful project, he will be one of your greatest assets.
His involvement in these projects made them more robust, quicker, and more easily executed.
This ensures that whatever projects he undertakes are well defined and executed perfectly.
He never queried where his responsibility for projects started or ended, he just executed.
John is proactive in determining and successfully executing the next steps of each project.
He not only successfully executed this project, but he also delivered excellent results.
Under his leadership sealskin took up many challenging projects and executed successfully.
His approach on any project, any assignment is remarkable from start to the execution.
His projects are always well-planned, thorough and executed with incredible precision.
His approach and consistency to every project is served and executed with excellence.
Overall, he executed well and made a huge contribution to the success of the project.
John has a very innovative approach to each project that he picks up for execution.
John can be counted on to smoothly execute any project well from start to finish.
He has overcome various challenges and he ensured the flawless execution of the project.
John gives a deep thought to every project and ensures that execution is meticulous.
His expertise and ability to execute was fundamental for the success of our project.
He has executed all the projects which he was responsible for, with a great passion.
John is hard working and committed to executing the project he has been assigned to.
He is able to execute any projects given to him and had excellent follow through.
He also executes beautifully, carrying out the most complicated projects with ease.
Many of his duties required many tasks to be completed for projects to be executed.
In the short time he was here, he executed on many projects with positive results.
These ideas and projects are brought to a meticulous execution under his leadership.
He has successfully executed many complex projects with very stringent timelines.
John can take apart any project with a tough deadline and execute it flawlessly.
He always delivered these projects with perfect execution and remarkable results.
John thrives in executing tactical projects well - even with complex steps.
John ran the most critical projects, both organizing and executing to completion.
John always has great ideas on how to execute a project and make it come to life.
He understands the problems deeply and knows how to quickly execute the projects.
He focusses on complex and critical projects and ensure the things get executed.
John understands how to execute projects effectively, efficiently and profitably.
The project that he helped execute proved to be the most successful of its kind.
He is very methodical and executed many large and complex projects successfully.
His view of projects is complete and can execute with complete effectiveness.
He stepped in at the last minute on a project, and executed it successfully.
He takes complete responsibility for projects and executes them beautifully.
John is particularly strong with his execution of major large scale projects.
He executes the projects with the last level of detail known to him at all times.
John, conceived, initiated, sponsored and executed the project successfully.
From conception, creation and execution of the project, he impressed us all.
The various projects successfully executed by him are a testimonial of that.
And hence he can execute very large projects on time with excellent results.
His leadership enabled us to execute this project with no unplanned outage.
He understands how to effectively execute complex projects and get results.