Project Focus Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Focus Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John kept everyone on task and on target for the project goals.
As such, his project tasks were on time and on target.
His goal is always to get the project done, but to do so by getting the team to want the same goal.
His project plans are thorough and he is on top of not only the tasks, but the resources assigned to the tasks.
He then tasked me with creating a plan for the project.
His project plan, design and implementation are right on target.
No task was too difficult for him and he was mostly ahead of his planning.
He knows what he is doing and focus on his goal.
Once he takes the project, he think and plan intellectually.
John is very good at project planning.
I used to get his advice for the project planning.
I plan to hire him again for my next project.
He was diligent in getting us our project plans.
I'm already planning my next project with him.
He clearly defines projects and goals, even on the most ambiguous projects.
He knows how to prepare a project plan for complex projects and then keep these projects on track.
John always kept on target with the task at hand.
John will always try his best to achieve his tasks and goals.
He always surpasses his goals and tasks.
He has always been on the task of achieving his given targets.
He is always professional and concentrates on the task.
John took the intricate tasks that we were doing and put them into a project plan.
Thorough planning and development tasks always observing compliance goals.
John approaches things with focus and planning.
He is always targeted and professional in all his projects.
In particular, he follows-up and follows through with commitments, projects, and goals.
John's focus and professionalism were invaluable to not only this project, but also other projects.
He concentrates on his projects and going them very well.
He does his best to succeed goals of our project.
John follows through on projects to make sure the goals have been met.
John always keeps him projects on target and under budget.
John does not distract his goals or concentration.
He has done the projects on target and even beyond.
Clearly stating the goal in every project.
Has target in mind always and never leaving the focus of the goal.
We followed the plan and got results that would not have been achieved without the plan.
He always followed-up, drove to decisions and pushed projects along the project plan.
If you are struggling with your goal, don't change the goal, change the plan.
John's project plans were considered exemplary by the project committee.
He is very good in planning projects and delivering projects on time.
Accomplish tasks as planned, on time and the right way.
He took on the task and planned carefully for everything before taking action.
He is able to quickly meet project goals, and always willing to take on new tasks.
They genuinely care, not only about the task or project, but understanding the clients goals and targets.
He can make the others focus on their important goals.
John is very focused on the project at hand.
John kept his focus on the goal at hand.
He knows exactly which goals to achieve and to focus.
John focus is always about the need of the caucus goals.
Have a clear goal and if your first plan doesn't work change the plan not the goal.
His vision of the next plans is always best and he always knows how to reach goals.
He continually makes goals, and carries through with his plans.
I plan to keep relying on him as we develop the project.
He is very thorough in his research when planning a new project.
His vision of the next plans is always best and he always knows how to reach goals.
His strategic plans are invariably right on target.
He is the driver behind several of the goals that we have planned for the new year.
He plans his project so well that they remain always green.
I can plan my time and targets and stay focus on priorities.
He would be an asset to anyone planning similar projects.
He would focus his energy on each project to ensure that each project was a success.
He has the focus and drive to see projects through to completion.
When focused on any one specific project he gives so much that you could be forgiven for thinking that it's the only project or focus he has.
John handled both small scale projects and large projects with extreme focus and capability.
Him continuous focus on the project's details helped us a lot during the projects.
His focus has always been on providing solutions that last beyond his project.
Under his leadership and client focus our project had run mini transformation projects.
When we were in the same project he was always the one that made sure everyone contributed and that we stayed focused on the outcome.
He would always see things through and make sure we had the answers and focus to push the project along.
John doesn't just focus on the tactical elements, but looks at him projects holistically.
His follow-through is exceptional, and he maintains focus throughout his many projects.
He is always pushing to get things done and stay focus on the project and deadlines.
He often has many projects going, yet he possesses an uncanny ability to focus.
John always had that focus on the mission and the project that we could rely on.
He tackles any project placed in front of him with focus and dedication.
John's commitment and focus are evident in the way he tackles projects.
He shows compassion when it's called for, and focus with every project.
His appreciation and focus on project outcomes was second to none.
John keeps focus on the big picture while delivering on projects.
He is dedicated, committed and focus to him project completion.
He keeps a focus on the project and the timing of deliverables.
He never loses focus on a project and always does what he says.
John always brings focus to every project he contributes to
His oversight of the project enabled us to focus on our core business throughout the project.
He drives the projects in a very positive way, always focus on quality and project deliver.
John is great to work with because of three things, focus, focus, focus.
His drive and focus, always brought our projects to the next level.
He embraced every assignment and project with focus and drive.
John's project leadership and focus on teamwork allowed the project to be completed on-time and within budget.
His 's focus on achieving both the overall project goals as well as finer project deliverables was exemplary.
John also ensures the project is completed as spec'd allowed him to return focus to other projects knowing he's got it entirely covered.
His understanding of the pressures an agency faces on projects of this nature helped keep the necessary focus to deliver the project.
The timely guidance and focus he provided during the project was a key factor in successful completion of the project.
He built the project faster than we had projected, while maintaining clear focus and avoidance of feature creep.
His focus on critical tasks was essential to maintaining project deadlines, and moving the project forward.
There were several projects that would not have been delivered without him laser focus on delivery.
John would do well with just about any job or project he chose to focus on.
John's focus and versatility were instrumental to the project's success.
John provided focus and clarity around project goals and outcomes.
John has the ability to focus clearly on the objectives within the project and deliver to the needs of his stakeholders.
Some of his many virtues are his perseverance and focus on the project till its successful completion.
In his experience with him, he has had incredible focus and determination to see his projects through.
John is able to focus on specific projects that he wants to get done and delivers without exception.
John's approach to projects was refreshing in that he did not focus on just what was asked of him.
Because of his leadership, the focus remained consistent throughout the duration of each project.
His focus was on the end-user requirements and experience which for this project was invaluable.
John's ability to understand the needs and focus of any project is key to its overall success.
He is committed to the projects he takes on and approaches them with focus and determination.
He kept the project on track by ensuring we only needed to focus on what we were doing.
He can maintain his focus even while being responsible for multiple demanding projects.
His focus and ability to adapt changes keeps everything moving smoothly on the project.
He is very detail oriented while still maintaining the overall focus of the project.
He will always see a project through to the end with focus and attention to detail.
And one point, he convinced that focus of the project will make qualified result.
Once he has taken on a specific project his focus and dedication is unwavering.
With every project, he reminded us to focus on delivering exceptional results.
His focus and ethic make him an indispensable asset to any project he touches.
That project flourishes today thanks to his focus on outcomes and experience.
John immediately commanded attention and helped keep our projects in focus.
He will bring focus and organization to situations, projects, and analysis.
He's able to bring focus and experience to projects to make things happen.
John's laser-like focus keeps projects and tasks moving toward completion.
John handled switching between multiple projects gracefully and with focus.
He will tackle any project thrown his way and will give it his full focus.
Him dedication and focus were key contributors to overall project success.
John will provide real value to any project that he sets his focus upon.
John brings an incredible amount of insight and focus to every project.
He will undoubtedly focus all his efforts to make any project a success.
When projects are complex or challenging, he brings clarity and focus.
He can handle multiple projects at the same time without losing focus.
He has strong managerial focus and able to take on multiple projects.
Because of such focus he has helped project umpteen numbers of times.
His calm and focus makes the toughest projects easier to accomplish.
His focus and detail also served him well on individual projects.
He will stay on a project with steadfast focus and concentration.
John maintains focus on correct results and project completion.
His intensity on projects and focus to details was phenomenal.
Our company every project John has given it his full focus and all have been delivered on time.
While his focus is in our company, his dedication to the overall project success is quite evident.
Through him discipline and focus, he allows him to project teams to stay on track while ensuring that the project gets done right.
Throughout the project, he will focus not only on what the client is asking for but what is the problem they are trying to solve.
John is always on top of the project, knows exactly what is going on and keeps him, his client, as the primary focus.
John not only successfully kick-started the project, but provided the direction and the focus that was so critical to the time-sensitive project.
Often these projects required him to focus on projects outside him typical day-to-day work, and he was always willing to help.
His coaching allowed him to focus on creative projects, and take these projects to the next level.
He always kept the vision for the project in focus which spread throughout the team.
His focus on his projects and his thorough approach made him an asset to our team.
John gives project teams the opportunity to look outside their narrow focus.
The focus and energy he brings to each project is contagious.
He knows when to iterate and when to focus in on an initiative or project that is clearly driving outcomes.