Project Lead Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Lead Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is very hands on when leading projects and at the same time know how to delegate.

He kept everyone on task and organized, leading us through many successful projects.

His enthusiasm drives projects along effectively with his undeniable ability to lead and take ownership of projects where needed.

John leads project confidently resulting in successful outcomes with projects delivered on time and to specification.

He is also very passionate about any project he's leading and always does the best he can to spread that passion to others.

He is driven and has no problem taking the lead on projects, even if they are outside the realm of his responsibilities.

He's focused and with contagious optimism that gives him whatever it's necessary to lead any project to its bitter end.

He is not afraid of taking the lead on difficult projects and has always seen them through to successful completion.

He takes the lead often and on many occasions he has come through on last minute projects that others have panned.

He leads by example and is willing to pitch in and help no matter what the parameters of the project are.

Budget conscious, he makes great recommendations for ways to get the most of any project he leads.

He is committed, focused and can lead any project, whatever the challenges and the difficulties.

Him ideas are thought out and he has the ability to lead and follow-through on all his projects.

Within our partnership, he is collaborative and can be relied upon to lead projects diligently.

Internally, this looks like keeping the entire company up to date on the projects he's leading.

John was single handedly responsible for the success of the projects that he was leading.

He was quick to take the lead on several major projects, and always came in with fresh ideas.

John is always willing to take the lead on a project or idea and follow through to completion.

He is positive and always determined to get the stuff done, leading to successful projects.

From my perspective, he added value immediately by stepping up and leading several projects.

An example of this was in employing myself and giving me lead roles in the projects he did.

He's also not afraid to give us his opinion and take the lead, even on uncertain projects.

John took on the role as a lead for one of our projects and he definitely shined through.

He's always available and leads projects to completion with a smooth and enthusiasm way.

This broad understanding and perspective served him well when it came to leading projects.

John's partnership and commitment have led to many successful projects and initiatives.

John was able to take the lead on our projects and bring us along at our own slow speed.

He is very experienced in both leading projects as well as running bigger organisations.

John's passion for delivering excellence is reflected in every project that he leads.

With only minor encouragement, he grew in his initiative and was soon leading projects.

His results and his approach to how he leads, projects, and any challenges are exemplary.

He is confident in his capabilities and can lead any project to successful completion.

He is responsive, always ready to help and leads projects accurately and confidently.

John lead this effort, taking the project and running with it with minimal supervision.

He leads by example, and is diligent about including everyone equally in a project.

From that point, he leads the project and in doing so ensures its ultimate success.

John was the project lead, and he made it easy for me to hit the ground running.

I would strongly recommend him to lead projects and for leadership opportunities.

He has handled and lead projects amidst ambiguity and driven them to completion.

He leads through example and has the keen overview of all aspects of a project.

It was immediately clear that he would lead this project to success and he did.

I would have no doubts recommending him for leading large and complex projects.

He knows how to take initiatives and lead a project to completion successfully.

I would trust his judgment and feel at peace with any project he was leading.

John is an excellent leader and would often take the lead on many projects.

He is able to effectively lead as well as contribute individually on projects.

John is poised to lead multiple projects with determination and dedication.

John lead the project successfully towards the realization of defined scope.

He likes to lead projects which others would reluctant to get involved with.

He takes strong ownership of every project he leads and never let me down.

His commitment to leading committees and completing projects was outstanding.

He loves taking initiatives, responsibilities and takes the lead on projects.

He was always leading projects and had the ability to easily inspire others.

He was able to take on challenging projects and lead them to great success.

He's extremely well organised and can lead projects from start to finish.

I would highly recommend him to successfully lead and deliver any project.

John was a great colleague, always there to help and to lead a project.

He has a strong ability to lead and to see projects through to completion.

John is a very accomplished project lead of entrepreneurial companies.

John is someone who can be trusted to lead on mission critical projects.