Project Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent leader and he ensure that his projects are done on time.
In essence, he was the leader of the project and made sure we stayed on task.
John is the proactive and engaged leader you want to run your project.
John distinguished himself as an expert project leader who skillfully guided these complex projects through to successful completion.
John is a visionary leader, a keen listener, and an organized project leader.
He is an excellent project leader who used to ensure the quality and consistency of our projects.
John was an excellent team member and leader on several projects that we were teammates for various class projects.
He is the leader you want on your team if you want the project to succeed.
John was a strong project leader and was respectful of individual time restraints and the project timeline.
He is a natural project leader who sees projects through to completion on time and to budget.
He was truly a leader, someone that will take the initiative to get projects going and always seeking for excellence.
John is a tremendous leader and always can be counted upon to take any project and take it forward successfully.
Without a leader of his caliber the trails that we went through on this project would have been devastating.
I did so many projects with him and had the chance to see his great ability to analyze and to be a leader.
He is also a dedicated leader who is able to see projects through for the best possible results.
He is viewed as a leader and is always willing to take on additional responsibility or projects.
He is an amazing leader who has been successful at every project he has chosen to undertake.
John is a natural leader with enthusiasm for every project and always available for advice.
He's a great leader and always trying to find the best way to make a project come together.
He is an experienced leader, very energetic and enthusiastic about new projects and ideas.
John is an inspiring leader who always thinks of breakthrough ideas in the projects we did.
John is a natural leader and knows what to do to get the project from start to finish.
John is a natural leader and the project could not have been successful without him.
I would recommend him for any project that needs a consummate leader and spokesperson.
He is a natural leader who does not hesitate to take on new and challenging projects.
He was one of the project leaders and was instrumental in its success from inception.
John is a great leader that projects confidence and know-how to everyone around him.
He has insight and clarity of thought which makes him an effective project leader.
I recommend him as a leader for any up and coming hospitality/development project.
He is one of my most valued colleagues, friends, and an excellent project leader.
He has proved himself as a future leader through many projects that he has led.
John is an excellent project leader, who is extremely well organized and driven.
He is a self-sufficient leader who can take a project and own it to completion.
John is a dynamic project leader who gets things done, listens and understands.
John was a leader that understands every situation to overcome each project.
John was the perfect project conceptualized, leader, orchestrator and executor.
John is also an accomplished leader of complex projects and is outcome driven.
I know him to be highly respected as well as a very dedicated project leader.
He is a ready-made leader of any kind of new projects that have been migrated.
John is a natural leader with the ability to delegate projects effectively.
He is a wonderful leader and puts all his efforts to make the project successful.
On many occasions he was the go-to leader for mission critical projects.
He always jumped right into projects and ran with them - a born leader.
I'd work with him on any project and will forever consider him behaviors to be a checklist of what to look for in a project leader.
He was effective as both the project leader or as a team member dependent upon the project.
John was seen as a leader on the project team and a main contributor to the project's success.
He was always willing to get involved in projects and was a great leader in the organization.
I was also continually impressed by his passion and expertise as an overall project leader.
John is an innovative leader who is dedicated and committed to every project he encounters.
He is a very good leader, especially when it comes to driving projects to success.
This definitely makes him a great leader in the projects he is in charge of.
He has impressed me as a very enthusiastic and competent project leader.
As a project leader, he has innate characteristics that have allowed him to deliver complex projects with tenacity and efficiency.
He works closely with the project leaders to ensure successful, comprehensive and timely projects.
I have since hired him for two more projects and will include him in my future projects as well.
He gets things done, he gets people behind him on projects and he is a great servant leader.
John is an inspiring colleague as well as an amazing leader of projects and people.
John was both a leader and an invaluable teammate from his first day on the project.
He is a good leader, and always strives for the right solution for the project.
John is an energetic, enthusiastic, thoughtful leader of people and projects.
As a project leader, he is very determined and focused to meet the project goals.
He is an inspirational leader that goes over and beyond to excel at all projects given to him.
When you are looking for a great project leader, look no further because he is one of the best.
They ultimately want to participate in all his projects because he is an outstanding leader.
So much so that his contributions have been recognized by the project leaders and sponsors.
He took his duties and responsibilities and became a leader with his various projects.
He's the kind of leader you want in the trenches for the most difficult projects.
He is our group leader and remained on top of things throughout the project.
In that way, he is an immensely valuable contributor and leader in such projects.
His upbringing makes him very suitable to be placed as a leader in a project.
John came in and took over as leader on a huge project that had problems.
John is a leader, he takes on difficult projects and makes it look simple.
Working together, he was highly positive and effective as project leader.
When the project is completed, he is the leader that made it a success.
John's a leader and he makes a difference in all the projects he pursues.
He would be an excellent leader for any company with complex projects.
John can juggle multiple projects at once and is an amazing leader.
John is a leader by example, if he has a project to do it gets done.
John always was energetic and a leader no matter what the project.
A dedicated and encouraging leader succeeding in all his projects.
He seamlessly transitions between doer and leader on any project.
John is a great leader, he would define the project succinctly.
Our company all of our projects together, John has been a natural leader.
He handles and deals with project issues and conflict very well and this makes him a true project leader.
He's a strong project leader who drives him projects to a successful conclusion.
It was a joy working with him on any projects - a capable project leader.
John's a seasoned, a credentialed project leader who led several transformational projects for our company.
He is a sought-after project leader for large scale projects as he is out front and strives towards making a difference in any organization or project.
One thing that stands out is that he has always distinguished himself as a leader amongst leaders.
He does what he loves to do and he is a leader himself who can make future leaders.
He is a leader back then and he is still an extremely dynamic leader.
John knows perfectly how to organize himself regarding the projects' needs, especially for team projects.
His ability to understand the project value proposition and translate that into actionable steps exceeds most project leaders.
The Always respect of his people - be that as a leader of projects or departments.
Regional leaders in this project relied on him for help and support.
John exemplifies all a leader should be in that he brings out the best in all who are involved in his projects.
John will be successful anywhere he goes, he attacks each project with tenacity and is born a leader
He has always gone above and beyond in every project; whether he was the leader or part of a group.
Has always delivered above expectations and he is an excellent project leader and very committed.
John is a dependable leader on the project, and was well-respected by all his colleagues.
John is a go-to leader that is continually selected for the most challenging projects.
John is invaluable on the projects he built with him and would make a great leader.
He has proven himself as a leader and was always able to energize our project groups.
John is also a great leader who knows how to keep multiple projects on track.
He is a leader who can be relied on during the critical periods of any project.
He is open to new ideas during the project and is unpretentious as a leader.
John can be trusted with challenging projects, and is a leader by nature.
His ability to make every project exciting made him a dependable leader.
John displayed tremendous enthusiasm and was a leader in the project.
His determination and experience makes him an ideal project leader.
First, he is a born leader and isn't afraid to step into any project.
John provided a structured approach for us to become project leaders.
A leader and will be able to deliver on any project assigned to him.
Focused on results, he is a great entrepreneur and project leader.
John often emerged as a leader of topic discussions or projects.
John own projects, untangles problems and is a natural leader.
These projects were written for an audience of our company firm leaders.
Robbo has been a visionary and inspirational leader on our project with our company.
When he is the designated project leader you know that the project would be well thought out, on time and in the end very successful.
Our company more, John is an emotional leader, motivator, and leader.
We worked together in a regional level project, where he served as a project leader.
He makes others around him better, and that is all one can ask for a leader.
He's definitely got that certain something that makes him a leader.
That is one of the many things that makes him an excellent leader.
John is the leader who is always with his soldiers (resources).
John is an all round leader, better than in him in so many ways.
John is always the same leader regardless of the circumstances.
Not only is he in all of them, he's the leader and facilitator.
That in itself makes him the leader that one would always want.
He made him also see that we are all leaders in our own right.
He keeps his projects well documented and communicates status of his project leaders and stakeholders.
This is especially dominant when he was his team leader in one of our Chinese projects
From the very beginning of the project, he became a leader on the team.
An excellent leader who dedicates himself to the project and the team.
John served as team leader for this project for two semesters.
Our company these projects, Johns was an excellent leader and strategist.
John, always take things very serious and work closely with the project leaders and other stakeholders.
John is and always will be a huge mentor and leader to him as he helped him with various projects.
John has ambition and motivation and would make an excellent project leader wherever he goes.
John demonstrated to him throughout the duration of the project that he is a natural leader.
As the group leader, he often motivates us to put in our best efforts for the project.
Janusz will be a valued leader within his future projects and engagements.
He always brings value and vision to meetings, projects and as a leader.
He is collaborative and a leader of people, projects, initiatives.
He is an active leader and drives projects forward with pace.
He is a fabulous leader who thanks everyone who works for him on any project.
All these attributes make him a dependable project and people leader.
He quickly became a popular and motivating leader in the project.
John is an excellent project leader, he understands how to work within the complex organisational hierarchy to influence the right leaders and move the project forward.
John is also the type of leader that knows what he stands for and will fight for what is best with his employees and leaders.