Project Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was tasked with project management and execution.

John was tasked with managing the project, the project team, developing and delivering training, and many other project tasks.

John not only managed projects, but also took an active role in each and every project.

There are good project managers and there are bad project managers, but John, however, is a great project manager.

I recommend John as a project manager or program manager for any project.

His execution of projects and tasks was always perfect.

He is known to be one of those who executes projects and tasks with precision.

He always manages to execute on every project he tackles.

John is strong in project management and execution.

John won't just execute - he'll tell you how it should be executed.

Because of this, he is often given the hardest tasks and projects to manage.

He is an expert at project and task management.

John is very good at managing projects and tasks.

John was both my project manager and my cluster manager.

John is an affable program manager who manages many projects at the same time.

He has integrity and has great focus when executing his tasks and managing projects.

John is very thorough in his execution of tasks.

His programs are always well managed, executed and documented.

John was my project manager for many IT projects.

He manages project operations for all projects.

John was an excellent project manager on this project.

John provided project management support for two of my projects.

John was the project manager for my team's projects.

John provided project management of several telemarketing projects.

I was highly impressed by him project management and well thought-out project execution.

A very good project manager that has successfully executed many projects.

He most recently suggested a new piece to help us manage our project task management.

He is talented in many areas, from development to programming to project management of various office management tasks.

He is an excellent project manager, personnel manager and client/agency manager.

He knows how to be managed and how to manage.

He also took over project management tasks with confidence.

He knows how to manage projects, and he knows how to manage people.

He's very dedicated with his task and always manage to execute it well.

I very much enjoy managing him as he executes with very little management required.

I highly recommend him for any project or management task, project or responsibility.

He is also a good project and program manager - and can manage large, complex projects.

I found the framework he uses for project management very effective and I try to use it for my project management.

I was the account manager and John was the project manager on some of my larger projects.

I have also observed the way he manages his projects and based on that would want him to manage projects for me any time.

John helped manage the project and keep the project on track through management changes.

He was always ahead of us on the project tasks.

John was an outstanding project manager for the program.

John is an excellent program and project manager.

I like how well he managed the whole project.

John is clearly committed to project and program management.

John is an outstanding project and program manager.

I look forward to the next project he manages.

By the way he is one of the best project managers.

He is one of the best to have managed projects.

John is an exceptional project manager, and can break down very complex development activities into manageable tasks.

He is the first project manager who has shown me real technicalities of project management, real execution of methodologies.

John held the position of manager, in which he led account management, team management, and project management.

I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in management execution.

He can manage and execute a software project very well and according to expectation.

He excels at partnering with him executives and managing projects.

John is an outstanding project manager and excellent in execution.

John is methodical in his execution, and manages projects tightly.

He's excelled in sales, management and execution of all his projects.

John is an effective manager who can execute projects and get results.

John has integrity and can be trusted to execute any project he manages.