Project Management Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Management Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a consulting manager, he inspires him consultants to rise to meet new challenges.
John is a talented performance consultant and project manager.
When combined with his project management experience he's done a great job managing several successful projects.
Both his project management and consultancy skills are outstanding.
He delivered the project on time, was excellent at managing other consultants and is ultra dependable.
John is an incredibly organized consultant who is excellent at managing client projects.
John also exemplifies the meaning of a "hands-on" project manager as he was present through each and every step of the projects that he managed.
He was an inspiration to all in the department who were looking to get better with project management.
He is always one step ahead, when it comes to managing projects and people.
John very proficient when it comes to managing departments and projects.
John is most certainly well versed in project and people management.
As his manager, we could have pulled more people into the project.
John is exactly what you want from a project management partner.
He is also an experienced manager of both people and projects.
I believe this focus and dedication will serve him well in any management or project management endeavors.
John is an excellent project manager with a balance of getting things done and managing people.
John is an excellent manager with strengths in selling, solutions and project management.
I heartily endorse him for any people management and indeed, project management role.
John is a very good people manager as much as he is an excellent project manager.
He is a brilliant manager and is capable of managing people as well as projects.
John has a remarkable project management and people management capabilities.
Not only is he a strong project manager but also a people manager.
John was always available for me or anyone else in the company to answer questions or consult on ongoing projects.
He has managed some big projects with many stakeholders and really does go out of his way to ensure that all stakeholders are consulted and eased in their concerns.
Where other project changes or new production issues were identified, he managed them with other projects.
As a project manager, he is able to manage the intimate details to ensure success and repeatability of almost any project.
John is a detail-oriented project manager who manages project milestones and deliverables like a hawk.
John has always been a great project manager and technical consultant.
One great consultant to have on the team, he is a fantastic managing consultant.
He is a highly analytical, effective and efficient consultant / project manager.
I would say he is a must have in any company, as he is well versed in all things project management.
John is an example of dedication and commitment to the project management profession.
He was crucial in the outsourcing of many of my project management responsibilities.
He is a manager who is committed to the projects for which he has responsibility.
He knows what he is doing and guides others to follow project management discipline.
John initiated projects and managed them through completion on many occasions.
He was diligent in making sure that projects were managed well and efficiently.
Under his management, all these projects were completed with excellent results.
He managed various projects simultaneously with responsibility and commitment.
He has successfully managed several difficult projects through to completion.
He can take on a very difficult project and manage to complete the challenge.
His patience and dedication help make the most complex project management.
He manages all projects as if they were from a company that he owns.
Yes, he can ask for great initiative, project management, leadership.
No problems in recommending him for difficult project management.
John managed the project with seamless effort and flexibility.
John was one of the most respected project managers in our group.
He is extremely dedicated and diligent while managing projects.
John is tenacious in his efforts to manage and complete projects.
His great strength is in his leadership and managing projects.
John has shown me all the core values of the project manager and he is one of the successful managers in our company.
He excels at project management consulting, as well as in teaching and coaching.
He is an excellent consultant, project manager, and public speaker.
As a consultant managing simultaneous projects he was great at managing his time and exceeding goals and expectations.
John managed my work as an intern that contributed to his consulting projects.
John knows project management inside out and can bring order and organisation into a project like no one else.
John is an excellent project manager who drives progress and manages his team with a positive, confident and consultative management style.
He earned great respect from the management as well as end users and consultants involved in the project.
John is a very experienced our company consultant who has also extensive project management experience.
I would recommend working with him as a partner, consultant or project manager.