Project Management Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Management Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is exceptional at managing external partners and project management.
People managed by him or just working on the project he managed all loved him.
This has ensured that the projects he managed are some of the best executed projects we have had.
I also got to partner up with him on project management responsibilities.
His strengths were in managing people as well as the project.
John is an effective manager, especially for project procurement management and oversight.
John is one of those people that manages the hard and the soft stuff of project management.
He managed to make people listen and to see things from a project management side.
He is both a people manager and project manager in the most literal sense.
John is very erudite and professional specialist and manager.
He applies himself with energy and commitment to the projects that he manages and has a clear understanding of project management methodology.
John's contribution to the project was pivotal in the project going successfully live.
His main priority was always the project at hand and project deliverables.
As a project manager on many large projects, he stayed focused and very organized at every milestone.
John seems to always look for new/better ways to more efficiently manage projects as well as innovative ways to use existing project management tools.
He was always willing to go above and beyond for us and was willing to help with any project we were up against.
John is passionate about what he does, but also goes out of his way to help others with their projects.
He gets things done by being just what you need and is always looking out for both the projects and you.
John is the best at what he does and you're missing out if you don't use him for your next project.
I believe that the project could do much, much better if they would have taken his suggestions.
He's the one you want on your project, because he won't let up until it's done to perfection.
John showed himself to always be willing to go above-and-beyond for others and his projects.
He always makes sure you have what you need to get the project going and keep it going.
Blessed to be associated with him and can't wait to see what is next with his projects.
John came in to take over towards the end of the project as it was in trouble.
He goes above and beyond to make sure you are nothing but pleased with your project.
He has always been clear with what we are doing and why we are doing each project.
He is always willing to take on new projects and go beyond just getting them done.
I'm certainly looking forward to any new projects together with him in the future.
I am really looking forward to see what is he going to bring up for the next project.
I could even say that without him, the project would have been almost impossible.
John, thanks for everything you did for me and for the projects we undertake.
John, if available, would be my first choice to have on any of my projects.
I would recommend him and we will definitely use him again on other projects.
He constantly provides value and is always available to help on my projects.
Without his help it would have not been possible for me to join the project.
We will definitely come back to him for any revisions and any new projects.
He has always gone beyond and above what was asked of him in his projects.
John was always willing to help with every project, regardless of size.
He is definitely one of those individuals you would like on any project.
John is always willing to help and ready to take on any new project.
I look forward in getting associated with him in new ideas and project.
If you want to know the who, what and when of any project he knows it.
He always is available to help on any project, whether its his or not.
We found that he was fearless when it came to taking on new projects.
John project will soon wonder how they made it without his expertise.
He was always ready to help in any way he could with other projects.
There was nothing he couldn't handle when it came to this project.
He always comes up with new and different ideas for every project.
He was there with me from the beginning to the end of the project.
He is someone who knows how to get the project done and done right.
John is known for taking on some of the most challenging projects.
He puts everything he has into each and every one of his projects.
John gets things done, even when the odds are against the project.
He is someone that can and will get any project done successfully.
Without his help this project would not have taken-off the ground.
He goes through each step with you as if it was his own project.
John doesn't let up until the project is where it needs to be.
John, we could not have done this project without his expertise.
Mostly because he could get projects done that others could not.