Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Good project managers don't just don't manage projects, they know what in the heck they're managing.

John is an experienced project manager and project management office manager.

I worked with him again, sometimes when we were both managing projects, and sometimes on projects that he was managing.

John is the kind of project manager you want to manage all your projects.

John is the best project manager with whom I have ever worked.

He provided project management and time management training to my managers.

He does this by managing each project as though they were the only project.

I was the project manager for two of those projects.

Terrific task manager, one of the best project managers I have managed.

John is an excellent project manager who goes above and beyond to make sure every project he manages is successful.

John managed numerous projects and multiple project managers.

If John is project manager of some project, then this project always become a success.

John is very dedicated and matured manager both in people management and project management.

As a manager, he does very well with project management, timelines, and people management.

John is a very thorough project manager who is always on top of his projects when it comes to project delivery and customer management.

John has all the boxes ticked when it comes to team management, client management, project management and event management.

He becomes project manager and he was always there to help even though he was managing different account.

John is one of those premier project managers that you wish you could have on every project.

John provided project management of several telemarketing projects.

The project was successfully done, thanks to his project management.

I worked with him on a few projects as he is the project manager.

John knows projects, project and program management.

I have also observed the way he manages his projects and based on that would want him to manage projects for me any time.

I believe he would be an excellent project manager for any organization that needs an experienced project manager.

John is a project manager who gets things done, and for any project manager, that's the ultimate measure.

John was our project manager but in my opinion, has contributed in more ways than just project management.

He is very strong in managing project managers and getting the best out of them to ensure project success.

He is a project manager who delivers any projects assigned to him and managed well any of his subordinates.

John is one of the project managers worked with me who truly understand the art of project management.

He's an excellent project manager, directing and managing projects as if they were his children.

I have worked with many project managers who are just trying to check box manage projects.

John helped manage the project and keep the project on track through management changes.

John is a terrific project manager, and managed one project in particular excellently.

As a project manager I'm very impressed with how he's managing the project.

If you just want to manage a project, hire a project manager.

I found the framework he uses for project management very effective and I try to use it for my project management.

John's training course on project management was, by far, the best project management course I've attended.

There are project managers who just manage projects, and then there are people like John who can do it all.

John held the position of manager, in which he led account management, team management, and project management.

John is an outstanding project manager who excels in both the project team management and customer/account management areas.

John effectively scheduled and managed several project managers to maintain efficient project management operations.

John is a self-managed project manager with great attention to details in every aspect of project management.

He always does his best in each project that he is managing.

I only wish all of my projects could be as well-managed.

I always look forward to having him manage my projects.

I know that whatever projects he is managing, they will be well run, with just the right amount of management.

Not only does he manage people well, he is also good at managing the overall project.

John is an exceptional manager who knows how to manage both people and projects.

John helps get more out of the project management and relationship management.

Highly recommended for customer/client management and project management.

John is an excellent manager of people and the projects we must manage.

John is the efficient manager who managed many projects with success.

John is both an excellent project manager as well as a people manager.

John was an outstanding manager for multiple project managers.

A good commercial manager who can manage the projects properly.

John is an effective people manager and project manager.

John is a project manager / consulting manager personified.

And not just managing projects, he manages people better.

I was the project manager and he was managing the QA effort.

When I managed John, he was new to project management.