Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Good project managers don't just don't manage projects, they know what in the heck they're managing.
John is an experienced project manager and project management office manager.
I worked with him again, sometimes when we were both managing projects, and sometimes on projects that he was managing.
John is the kind of project manager you want to manage all your projects.
John is the best project manager with whom I have ever worked.
He provided project management and time management training to my managers.
He does this by managing each project as though they were the only project.
I was the project manager for two of those projects.
Terrific task manager, one of the best project managers I have managed.
John is an excellent project manager who goes above and beyond to make sure every project he manages is successful.
John managed numerous projects and multiple project managers.
If John is project manager of some project, then this project always become a success.
John is very dedicated and matured manager both in people management and project management.
As a manager, he does very well with project management, timelines, and people management.
John is a very thorough project manager who is always on top of his projects when it comes to project delivery and customer management.
John has all the boxes ticked when it comes to team management, client management, project management and event management.
He becomes project manager and he was always there to help even though he was managing different account.
John is one of those premier project managers that you wish you could have on every project.
John provided project management of several telemarketing projects.
The project was successfully done, thanks to his project management.
I worked with him on a few projects as he is the project manager.
John knows projects, project and program management.
I have also observed the way he manages his projects and based on that would want him to manage projects for me any time.
I believe he would be an excellent project manager for any organization that needs an experienced project manager.
John is a project manager who gets things done, and for any project manager, that's the ultimate measure.
John was our project manager but in my opinion, has contributed in more ways than just project management.
He is very strong in managing project managers and getting the best out of them to ensure project success.
He is a project manager who delivers any projects assigned to him and managed well any of his subordinates.
John is one of the project managers worked with me who truly understand the art of project management.
He's an excellent project manager, directing and managing projects as if they were his children.
I have worked with many project managers who are just trying to check box manage projects.
John helped manage the project and keep the project on track through management changes.
John is a terrific project manager, and managed one project in particular excellently.
As a project manager I'm very impressed with how he's managing the project.
If you just want to manage a project, hire a project manager.
I found the framework he uses for project management very effective and I try to use it for my project management.
John's training course on project management was, by far, the best project management course I've attended.
There are project managers who just manage projects, and then there are people like John who can do it all.
John held the position of manager, in which he led account management, team management, and project management.
John is an outstanding project manager who excels in both the project team management and customer/account management areas.
John effectively scheduled and managed several project managers to maintain efficient project management operations.
John is a self-managed project manager with great attention to details in every aspect of project management.
He always does his best in each project that he is managing.
I only wish all of my projects could be as well-managed.
I always look forward to having him manage my projects.
I know that whatever projects he is managing, they will be well run, with just the right amount of management.
Not only does he manage people well, he is also good at managing the overall project.
John is an exceptional manager who knows how to manage both people and projects.
John helps get more out of the project management and relationship management.
Highly recommended for customer/client management and project management.
John is an excellent manager of people and the projects we must manage.
John is the efficient manager who managed many projects with success.
John is both an excellent project manager as well as a people manager.
John was an outstanding manager for multiple project managers.
A good commercial manager who can manage the projects properly.
John is an effective people manager and project manager.
John is a project manager / consulting manager personified.
And not just managing projects, he manages people better.
I was the project manager and he was managing the QA effort.
When I managed John, he was new to project management.
He can see when all is going in the right direction and there is no need to micro-manage given project.
You can be assured that any project he manages will be going in the right direction.
John managed several projects during his time within the department.
He managed from two to five people, according to project demands.
His way of managing project has always been casual, but direct.
His projects were well managed and direction was always clear.
His understanding of the projects, managing the project schedules, team and management are of excellent nature.
Coming from a project management background, he has a firm grasp of how to keep him projects on task while inserting valuable insight into the project.
He is project managing some high profile deployments and he was all over every aspect of his multiple projects.
The success of this project was critical for us and he was assigned as the lead project manager, coordinating other two project managers.
Has strategic vision, which promotes better management of the projects he manages.
He is an excellent project manager, particularly for collaborative cross-cultural projects and managing new programs and suppliers.
Managing multiple projects at the same time, he showed great fortitude in project management and program management.
Drawing from his extensive project background, he also mentored our new project managers resulting in multiple successful systems projects.
John is a true project manager with a multi - talent view how large scale projects should be managed.
He goes above and beyond on any given project he project manages and there's no challenge that he would avoid - always ensuring that tight deadlines are met.
With the way we get parachuted into different projects, he's able to keep us all in-sync and up-to-speed with the project deliverables without micro-management.
Because of this, his projects had to be carefully managed to mitigate any department or other project interdependencies flawlessly.
John has been an amazing project manager knowing how to keep the project on track while keeping flexible when necessary.
He took over as project manager after our project began, and followed through on the small issues that came up on a regular basis.
Whilst managing this project he had established an outstanding rapport with stakeholders and coworkers involved in this project.
John is also an excellent project manager as he excels at taking complex projects and breaking them down into achievable tasks.
John consistently managed these projects to maximum efficiency, eliminating any concerns about how these projects should go.
John's no-nonsense approach to project management has enabled him to successfully deliver some very challenging projects.
With projects that require many details moving simultaneously, he managed them very well and kept the project on task.
His expertise means he can select, and combine, the project management methodologies most suitable for each project.
Given the range of projects he's taken on, he's also a fast learner with an acumen for managing complex projects.
He is an outstanding project manager, able to handle multidisciplinary projects throughout the entire lifecycle.
He has been a great boss and project manager as well, giving him the opportunity to get involved in the projects.
As a manager, he let you run your own projects, but never hesitated in helping when you were stuck on a project.
Combine that with his project management acumen and you end up with fresh, professional, and on time projects.
His expertise and pragmatic approach to any project gives a project manager an enormous amount of confidence.
Whenever a new project arises, he approaches the project as a whole then breaks it down into manageable pieces.
As a project manager, he intuitively "owns" projects and is unafraid to take on the toughest of assignments.
John is a superb project manager who is capable of taking on projects of any size, magnitude, or complexity.
John provides extremely professional and approachable project management for a wide variety of projects.
He is able to manage large, complex projects end-to-end, as much as he can run multiple smaller projects.
John's ability to manage multiple projects with complex sub-projects are reflected in his success rate.
He is excellently a project management and keeping all the stakeholders in a project on the same page.
Him project management skills and collaboration on projects inspires others to reach full potential.
Overall, he has outstanding potential to tackle new, big projects and perform as project manager.
He is a solid project manager, who addresses all aspects of the project with no loose ends.
He added great value to the project management of a multi-billion dollar project.
As a project manager, he displays great capability to handle advanced projects.
John is excellent at managing multiple projects and keeping track of all outstanding project tasks.
John joined our project in between phases, taking over as project manager on our company's end, and it felt like he had been with us from the beginning.
He passed the our company exam and became more involved with project management in his side projects with him.
He knows what he is doing and will always look for the best solution when given a project to manage.
He manages the project stakeholders very well and always comes out with solutions.
John can manage many projects at once and teach those around him at the same time.
His project management had been outstanding throughout the deployment.
John is very detailed oriented and effective manager, he manages new projects very well until completion.
He manages multiple project managers with proven structure and methodology.
He could manage two technical projects while managing teams as a people manager
The project managers who got trained from him came out to be one of the excellent project managers in the account.
He applies himself with energy and commitment to the projects that he manages and has a clear understanding of project management methodology.
As a project manager, he manages and balances resources, projects, interdependencies, and impacts across the entire environment.
He has an immense project management experience that qualifies him to lead and manage large scale projects.
In this role he was exceptional, a pillar of strength for the senior project managers and project managers.
For example, he simultaneously acted as a director (manager of managers) for critical projects within the company while personally taking on project management for other projects in and outside the company.
He manages each project very closely and keeps the client in close loop with every update and changes with the project
We have worked on various special projects together and he has been an awesome project manager and has shown leadership as he takes charge of the entire project.
His ability to manage projects with right project management techniques combined with technical expertise is remarkable.
The projects that he managed during our time together were both organized and very successful.
A go-getter, easy to get along with and par for the course in projects he has managed.
The key to him success is that he manages all projects through to their completion.
John managed a very complex project for us that went so well it almost seemed easy.
He makes it all look so easy, even when managing very complex issues and projects.
He managed his projects well and completed them within the required timeframe.
He makes managing the most complex and challenging projects look easy.
Not only is he thinking first-rate, but so is him project management.
John always set clear requirements for the projects he managed.
Time and time again, he makes complex project management seem easy.
He made managing multiple projects and stakeholders seem easy.
All in all he provided excellent support to both the project managing the project team.
He delivers his best work when given clear overall project management responsibility and is willing to manage all the internal and project stakeholders.
As a project manager, he brought thorough knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking to improve the projects he managed.
John would be an asset to any team seeking to elevate project management to project leadership.
During the hairiest project times, he could step in as the key project manager as well.
Our company was contracted to Hutchison to perform the project management for a particular project.
His projects stayed within his budget and he managed the project schedule to keep things on track.
John is a very dedicated project manager and delivery manager that will spare no effort to achieve the project goal.
He managed all the projects successfully by effective resource management and prioritization
He gives, gives, and then gives more to the project management community.
He's always creative, he knows perfectly how to manage new projects.
John knows how to manage government projects and relationships.
A project manager who manages and organize him projects well and ensures that delivered tasks/work meet the client requirements.
He would be an asset to any project because of his ability to backfill in other areas while performing project management.
As project manager, he excelled at the organization and execution of all projects and deadlines.
As a manager, he, keeps on top of pending projects and the projects of those who report to him.