Project Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was readily available for further help on our projects and encouraged us to reach out during office hours.

John would never leave the office unless he was absolutely sure that a particular project was completed.

John is definitely the type of guy you long to have around the office and contributing to your project.

He has carried out several projects by moving to new office premises successfully.

He would be a valuable addition to any office or project environment.

While him in-office work is solid, him side projects (like him film project) are just as impressive.

He always made time for me and took every project or phases of projects we had together very seriously and everyone recognised him for that.

He was very aware of project timelines and thorough with following up on status at every stage of the project.

John was always very dedicated to his projects and tasks and he made sure that the project became a success.

We were overloaded with projects and with his help we were able to get our projects launched on time.

He does not spare his time in complementing in each person in the project during and after the project.

He made sure everyone in the project delivered on time and no timelines on the project was missed.

Together, we tackled project after project; some well outside of his comfort zone at the time.

John provided expert guidance on the project and helped to get the project off the ground.

John always went above and beyond on every project and would see it through until completion.

He also made sure that we followed up on all projects through their completion.

He always when out of his way to look and ask for other projects to complete.

He is willing to go beyond above and beyond to get any project completed.

He follows up on the project and makes sure that everything is correct.

John was always willing to take on new projects and responsibilities.

John follows through to the end and make sure the project is complete.

Regardless of the project, he always follows through to completion.

John is complete and thorough when it comes to taking on any project.

John was always very diligent and thorough with all his projects.

He is friendly and goes out of his way to help out on projects.

He also takes responsibility very seriously with his projects.

I am proud of the projects we have worked on together and can't wait to see where he will take the next project.

He tackles large projects with ease and he always has the best attitude in the office.

He is hardworking and extends his hands outside his office hours to help with projects.

I have seen him many times staying overnight in the office for the projects.

John is always on top of his projects and the people who are responsible for delivering into those projects.

He met all project milestones and had the right people involved with the project.

His pragmatic solutions to the project roadblocks made the success of the project.

He is always a pleasure to be around when working on projects or just to see around the office.

He also worked in our office and contributed greatly on several projects.

John was always willing to help and was often one of the first to volunteer for projects.

He would also make himself available for those that need guidance or help on projects.

I found him to be very reliable and thorough on each of these projects.

John is one of the very first to help this project to see the light.

I've photographed all of them and several of his past projects.

He was always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it took to complete his projects - or help his colleagues complete their projects.

He was also very adaptable and flexible to changes in the project and would dedicate himself to the success of a project.

He has mentioned many projects to me and he is the type who will take a project and see it from inception to completion.

Putting in many extra hours and being committed to the project he was very loyal and took the project to completion.

He always kept me apprised of the status of every project, and always kept his projects on track and within budget.

He can multitask on different project initiatives and has successfully launched several projects for the company.

I found him invaluable in not only seeing a project through, but taking responsibility for the project as a whole.

He jumped right into the project with the enthusiasm and sense of ownership that the project had been lacking.

He was extremely dedicated to the projects and could bring new and insightful ideas to the project.

John trust in his ability to deliver was never once compromised, but reinforced project after project.

He made sure the project was a success and was terrific on follow-up after the initial project.

His tenacity on projects always allowed us to complete projects on very strict timelines.

His dedication and total involvement in projects makes even tough projects successful.

John is superb at handling multiple projects and quickly completing his projects.

He was able to keep the project within budget and met all project deadlines.

In short, he makes bad projects, good and good projects great.

Then at the office the next day, he'll show you his latest side project.

He helped our office with several projects looking at e-procurement.

He was always willing to stay after class and into the late office hours to help any individual on his or his project.

He is the first one to the office in the morning and the last to leave, never letting a project go past its deadline.