Project Planner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Planner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is one of those planners that spreads optimism and potential to every project he touches.
John has the tendency to go above and beyond on a project, and will make sure that the project is completed on time.
He completes projects on time and he keeps you updated on the status of your project.
He is very organized, and has shown great project leadership in all projects.
He makes sure that there will be results always at the end of the project.
John took the initiative and followed through thoroughly on all projects.
He goes above and beyond to get things done within the project deadlines.
I am looking forward to collaborating with him on many more projects.
He's all about getting the best possible result with him projects.
I've worked with him for many years on many different projects and hope to do so in many more projects.
John's dedication to the project was one of the key components that made this project successful.
I found him to be an excellent communicator and a project planner on all the projects for which we worked together on.
He is also a meticulous project planner and know how to negotiate his way to success.
We handled some difficult projects together and he was always going above and beyond to contribute to the project and strive for the best possible result.
He looks at the big picture on each project and yet remains focused on his projects, and always follows through on commitments.
If there is any slippage in the project deadlines he comes with new ideas & actions and keeps the project on track.
He provides insight into all project facets that you may not be aware of based on your proximity to the project.
He thinks through the "why" of the project and comes up with new ideas on how to make the project even better.
I am confident that his future projects will have the same great success as his current projects.
He was instrumental in salvaging a project that was failing when he took over the project.
His contributions to the project were extremely critical for the success of that project.
Once on a project, he is fully committed to making the best project possible.
Every project or initiative, he led met or exceeded project expectations.
He is in addition a very good planner and executor of the projects under his responsibility.
John is a great project planner and a starter and also sees it through to completion.
John proved to be a very focused and responsive planner, supervising the project.
John is an excellent planner and is able to take a project cradle to grave and maintain focus on all facets of the project.
John has an upbeat attitude towards every project that he gets involved with and follows up to keep everyone else on the project just as excited as he is.
From beginning to end of the project, his attitude has been very positive despite all the difficulties encountered throughout the project.
His contribution to and ownership of projects and project tasks is second to none, ensuring the best possible results.
He has always exceeded our expectations on any project in which he is involved and always meets project deadlines.
No matter how big the project, he never falters and you can be sure the project would be completed on time.
I found him to be very dedicated in completing a project once he takes up the project and is dependable.
John's contribution to the project was invaluable and enabled us to meet all project deadlines.
John was able to keep the projects on track, within time projections, and on budget.
John is an amazing asset for my projects and my client's projects.
He is very approachable, available when you need his help, and follows-through on collaborative projects.
He was always proactive with every project and went out of his way to help out him colleagues.
He was always willing to step-up and help out other colleagues, even outside his own project.
He is always on top of his projects and goes above and beyond to help his colleagues.
John is someone you want to have doing your biggest project that's on deadline.
John will go the further mile and make sure projects are done by the deadlines.
He has always been one to take initiative and is very proactive with him projects.
John had such enthusiasm for every project and always saw it through to the end.
John has been one of those always at his best on all the projects we collaborated on.
John always was making sure the project was looking at things from all angles.
He has done several projects for me and the results have been above expectations.
Although this was only one of his many projects, the results were astonishing.
He always was willing to help address problems as they came up on the project.
He would never settle for less than the best results possible on any project.
I would definitely hire him again and collaborate with him on other projects.
He also has the flexibility to get you what you really want out of a project.
He is flexible and enthusiastic, and always willing to take on new projects.
John is very thorough and committed to the projects that he undertakes.
John has taken on many other projects of that size with the same results.
He always trusted us to own projects and see them through to the end result.
He is always willing to help and approaching him projects with enthusiasm.
Several projects would not have been as successful without his leadership.
John also took initiative for several projects without ever being asked.
This is evident through the results he gets from others and his projects.
He is a systematic planner in his approach to any task or project.
A careful planner, he is also conscientious in following up on new projects assigned to him.
He is extremely strategic and an incredible planner, he compliments every project.
He is an excellent planner and is always professional in delivering his projects.
John is a very good planner and motivator, he always thinks first before stepping into any commitment or project.
He supported more projects than can be mentioned here and was key in the success of those projects.
As the project sponsor, he was an involved and supportive champion for projects.
A very good project planner, once he commits you can rest assured that the deliverables are available by the deadlines.
He's an awesome project planner and a very innovative thinker to collaborate with.
He will support you with the best thing he can do just like he did in one of his projects.
Many thanks to him for his support during the various projects.
Concerning the conversations we had around his projects, he projected a professional attitude and was well informed on the status of the projects.
John also is an accomplished project planner, organizer and implementer who responds well to challenges.
He's punctual and a natural project planner, and he writes like a dream.
John is a meticulous planner and organiser, he makes sure you have all the information you need at the start of the project.
He worked on any project with in depth knowledge of that project, the scope of projects and proper planning.
He is a detailed planner, ensuring all projects are on time and within budget.
He always kept the project team informed and delivered the projects on time.
He provided extra advice and support way beyond the project brief, in fact, even before he was awarded the project.
He clearly defined the scope of projects and was available for support at any point during the course of a project.
He pushed projects to completion, when our support did not have these projects on the tops of their agendas.
As a planner, he is always up to date with the recent trends and always asks the relevant questions when starting new projects.
He's an amazing project planner and he does a lot of efforts and tasks to get the best briefing from us.
He is a deft strategic planner and provides value to every project and effort he is involved with.
He is a good planner, proactive and efficient, and as a result, he makes the project profitable.
John understands the importance and the need for accurate projects requirements and project documentation.
John will also be there for you when you need him support for your project to succeed.
He checks back how you are doing on the project and always willing to support.
Because each project is different, this makes him exceptional in his field.
John supported him in every way possible to get this project delivered.
He would go out of the his way to seek & support on different projects.
He has the capability to take on any project even outside his field.
John supported and followed through our project with much effort.
He is very supportive, willing to take new projects and challenges.
He is always available, and willing to give support to the project.
We value him support & look forward to the next project together.
John is very instrumental in supporting him in several projects.
And no wonder most of the projects he supports are successful.
During the project he has been very proactive and supportive.
John supported several projects for him while at our company.