Project Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Project Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an efficient supervisor, interested in the success of the subordinate as well as the project.
His immediate supervisor always spoke highly of him and he was an asset of the project.
As a supervisor, he always kept our projects incredibly well organized and on track.
John was my direct supervisor for many projects and my mentor.
John as a supervisor of this project did was work very good.
He has shown himself capable of completing large projects to the satisfaction of his supervisors.
We have partnered on projects and have used him for some of our client projects as well and he has delivered.
John was an outstanding supervisor and instrumental in completing several key projects.
John was a mentor to me in my role as a supervisor and was always willing to brainstorm on projects.
John was a great supervisor and always had the ability to make all projects exciting and new.
He keeps his project team up-to-date as well as his direct supervisor.
John was an excellent resource as my final year project supervisor.
He was very professional and went out of his way to help me with my project.
As my immediate supervisor, he guided me through my on board to the various projects and tasks even when he had a full plate.
He was a wonderful supervisor, regularly checking in with me and giving feedback about how we should adapt the project.
This project wouldn't be possible without his patience and knowledge.
We always look forward to him help with our communication projects.
John was very responsive, and very knowledgeable about this project.
He's right up there with the best within the project community.
John was competent, efficient and effective during this project, and he was obviously respected and valued by his supervisors and peers.
John came onto our project at the end of the cycle, right before the ship.
John was great to have on the project worked really well with all involved and was key to getting the project finished.
During difficult projects his intelligence and his confidence were key to the success of our projects.
He transitioned between projects seamlessly and his clients were always thrilled with the success of their projects under his leadership.
His name is continually brought up to help drive strategic projects and to help projects get back on track.
He is already prepared for projects that need more than just knowledge.
He constantly communicated project status and was able to keep projects on track.
He was completely committed to the project and we consider him a critical partner for the success of this project.
He is always willing to take on new projects and he does so with professionalism and grace.
He always comes across as professional and has helped me out on many different projects.
John was always very professional, yet made sure that he was on top your project.
He has always been helpful and professional throughout all of our projects.
Every project given to him was done very professionally, and very quick.
John always showed professionalism to each and every project.
John is the definition of a professional when it comes to projects.
Every project he has ever done has been quick and professional.
John was able to take on projects, address the issues directly, source the solutions and see the projects through until completion.
He completes one project and moves on to the next before he is asked by his supervisor to do so.
He can be relied on to finish projects the way his supervisor or organization requires
John came on board as his direct supervisor and we worked together on several projects.
Although he was his supervisor, it felt like we were on the same level and cooperated to make each project a success.
You will do very well to consider his services for your next project.
During the time he was his supervisor, his calm and effective demeanor amidst intense and demanding projects set him apart from other project leaders.
John hits the ground running on any project handed to him and do not wait around for supervisors to tell him what to do.
Though he was his supervisor, he took a collaborative approach with the projects we worked on together.
He worked well with his supervisor and other colleagues to ensure that the project results achieved.
His enthusiastic and proficient conduct as a primary project supervisor, assured a flawless and timely completion of all projects.
He knew what he needed for the project, expressed it clearly, which made the project productive.
As his supervisor, he helped him enlarge his responsibilities and encouraged his participation in projects that particularly interested him.
Due to his experience, he was also open to other tasks like helping the supervisors in their duties and doing special projects.
His preparedness and initiative to complete projects to their fullest potential made him the perfect supervisor at our company.
As project sponsor, he was supportive of the project team, especially when challenges were difficult to overcome during a complex project.
As his supervisor, he maintained great communication when projects were assigned to him.
John provides excellent value for the services he provides and goes above and beyond in any given project.
His service was exceptional, and went above and beyond throughout the project.
We are glad to have found him and use his services for many of our projects.
Whatever your project, you'll be delighted with his services.
John's the ideal kind of supervisor who empowers you while letting you take the lead on your projects.
With the blessing of his supervisor, we ran a project in an agile fashion for the first time.
He adds a sense of direction and clarity to any project, and was a great supervisor.
John got the respect of colleagues, supervisor and suppliers thanks to his knowledge and dedication to the project.
John was, at various times, both a colleague and an immediate supervisor to his project work at our company.