Promotions Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Promotions Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Seems with each of his promotions he promoted me to keep me at arms reach.
When we have something to promote, he always makes the right connections.
John knows more about promotions than all of the promotion agencies put together.
John's ability to promote and encourage promotion is stellar.
He was always eager to get things right and to assist in promoting the common goal.
John also went above and beyond to promote my name throughout the organization.
John is not one to promote himself as much as he promotes others and truly enjoys connecting people.
He has always been someone that is more concerned about getting things done the right way rather than worrying about self promotion.
John always promoted teamwork, and would do whatever it took to make sure that all succeeded.
I would like to congratulate him on his recent promotion, of which he's very well deserved.
What makes him more exceptional is that he doesn't do this for money or promotion.
John is always willing to help find the right incentive for your promotion.
He understands that by promoting others, you end up getting recognition.
I know him well in both roles and recommended him for the promotion.
It is because of this he has been promoted to his current position.
He's also one of the best promotional thinkers on the planet.
John is always happy to assist others in picking the right promotional items even if you do not buy from him.
John has been an incredible mentor and has assisted me through two promotions since joining the company.
As time went on he only got better and was promoted twice in two years.
He really does everything he can to help promote his fellow members.
He took the effort, along others to promote the organization.
He knows how to promote things and has succeeded in promoting several of his employees to various positions they desired.
John also provides me with a great amount of assistance in the preparation and promotion of my seminars.
He has been there and done that, but only uses it to teach not to self promote in any way.
John was so cooperative and he even helped us with our promotion.
John is the one of the best partners you can have on a promotion.
John has provided creative promotional assistance to our firm since the creation of their firm.
He promotes success for us sub-vendors and will assist us in every way he can.
John is promoted from reservations to our catering assistant.
He provides valuable assistance and insight when it comes to identifying employees for promotion.
He never hesitates to give insight and assistance, while promoting the accomplishments of others.
Outside of class, he assisted him with layouts for his music promotion company.
Within the year, he was promoted to assistant press secretary.
After graduating, he was excited about his first internship as a radio promotions assistant.
Over time, he was promoted to press assistant and slid easily into the role.