Promotions Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Promotions Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not only his manager, however, before his promotion, he was also his colleague.
John is a great manager; he promotes individuality but still manages to keep everyone on track.
He distinguished himself well in that position and was promoted into management.
These are just some of the reasons why he was quickly promoted into management.
His abilities were soon recognized and he was promoted to manager.
We started out as colleagues and he was promoted as his manager.
He is promoted after his efforts were reviewed by management.
Seems with each of his promotions he promoted him to keep him at arms reach.
More than likely, he knows how to utilize it to best promote what you need promoted.
John provides just the right balance of management that promotes both competition and morale.
He is promoted to management as soon as he was eligible to apply for the position.
The management realised the potential and they have promoted him within one year.
Because of his success, he was promoted to management roles at both companies.
As soon as a position became available, we quickly promoted him to the manager
We smoothly transitioned to manager and employee once he was promoted.
He saw the potential in him to flourish as manager and promoted him.
He excelled quickly and was promoted to manage another location.
John's quick promotion to site manager is an example of that.
He also helped him to achieve his first promotion in our company when he became his manager.
John also went above and beyond to promote his name throughout the organization.
Shortly afterwards, he was promoted to manager where he excelled as well.
He can manage to make people enthusiastic and promote them to take their own responsibility.
He is focused on the people he is managing instead of stepping on them to get promoted.
He reported directly to him for several years and was promoted to manager.
John is not one to promote himself as much as he promotes others and truly enjoys connecting people.
He has been responsible for more promotions to management of those he oversees than anyone in the history of this company.
He is fair with those he manages, provides guidance and correction and promotes those who are deserving.
He approaches his promotion to a manager with the same dedications he does with everything else.
Beside the fact of being a great manager, he knows how and when to promote his colleagues.
He provided solid leadership and his style of management promoted collaboration.
His management style promotes fast changes and he always moves things forward.
Due to his continued success as a manager, he was promoted several times.
His management style promotes empowerment with great success.
His promotion was thoroughly earned and his efforts impressed everyone in our company management.
John is promoted to our our company manager and is a valuable asset.
As time went on he only got better and was promoted twice in two years.
It seems like every time he turns around, he gets another promotion.
He took the effort, along others to promote the organization.
Since then he was marked by higher management and was promoted and given duties far beyond others in the department.
Vinni's peers and managers also have great respect for him, so naturally, he was promoted.
Once he was promoted to management, he once again proved his worth to our school.
John also has the ability to manage people in a way that promotes teamwork.
He really does everything he can to help promote his fellow members.
The only thing he promoted at the conference was other people.
John is his mentor at our company until his recent promotion.
The way that he promotes the venue and manages the reservations is just the tip of the iceberg.